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CAROL'S CORNER - Current Observations for the month......June 2005
Has everyone had enough rain?  Right now I'm in need of a sunny day outside.  The rain is nice, but enough is enough.   I am glad I fertilized last month because it's starting to pay off.  I used a timed release pellet with a high middle number to go around and drop a pinch around all my iris and perennial clumps.  The tulip bloom is sensational; all that work and hundreds of tulips I planted last Fall were definitely worth the effort for the gorgeous color in the spring.    The color scheme I've most enjoyed is a combination red  and yellow tulips, yellow daffodils and a few white scented daffs.  It's really striking in the front yard.  One of the favorite red/yellow tulips is the Monsella Tulip.   Short, but really cute.  Exceptionally vivid colors, huge flowers and long lasting bloom included Kingsblood tulip and yellow Big Smile tulip, both late bloomers and great for long lasting color.  Still my long standing favorites are the Emperor series, for early bloom and long color.  Don't overlook those fringed blooms, especially Barbados tulip.  What fun they are for cut flowers in a vase.  Also fun, but not long lasting in a vase, is the multiple bloomer called Gypsy Love tulip.  It's not only fringed, but has multiple bloom on one stem.   Now, be sure and fill in with some Thalia daffodil, a lovely 12-15" stem with pristine white bloom that is extremely fragrant.  A wonderful cut flower with it's gardenia fragrance for your flower border.

My median iris are starting to show, now.   Smell the Roses, an SDB,  is making the biggest purple show for me, because I have about three separate clumps of it.  Other early bloomers giving me a happy show right now are  SDB Gingerbread Man, oh it's so cute, Mini Mite, Hush Puppy, a really sweet thing called Counting Sheep and another SDB Cream Cake.  MDB Tingle is also blooming, as is IB Azap.

Others in bud and hopefully opening in time for the median show on Sunday May 22nd are Little Amigo, Sun Doll, Blue Trinket, Sunshine Sally, Wild Jasmine, Hush Puppy, and Hi Sailor.  Some very pretty IB's in bud are Hot Spice, Lover Boy, Pleasure, Rare Edition, Voila,  Apache Warrier, Nice n' Nifty, Dark Waters and BB Jessaboo.   My earliest TB to bloom so far  is Moon Drift and San Juan Silver.  I sure appreciate  the baby iris because they  help create a long iris bloom season.

Fertilizing my greenhouse geraniums in March and April has been a boost for bloom all through Spring, too.  Because the night time temps have stayed below freezing for several weeks, I have been able to bring most of my wintered over potted geraniums outside to give us additional springtime color on the decks and throughout the yard.  I have resisted the impulse to plant them into the ground and give them permanent summer homes in my perennial beds until after Memorial Day weekend.  We all know how Mother Nature can fool us with an early June frost.

The work I did last year in redoing beds has paid off, too.  Though the weeds still managed to find the light wherever a hole was cut in the landscape covering, it made the spring weeding a lot easier because I had less ground to weed.  That makes it all worth the trouble.  Happy gardening!