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CAROL'S CORNER - Current Observations for the month......December 2004
     I can't believe it's been a full year since Pete and I began doing the newsletters for the club.  We hope you have enjoyed them and that we are providing a service to you by keeping you informed.  There is an added bonus to our getting involved with the club as we have done.  It keeps us going to the meetings, for one thing.  Often there would be times where we really don't feel like going out, or the weather is bad and we want an excuse to stay home, or maybe we would rather go somewhere else or we're tired from a day of garden work.  I could think of many excuses not to go. 
     But you know what?  Because we have made commitments to our organization, we don't look for excuses to not come to the meeting or not to get involved.  An added bonus:  Practically every year for the past five years, we or both of us have won a Presidential Rhizome.  The odds are in our favor because we don't miss meetings if we can help it.

     And besides, we enjoy the social time with friends we have made.  We enjoy the food, too.  And we enjoy programs when we have them after the meetings.

     Therefore, when 11 Presidential Rhizome drawings are made each year, and we have attended all 11 meetings, our odds are greatly enhanced to win a wonderful, new rhizome for our garden next summer.

     The Missoula Iris Society  website was also set up a year ago this month.  If you haven't visited it, do so now.  The address is www.missoulairis.com.  Suggestions, comments would be welcome.  E-mails for us are Pete Addeo at doctorpc@montana.com.  Carol Addeo at carolyn@montana.com.

Here's the list of current Presidential Rhizome winners:

    September 04        Pete Addeo
    October 04             Jim Sadler
    November 04         Carol Addeo

See what I mean?  I told you so.