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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - April 2005


Hi, Gang! Here is the April Newsletter.
 We need to get our "Tell a Friend" new membership campaign up and going with everyone's help - let's all see about inviting a friend to a meeting. There will be prizes awarded for the member that invites the most friends to our meetings during the year. They don't have to become members to qualify. We will be striving to make our meetings more fun and interesting for everyone. So let's all get into a group spirit and invite some one you know to our meetings. Thanks.

Pete Addeo,
Webmaster & President
Missoula Iris Society

DATE & TIME: Saturday, April 2, 2005 at 6:30pm
PLACE: Home of Gary Clark, 2775 Sunlite Lane. Call 728-7633 for directions. 
PROGRAM: A VERY INFORMATIVE MEETING THIS MONTH! Billie Gray will be discussing Iris Care (Horticulture), including planting, treating diseases, winterizing care and fertilizers. With all her knowledge, this will be a great program for everyone! A wonderful evening of both friendship and invaluable knowledge all together in one place. Wow!


Meeting Locations/Activities for 2005 -  Here's the list for the rest of the year's club activities & meetings:

     May 7th - Meeting at Pete & Carol Addeo's, pot luck. Hosted by Ann Violette & Elinor Utech.
          Program   will be a 30 minute film of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC
     May 22nd - Median Show at Southgate Mall chaired by Gary Clark.
     June 4th - Meeting at Ken & Rose Mary Baier's, pot luck
     June 11th - Annual Iris Show, Southgate Mall
               June 11th - Judges Training with John Ludi on Awards & Ballots, 2pm - 4pm
     June 12th - Judges Training with John Ludi on Garden Judging
     July 9th - Meeting at Bob & Alverta Symes', potluck, hosts to provide the best grilled hamburgers
     July 30th - Annual Iris Sale, Fort Gardens, 9am - 1pm. After sale party at Billie Gray's
     August - No Meeting
     September 10th - Meeting at Gary Clark's, potluck, hosted by Ronn Dunn
     October 1st - Meeting at Honk Meyer's
     November 5th - Meeting at Billie Gray's
     December 4th - Sunday - Annual Christmas Party hosted by Ken & Rose Mary Baier
It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
Happy day to Bobby Lucero - April 30th,  Alverta Symes - April 3rd, Jim Sadler - April 2nd, Ronn Dunn - April 23rd, and Kris Ritchart - April 11th.   Have a happy birthday and all the good wishes and cheers that go along with it.

March 2005 Treasurer's Report: from Swede Gustafson, Treasurer.

Checking Acct balance from March 1, 2005:                $698.26

   Paid Big Sky Publications -                                          $100.00
     newsletter, March, April, May, June

Checking Balance as of March 31, 2005                       $598.26

Correction for the February report: The beginning balance was reported as $657.66. I made a typo, the balance was actually $675.66.


Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting, Saturday, March 5, 2005:

The meeting was called to order by  President Pete Addeo at  8:15   p.m. following an interesting "Mystery  Dinner" at the home of Ken and Cleo Swanson, hosted by Cleo and Alverta Symes. 

Minutes - The minutes from the February  meeting were corrected as follows:  Swede and Gary were promoted from Student Judge to Apprentice Judge and Cindi and Roger were promoted from Apprentice Judge to Judge status.

Treasurers Report  - The treasurer's report was read by Carol Addeo in the absence of the treasurer.
Checking Account Balance as of February 1, 2005      $657.66

   Deposits:    Membership / calendar sales
   judges training/void of 2004 outstanding checks        $200.00

   Expenses paid                                                                 -177.40
   Checking Balance as of March 1, 2005                       $698.26
   Expenses paid:
   Big Sky Publications - newsletters                                    50.00
   Friends of the Museum                                                     100.00
   Alverta Symes                                                                        3.15
   Gary Clark                                                                            11.25
   Billie Gray                                                                             13.00


Guest - Ann Violette brought  her friend Grace Baker of Ronan with her again.

Tell A Friend New Membership campaign - Ann is leading with one guest.

Rhizome Sale Chair - Discussion of who will head the sale.  Ron and Donna Dowell  will consider being co-chairs.  Cindi has the file with information on chairmanship of the sale.  Bob Symes has ordered the tables.  Alverta will handle the card file.

Median Show - The brochures for the May 22 Median Show were passed out.  A typographical error was noted on the front page...'Medium' Iris Show instead of Median Iris Show; Alverta will correct.

Annual Tour - Discussion to postpone the tour until 2006 and coordinate with the National Garden Club activities and our 25th Anniversary plans.    Ann made a motion to postpone a tour until 2006; motion seconded and passed.

Sale Card Work Party - Alverta will host a sale card work party at her home on March 19th from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m.  Bring a brown bag lunch.

Judges Training - Alverta will host a Judges Training workshop at her home on Sunday, March 13, 2004 from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.  Cost for non-judge attendance is $3.00, judges training is $5.00.  Fees go to bring guest judges here.


Mystery Dinner Hosts - Pete thanked Cleo and Alverta for hosting the Mystery Dinner, deemed a great success.

Guest Judge - Ann announced that our guest judge will be John Ludi, an Active Master Judge Retired.  John and his wife Kay run the AIS Storefront for ordering the judges handbooks and run a great web site for iris stuff.  He is also chairman for the 2006 AIS Convention in Portland next year.

Judges Training - Ann announced John Ludi  will conduct two Judges Training classes while here.  Saturday afternoon June 11th from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. at Southgate Mall. Class subject will be on Awards and Ballots.   On Sunday June 12th  a class will be held on Garden Judging.

Fort Gardens Work Party - Billie Gray has scheduled a work session at the Fort Gardens for Saturday, March 26th at 10:00 a.m.

Pawpaw Markers - Swede would like to know how many members will purchase the pawpaw type markers this year, as he needs to order some and wants to order enough at one time: The response to a poll of raised hands was  500 markers.  Ann 100, Billie 200, Gary 100, Grace 25, Carol  25, Cindi wants 50 rose markers.

Ken and Cleo are downsizing their gardens and will have rose markers for sale.

Friends of the Museum - Swede sent a message that with the payment of the Friends of the Museum at Fort Missoula, our iris society is listed on the corporate wall of honor.  The club members also receive a discount on purchases when visiting the museum.

Memorial Bench - Elinor Utech mentioned our plans for a memorial bench at the Fort Gardens.  There are funds in a memorial fund for Bob Gray and Jesse Utech.  Jim Sadler, who was absent, had done some planning work on this  It was agreed that visitors to our garden would enjoy a bench.  No action was taken as Jim Sadler was absent.

Presidential Rhizomes - A list of the winners through January was read.  Billie Gray's name was drawn for February; Sonia won for March.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00  p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Addeo