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CAROL'S CORNER - Current Observations for the month......
  • It's early January, the snow is finally falling nicely every day so it can stop anytime. It's cold out and the only things to do in the yard this time of year is feed the birds , shovel snow and shovel snow. Seed catalogs are arriving by the droves. Another month or two should see the arrival of new iris catalogs as well. It's time to start planning and ordering for next years flower or vegetable gardens.

    Every year I say I will cut down on the vegetable garden, but somehow can never resist starting some things like lettuce, corn and of course, tomatoes. Next month I'll give you a little schedule on when to start what seeds if you want to start them indoors under lights. I set a light up in the basement on a timer and it works fine to start the seeds.  Then I transfer them to the greenhouse.

    This time of year is also a good time to repot the house plants. Some of mine are in desperate need of attention, especially repotting to larger pot

    Happy New Year to everyone and see you at the next meeting.