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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - December 2008



Here is the newsletter for December. The year has come and gone and we’re all still around to enjoy each other’s company. Time passes too quickly and years turn into what seems like months. May all of you have a wonderful and healthy new year and to be around to meet each month for the upcoming year as well.


Pete Addeo, Webmaster
Missoula Iris Society


DATE & TIME: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7TH, 4:00 pm.  The Christmas party is at the home of Billie Gray. Bring a garden or iris related gift to go into the “Gift Exchange”. 

PLACE:   Home of Billie Gray, 1558 So. 6th St. W. Please let Billie know what you will be bringing for the potluck supper. Billie is providing the turkey. Call 543-3480 for further information.

PROGRAM:  Annual Christmas Party!



Don't forget to start shopping for the perfect garden related Christmas gift. For new members, following is the criteria for the gift exchange. It's a lot of fun.

Everyone brings a wrapped gift (up to $12.00 value) and we put all the gifts in the center of the room and then pick numbers to see who goes first. The #1 person gets to pick any gift from the pile. The gift is opened for all to see. Then the #2 person in line can pick the gift that #1 picked or pick from the stack and the same goes for each one thereafter. If you pick one of the opened gifts, then that person now can pick someone else’s gift or from the stack. The limit is 3 times for any one gift to own. There is a lot of heavy duty trading between everyone and the laughs just keep coming. It is a great end to a wonderful year with our friends and members.

2009 MEMBERSHIP DUES: The year is coming to an end and it’s time to start collecting for the new year memberships. Dues are $9.00/person. Please see Pete Addeo at the meeting to pay your dues.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy day to Ron Dowell, December 11th; Swede Gustafson, December 26th; Nancy Ryan, December 19th and Ellen Schubarth, December 7th.   Have a happy birthday all


Treasurer's Report from Pete Addeo:


        Club Savings Account                         
                Balance November, 2008


        Club Savings Account CD   

                Balance November, 2008  


         October 30 Balance 

         Deposits -  

              November 28


         Expenses Paid – November, 2008

             Home Depot – shed lock and keys

             Boyce Lumber – Shed supplies/misc

             Paul Renaldo – Winterize sprinklers

             Carolyn Addeo – Newsletter – 4th Quarter


         Balance –  November 31, 2008 



















Minutes:  November 1, 2008


The meeting at the home of Leona Wyckoff was called to order by President Cindy Davis.  The minutes and treasurer’s reports were accepted as printed in the Falls and Standards


Following the acceptance of the above reports a discussion ensued concerning moving the excess money in the checking and savings accounts into an account that would earn more interest.  Both a longer CD and a money market account were suggested.  It was also suggested that we might want to move our 6-month CD when it comes due to something more profitable.  Pete was to find out what kind of account would garner us the largest interest rate and report back to the group.


Old Business


Committee Reports

            Fort Gardens:  No report at this time.


            Shed:  Our side of the shed is done.  It still needs to have construction debris cleaned up but is otherwise ready for things to be moved in.  A padlock has been put on the door and six keys have been made.  Currently, Pete has the keys.  There is some staining that needs to be done.  Pete was not sure whether MIS was to do the painting or The Friends of the Fort.  He will find out who is expected to do the painting from Bob Brown.


            Audit:  The audit will be done in December after the books have been closed.


            Nominating:  The Slate of Officers up for election is as follows:

                                    President:             Ron Dowell

                                    Vice President:     Gary Clark

                                    Treasurer:             Swede Gustafson

                                    Secretary:            Zona Lindemann


            Programs:  Cindy Davis handed out sign-up sheets to each member with instructions for each person to find a topic to present and the meeting at which each would like to present that topic.  The sheet was to be handed back in.  It was felt that someone would need to coordinate the programs.  Carol Addeo said she would do it.  Doing the coordinating means only to receive the returned sheets and to get the programs listed in the Falls and Standards and to call and remind the person that he/she is responsible for the coming month’s program.


The Christmas party is at the home of Billie Gray on Sunday, December 7 beginning at 4:00 p.m.  Bring a garden or iris related gift to go into the “Gift Exchange”.  Billie’s address is 1558 So. 6th St. W.  543-3480 if you get lost or have questions.


The January meeting will be at the home of Gene and Lynette Kirschenheiter.  February’s meeting is in need of a host.


The President’s Rhizome was won by Ronn Dunn.


It was moved by Elinor Utech and seconded by Billie Gray that the meeting be adjourned.  And so it was!


Respectfully submitted,

Zona Lindemann, Secretary.


Post meeting thoughts:  Those of you who didn’t make it to the meeting missed seeing  Leona’s beautiful home and some cheesecake to die for!  The view from the house gives a whole new perspective to the city of Missoula.