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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - April 2013


Here is the newsletter for April. I was beginning to think that Montana lost all sunshine. Well, finally spring is showing up and the weather is becoming much more friendly. So happy to feel some warm afternoons and be able to get outside every day.

Pete Addeo,

Missoula Iris Society


April Meeting:


DATE & TIME: Saturday, April 6.  Potluck supper begins at 6:30 pm.

PLACE:   Home of Judy Blunt, 1901 1/2 S 4th St W.  Call 728-0741  for directions.

PROGRAM:  No Program discussed.




Pot luck supper:  Judy is making meat loaf for the potluck.  Last time she hosted, she and two other members made meatloaf.  They were all good, too.


Membership List was passed out at the last meeting and will be available to all members at the next meeting if you did not receive one. Those not in attendance will receive the list by mail.


Median Show Schedule:  Was passed out at the last meeting and will no doubt be available at the upcoming meeting.  Or contact Show chairpersons Donna Dowell at 542-1945 or Betty Ann Gustafson at 251-3526.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy birthday to Jim Sadler, April 2nd; Alverta Symes, April 3rd; Delane Langton, April 8th; and Carol Barbian, April 28th. Have a happy birthday all.




            SAVINGS ACCOUNT 

                        March Reported Balance              $11,238.12

                        Transfer To Checking                            600.00

                        April 1 Balance                               $10,638.12



                        March Reported Balance                  $ 609.02

                        Transfer from Savings                           600.00

                                    Total                                        $1209.02

                        Paid Expenses                                      413.14

                        April 1 Balance                                   $ 795.88


            Expenses Paid - To: Alverta Symes 

                                                $50.00 for the AIS Convention Basket Items

                                                $14.19 for a Sunshine card & flowers to Honk Meyer

                                       To:   On line Montana, LLC

                                                $144.95 for the Web Site fee for 2013

                                        To:  The American Iris Society 

                                                $192.00 for the 2013 Iris shows Ribbons

                                                $  12.00 for the 2013 Iris shows entry tags


            Respectfully submitted,

            Swede Gustafson, Treasurer




The meeting was called to order by President Ed Verplanke at the home of Carolyn Addeo at 7:15 p.m.


The minutes of the February 2, 2013 meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter Falls and Standards.  The treasurer's report from February was also approved.




Alverta Symes reported that the treasurer's books were in great shape during the annual audit and treasurer Swede Gustafson should be complimented on a wonderful job.


Montana themed gifts for the AIS auction have been purchased and shipped; they include huckleberry syrup and chocolate, bookends, teddy bears, candle holders in a Montana basket. 




Median Show Schedule:  The median show schedule for May 18, 2013 was passed out to members who were present.  The theme is The Sweet Fragrances of Spring.  The show will be at J C Penny's Court from 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.  Judges for the show will be Swede, Alverta, Ann, Cindy, Roger,  Lynn and Jim.  Head judge is Gary Clark.  


The main show schedule should be available at the next meeting.  Alverta Symes is the head judge.  We will not have an outside judge this year, we will use our own judges so they get the added experience.  Classes are needed for judges.  We will see if Ann Violette would lead a class. 


For our website, we should list Ann Violette as RVP and Garden Judge, Alverta Symes as a Master judge, remove Billie Gray as a judge and add Donna Dowell as a Student Judge.


Meeting location sheet was passed around to try to fill the vacant spots for hosts.  After some discussion, the June meeting will be hosted by Gary Clark unless Fred Frey is able to host.  A motion was made by Donna, seconded by Fred to skip a formal July meeting and have a brief meeting get-together at the Fort Gardens digging site on July

Presidential Rhizome - Winner for  March is Pete Addeo


The meeting was adjourned .


Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Addeo


Rhizome winners are Aug Carol Barbian, Sept Roger Muir, Oct Ed Verplanke, Nov Alverta Symes, Dec Anita Cervenak, Jan Betty Ann Gustafson, Feb Judy Blunt, March Pete Addeo