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CAROL'S CORNER - Current Observations for the month......
The leaves are nearly down, but not before the snow fell and the lawnmower went cold and wouldn't start. Seems like Mother Nature should prohibit the snowfall until all leaves are down, mowed and mulched and placed in the beds for winter covering. I didn't even get all my rhodendrons and roses mulched; I usually like to pile the leave high around their roots after the ground freezes. So they are on their own this winter, but from the way winter has started, with a bit of a roar and wind, everything may have a good snow covering this year.

I did get the canna's dug before the ground froze; they're laying in the greenhhouse, waiting to be trimmed and stored in the dark basement storage room. Likewise, the begonias will also be trimmed and stored in a dark basement room, as soon as they stop blooming. Yes, that's right, they are still happily blooming in the greenhouse right now, although they probably will be ready for a rest soon. The geraniums, fuscias and azaleas are also blooming nicely; perhaps they like the cooler temps of the greenhouse. We keep the temp down to about 45 degrees, so the heater only comes on at night. Would anyone like to share our heating bill?

The Christmas Cactus are all in the basement under a timer florescent light to promote their bloom. I've giving them at least 14 hours of darkness each night, and as they start budding I'll bring them up into the living area to enjoy.

No I didn't trim my iris back in the fall. I never do. Some people like to trim them back; and some people really trim them back hard to prevent deer from pulling them up. We have deer in back yard in winter, but they don't pull my iris up. I thnk they go after our birdseed instead. I prefer to leave the iris all messy looking and then clean them up in the spring when dried leaves pull off easily.

Speaking of lawnmowers, I always like to run the motor dry of fuel for safe keeping over winter, but this year it turned cold so soon and so fast, that by the time I went out to start up the lawnmower and run it dry, it was too cold to start. So, I brought it into the heated shop for a few hours of warmth so it would start. And what do you think? My husband couldn't understand why the lawnmower was sitting next to the furnace, so he took it back outside to the cold garage. I gave up.

This is a good time to give the houseplants some attention; I am giving them a weak solution of Miracle Gro mixed in a gallon milk jug as I water each week. They are perking up, after a summer of neglect. I also trimmed some up and will repot some as soon as the holiday rush is over.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday and see you at the annual Christmas party on December 7th.