The Missoula Iris Society’s 2017 show was held on June 3, in the J.C. Penney Court at the Southgate Mall, with 94 horticultural entries, 10 designs and 8 irises on the people’s choice table. Thank you to judges Lynn Weger, Gary Clark, Donna Dowell, Cindy Davis and James Sadler, who stepped in to judge the design category. Swede Gustafson and Ron Dowell spearheaded the set up/take down chores, rallying everyone to great effort and good cheer. Betty Ann Gustafson provided moral support, timely advice and about half the work for the Show Chair, Judy Blunt. It was a high volume day at the Mall, with a lot of visitors and we received many great comments and inquiries. Here’s the results:

The People’s Choice cup collected 68 votes, and that award went to Swede Gustafson’s “Calgary” with 22 votes.

Best of Show: Gary Clark “Concertina” [also Best Median, Best IB, Best Other than TB]

First Runner-up: Swede Gustafson “Pleasures of May” [also Best Siberian]

Best Novice Exhibit: Carol Addeo [I didn’t get the name of this one]

Best Design: Judy Blunt “On Heavens Peak”

Best Tall Bearded: Swede Gustafson “Artist’s Palette”

Best MTB: Lynn Weger “Enriched”

Best Arilbred: Fred Frey “Bagdad’s Folly”

Best Space Age: Judy Blunt “Hook”

Best Varigata: Fred Frey “Big Hat No Cows”

Best Plicata: Judy Blunt “Class Ring” [also Best Red]

Best Historic: Gary Clark “Stepping Out”

Best Species: Gary Clark’s I. Sanguina “Kamayama” [also Best Purple]

Best Border Bearded: Judy Blunt “Blackbeard” [also Best Blue]

Best Neglecta: Gary Clark “Proud Tradition”

Best Amoena: Gary Clark “Ride the Wind

Best Bi-tone: Judy Blunt “Table for Two”

Best Rimmed or Banded: Gary Clark “I’ve got Rhythm”

Best Blend: Gary Clark “Competitive Edge”

Best Bi-Color: Gary Clark “Stepping Out”

Best Black: Judy Blunt “Black Suited”

Best Yellow: Fred Frey “Sunshine Lady”

Best Lavender: Gary Clark “Classy Chassey”

Best Orange: Judy Blunt “Octoberfest”

Best Pink: Donna Dowell “Pink Poodle”

Best Brown Tone: Gary Clark “Torero”

Best White: Dave Duinford “Cup Race”

Sweepstakes Awards:

Silver to Judy Blunt, with 20 blues and 4 reds

Bronze to Swede Gustafson, with 14 blues and 3 reds

Design Sweepstakes: Judy Blunt