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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - December 2010
Here’s the newsletter for December. Either I’m getting older or the years are getting shorter and shorter. I think that the years are just getting shorter. One more set of holidays to go and then we start all over again trying to remember to put 2011 on all the check dates. We’re getting snow much sooner this year and the winter may be one to contend with. It’s still my favorite time of year. See ya all at the Christmas Party at Billies. Lots of good food and many good friends.
Pete Addeo,
Missoula Iris Society



DATE & TIME: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. Usual potluck, including a Christmas turkey.
PLACE: Home of Billie Gray, 1558 S. 6th St West, Call 543-3480 for directions
Program: No meeting, just a fun gift exchange so bring a gift.





2011 MEMBERSHIP DUES: The year is coming to an end and the treasurer has started collecting dues for the new year memberships. Dues are $10.00/person. If you haven't yet paid, contact Treasurer Swede Gustafson. Swede has listed the unpaid members in his treasurer's report.

CONDOLENCES: Our condolences to Jim and Linda Sadler for the loss of his mother-in-law Geraldine Claire Teskey McLaughlin, who passed away on October 1, 2010 at age 84.

CONGRATULATIONS to Bob and Alverta Symes on the birth of their second grandson, Lucas Robert, who was born to their daughter Tanya in Oregon on November 4, 2010. He weighed 6 lbs 1 oz and was 20" long. Bob and Alverta may not make it back for the Christmas party as they are still in Oregon helping Tanya recover from a C-section.

CHRISTMAS PARTY GIFT EXCHANGE: Don't forget to start shopping for the perfect garden related Christmas gift. For new members, following is the criteria for the gift exchange. It's a lot of fun

Everyone brings a wrapped gift (up to $12.00 value) and we put all the gifts in the center of the room and then pick numbers to see who goes first. The #1 person gets to pick any gift from the pile. The gift is opened for all to see. Then the #2 person in line can pick the gift that #1 picked or pick from the stack and the same goes for each one thereafter. If you pick one of the opened gifts, then that person now can pick someone else’s gift or from the stack. The limit is 3 times for any one gift to own. There is a lot of heavy duty trading between everyone and the laughs just keep coming. It is a great end to a wonderful year with our friends and members


It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy birthday to Ron Dowell, December 11th and Swede Gustafson, December 26th. Have a happy birthday all.


Treasurer's report for Decenber 2010

NOVEMBER 20, 2010
October 31, 2010 Balance       $9,222.69
Deposit – 5 memberships              50.00
November 30, 2010 Balance    $9,272.69

October 31, 2010 Balance         $ 527.09
Deposits                                        0.00
Expenses Paid                           110.99
November 30, 2010 Balance      $ 416.10

I have received memberships from many of those on the 2010 membership list. Below is a listing of those who have NOT paid for 2011. If your name is here please consider paying your 2011 memberships by December 31, 2010. Thank you as we are required to have a complete listing of current membership by the end of January to enable the show committee to complete their forms which are sent in to the American Iris Society Exhibition Chair by the end of February. Judy Blunt, Jean Macaraeg, Honk Meyer, Bob Brown, Roger Muir, Carol Barbarian, Billie Gray, Pat and Nancy Ryan, Elizabeth Friesz & family, Eloie Jeter, Ann Violette.

I will be closing the treasurer’s books on December 10 so as to prepare the financial records for the audit review later in December. If you should occur an expense prior to Dec 10, please turn it in promptly so I can credit the expense to 2010 expenses. Thank you

Swede Gustafson, Treasurer

November 7 minutes of Missoula Iris Society

     The meeting was called to order November 7, 2010 at 7:15 P.M. 17 members were in attendance. The minutes of the October meeting were approved as published in the newsletter.
     The treasurer, Swede Gustafson gave his report. He reported that there is $529.009 in checking and $9022.69 in savings. The report was accepted subject to review.

Old Business:
     Swede Gustafson reported that the IRS confirmed that the club is an official non profit and in the future the National organization will file the 990B
     A sunshine report was given by Jim Sadler on behalf of Linda Sadler. It was reported that Ann Violet is at the Village Health Center in room 607. It was moved and seconded to send $25.00 to Hospice in memory of Fred Frey’s Mother. Opalmae Frey The motion passed.
     The budget was discussed and Pete Addeo made a motion to accept it and the motion was seconded by Billie Gray. The motion passed.
     The Christmas party will be held on the 12th of December at 4:00 at Billy Grays home.
     Carol Addeo asked permission to schedule the January meeting at the Eagles. A discussion ensued and it was agreed by consensus that the meeting will be held at the Eagles. The meeting will be the same as always, it will be a potluck. A clean up committee will have to clean the room to receive return of the $50.00 deposit.
     It was announced that the AIS National Convention will begin May 28th.
     Gary Clark made the motion to accept the nomination committees report. The motion was seconded by Pete Addeo. The motion passed. Officers for the year will be: Ed Verplancke President, Vice-President Betty Ann Gustafson, Treasurer Swede Gustafson, Secretary Jim Sadler

Presidential Rhizome was won by Fred Frey.

Respectfully submitted. Jim Sadler

Correction to minutes: Christmas party will be held the 11th of December at 4:00, not the 12th of December as stated in the minutes.