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CAROL'S CORNER - Current Observations for the month......June 2006
Well, this is it.  A couple of years of planning and we still feel as though we've been taken by surprise that June 2006 is here already and we need to have all our ducks in a row.  Please come to the June 3 meeting to help where you can.
     Our show is June 10th, our tour is June 17th and our Big Celebration banquet is the evening of June 17th, beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the Fort Gardens. If you have not paid for your banquet dinner yet, please get your check for $25.00 per person to me by June 5, 2006.  We need to reserve the numbers of diners for the caterer.
     By the way, get out to the Fort Gardens this week if you can.  If you don't, you'll miss the bloom.  We should call this year the year of the "Early Iris Bloom".  Who every heard of our bloom being over by the end of May, but this record heat in May has really made the iris happy...the Fort Gardens is a sight right now!  And the gardens are looking wonderful...the absolute best I have ever seen them, thanks mostly to Billie Gray and Zona Lindemann, who were the only ones to show up for the May 7th work party.
     In doing research for a historical booklet, I discovered that not only is our Iris Display Garden at Fort Missoula celebrating 25 years of showing iris, but our Missoula Iris Society is about to celebrate 50 years of growing iris.  The Society was created in 1956, according to written documentation I could verify.
     I like to call it:  "50 years of growing, 25 years of showing"
     Everyone who attends our celebration banquet will receive a copy of the historical booklet.  I hope you enjoy it, because it was a joy for me to research and write.  It will take us from the origination of the Society back in 1956 when the "ladies" of Missoula met at each other's homes, about 10 of them, and enjoyed spicy desserts like rum cake to today's celebrations.  It will have tidbits of information on all the members in the past 50 years, their contributions, officers who have served over and over again, humorous excerpts from our newsletters, a listing of all the show themes for the past many years and lots of other interesting stuff.
     Long time members who were there at the beginning of the gardens should really enjoy the walk down memory lane.  I sure enjoyed learning so much about how the traditions started years ago and the importance of their contribution to the life of the Missoula Iris Society.