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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - December 2003
DATE & TIME: NO MEETING THIS MONTH. Instead: Our Annual Christmas Party, Sunday, December 7th, 4:00 p.m.
PLACE: Home of Ken & Rose Mary Baier, 606 Montana Ave, East Missoula
PROGRAM: Xmas Party, Pot Luck and Gift Exchange. Each member should bring a gift related either to iris or gardening, not to exceed $12 for the gift exchange. It's always fun and gives the group a chance to get together for just fun with one another and getting to know the people who make up MIS.
Bob Gray has been forced to retire as Membership Chairman due to ill health. Anyone interested in assuming that position please contact President Jim Sadler.

Any information for the January newsletter should be e mailed or mailed to Pete Addeo by December 21, 2003. It can also be faxed to (406) 251-4683.

Please note that the membership dues have increased from $5.00 to $7.00 per person per year effective now. Still a bargain for all the benefits of education and friendships we get from our club. MIS dues function on a calendar year so dues are due now, unless you have paid ahead. The last line of your address notes when your dues expire. Please send your dues, payable to MIS, to Treasurer Swede Gustafson, 3128 Eldora Lane, Missoula, MT 59803. 

Swede says there is about an extra $200 available for next years budget, if it's needed. The final budget will be discussed at the January meeting.

Many of us acquired a few new rhizomes in our gardens this summer, so don't forget to turn in your updated iris list to Alverta Symes for the sale files. Send the list to Alverta at 3029 River Bend Dr, Bonner, MT 59823. For sale file purposes it would be helpful if your list contains the name of the iris, the hybridizer, type (TB, IB, SDB, etc) and date of introduction. The information saves the sale file committee a ton of time when they are trying to update the file information and find pictures.

Old catalogs you are willing to part with are also helpful to update our sale picture files. 


     The meeting was called to order at 7:37 p.m. by President James Sadler at the home of Pete and Carol Addeo. Minutes - The minutes from the October meeting were approved as published in the newsletter mailed and e-mailed to all members.
Election of officers - Upon recommendation of the nominating committee, the current officers will be extended to a two year term. Jim presented the current slate of officers for reelection for 2004. They are:
Jim Sadler, President
Ann Violette, Vice President
Carol Addeo, Secretary
Swede Gustafson, Treasurer

President Jim called three times for any additional nominations from the floor. Since there were none, a motion was made by Zona Lindemann, seconded by Gary Clark to accept the nominations as presented. The motion passed with no dissenters.

Tour Discussion - Jim has been in contact with Ibey's Nursery regarding possible sponsorship of our next June 2004 tour for the benefit of the Fort Gardens. They want a written proposal from us. They want to know how we want to do this. We hope to make it a fundraiser next year, perhaps earning $1,000 a year to help pay the Fort Garden expenses. A tour committee has been formed to include Jim Sadler, Carol Addeo, Leona Wyckoff, and Ann Violette to meet and set up a proposal.

An appropriate fee was suggested at $5.00 per person. Gardens outside the club would be used. MIS would provide volunteers to sit at gardens, guide and talk with people. 
Storage Shed - Bob Brown has approved construction of a three sided storage shed to be attached to the green shed already to the south of the Fort Gardens. It was suggested to use the budget of $880, the value of one of our CD'S. A committee was formed to design and plan construction and meet with Bob Brown for final approval. The committee will be Honk Meyer, Zona Lindemann and Pete Addeo. 
Since the rent expires on our current storage shed on November 20th, discussion followed on how best to move the stuff to a temporary location. There are about two pick up loads. The current 5 x 10 space is 50% full. Ann Violette has storage space in Polson. Lynn Weger and Honk Meyer will move the stuff next Sunday. Jim said he could take a few boxes. A motion was made by Sonia Dellapiazza, seconded by Ann to authorize the treasurer to transfer the $880 CD to the general savings account and authorize the shed building committee to spend the funds on construction costs as needed to build the shed. The motion passed.

Dues Increase - Current dues do not even cover membership costs. There are 93 members and estimated member expense is $16 per member per year. Most of that cost has been newsletter printing and mailing. It was suggested that dues be increased from $5 per person per year to $7.00 per person per year. A motion was made by Gary Clark, seconded by Ann Violette that the annual MIS dues be increased from $5.00 to $7.00 per person per year, effective immediately (November 1, 2003.)

Jim Sadler sugested that we should gradually increase dues each year to bring them in line with costs. There was some discussion of creating life memberships where funds are set aside in a savings account or kept in a CD for long term cash flow to support the gardens.

Ann Violette donated $20 toward maintenance of the gardens because she lives so far away and cannot help at the work parties.

2004 Budget - The budget of $4,853 appeared in the November newsletter which was mailed and e-mailed to all members. Discussions of this budget followed; Jim commented that future budgets should be based on our projected rhizome sale, less membership expenses. It was noted that the current budget is $2,000 less than last year because our revenue was less, and expenses were high. A motion to pass the budget as presented was made by Elinor Utech, seconded by Ann Violette. The budget motion passed and will be adopted.

Video Teleconference - Because we all missed a workshop in Twin Falls, Idaho due to weather/road consideration, Lynn Weger mentioned that future workshops could be transmitted here via teleconferencing. Estimated cost would be around $600. Lynn will investigate the possibilities for the future. Zona mentioned this means of getting training could handle up to four locations on one camera. Ann does not think AIS would approve training hours via camera.

Newsletter Editor & MIS Website - Pete Addeo says the MIS website with the domain name of http://www.missoulairis.com, is up and running but needs text, information from members to fill in the blanks. He wants someone to write 100-150 essay on who we are, what we do. Photos of gardens are welcome, as well as information on our events, information on the Fort Garden with pictures, photographs of iris for sale at the upcoming sales.

Bob Gray is ill - Bob Gray is in St Patrick's Hospital, Room 440.

Presidential Rhizome - Roger Muir won the Presidential Rhizome for November.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.