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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - February 2005


Here is the February Newsletter.
It's a new year and we would like to get our membership to grow with some new blood infusions. Let's all see about inviting a friend to a meeting. There will be prizes awarded for the member that invites the most friends to our meetings during the year. They don't have to become members to qualify. We will be striving to make our meetings more fun and interesting for everyone. So let's all get a new motto going for 2005, "Tell a Friend"

Pete Addeo, Webmaster
Missoula Iris Society

DATE & TIME: Saturday, February 5, 2005 at 6:30pm
PLACE: Home of Billie Gray. Call 543-3480 for directions.  Everyone is encouraged to attend
PROGRAM: Iris Trivia Game & Slide Show from AIS.  A fun and very interesting game. Will be the boys against the girls. Prizes awarded for the winners. Let's see how much you know about our favorite flower.
BUSINESS: Collection of dues

Annual Dues - Dues for 2005 are now due at the  new rate of $8.00 per person  We need all members to please pay their dues as the new membership list will be printed in March. Please pay your dues in February  to Zona Lindemann, Membership Chairman or Swede Gustafson, Treasurer.
Mystery Dinner Meeting - This is a fun time for a meeting! Our mystery dinner meeting will be in March at the home of Ken & Cleo Swanson. Please call 549-0345 or call Alverta at 258-6649 to confirm your attendance and what food you will be bringing to the meeting. They need to know by February 24th to be able to plan the Dinner. Let's all plan on being at this meeting as it is something that I've heard is very funny and good time.
Presidential Rhizome Drawing - We will need to draw 2 names again at this next meeting for the Presidential Rhizome as Carol Addeo has stated that she won in November and also in December and she was not eligible to win for 2 months. We will re-draw for December at the Feb meeting.
MIS Judges List - We now have a full listing of our club members' status' as Judges. You will have to go to our website to access the pages and this will be constantly updated as the status of each member changes. Please allow me some time to get this going on the site and you will see the link as it gets done.
Judges Training Class Schedule - The next Judges Training Class will be on February 20th at 2pm at Billie Gray's home. The class will be on Irises, Iris parts, etc. All members are welcome to join or come to the training classes. They are very informative and you do not have to be signed up to be in training to attend. The cost is only $3.00 for members and $5.00 for the students, apprentices and judges.
Congratulations!! - Alverta Symes has been moved up from Open Judge to Active Master Judge. Also congrats to Roger Muir & Cindy Davis, moving up from Apprentice Judge to Garden Judge, and Gary Clark and Swede Gustafson for moving up to Apprentice Judges from Student Judges.
Meeting Locations: We need more volunteers for meeting locations. If you can't host a meeting at your own home, then we can arrange for you to help contribute to a meeting to be held at another member's home by helping to provide the beverages. This is organized by Carol Addeo.  Please let her know if you can host a meeting this year at your home or if you would like to be a host for a meeting at another member's home.

Fort Garden Co-Chair:  Honk Meyer has decided not to co-chair the Fort Garden Committee, so we would like to have another member volunteer to help Billie Gray with the functions of the Committee.
Calendar Orders - Anyone who wants a beautiful iris calendar for 2005 should contact Elinor Utech right away.  You may call her at 549-1054.  They sell for $4.00 each and they are really beautiful and useful.
2004 Audit Committee: The audit committee reviewed the records on January 19th. Five clerical errors were noted in the checking account daily journal and associated expense accounts. The treasurer has corrected these errors on the same day and notified the audit committee of the corrections being made.

Sale Chairperson Needed:  We need a volunteer for the Iris Sale Chair.

The treasurer reported on January 19, 2005 the following report:

Ending Balance 12/31/04                    $367.78
Deposits for January 2005                  $322.88
Balance:                                                 $690.66
Paid Corp Filing Fee 2005                      15.00
BALANCE:                                           $675.66


Iris Show                                             $400.00
Special Show Judge                         $500.00
Tour/Celebration                             $1,000.00
Fort Garden/Renovation                $1,950.00
Programs/Newsletter                        $450.00
General Club Operations                  $680.00

TOTAL  BUDGET                          $5,480.00
It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
Happy day to Lynn Weger - February 24th,  and Sandy Greene - February 10th.   Have a happy birthday and all the good wishes and cheers that go along with it.

Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting, Saturday, January 8, 2005:

The meeting was called to order by  Outgoing President Jim Sadler at 7:30  p.m. at the home of  Pete and Carol Addeo.  He handed the gavel to President-Elect Pete Addeo, who thanked Jim Sadler and outgoing Vice President Ann Violette for serving MIS for two years.

Minutes - The minutes from the November meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter.

Treasurers Report  - Some dues were taken in and will be reported in February.  Elinor Utech donated $130. for a Jesse Utech memorial.

Our 2004 Profit and Loss shows we are $367.78 to the good.


Annual Show Iris Show  - Jim Sadler and Ann Violette are co-chairs.  The theme will be "Silver Screen",  to be held on June 11, 2005.

Median Show - Gary Clark will chair, will do a small show with about 4 tables; discussion on advertising.
Ann has invited two different guest judges, but so far no one has made a definite commitment.

Fort Garden -  Billie Gray  (Honk Meyer declined to co-chair)

Rhizome Sale - No chairperson volunteered; Alverta will help and keep card file

Tour - Carol Addeo and Billie Gray will co-chair.  Tentatively scheduled for June 18, 2005.

Judges Training - Alverta Symes will chair. 

Sunshine Person - Elinor Utech will chair.

Membership Chair - Zona Lindemann

Historian - Carol Addeo

Publicity - Ann Violette

Calendars - Still available from Elinor at $4.00 each.

Garden Markers - Swede said all markers are sold.

Program Chair - Ann said AIS has slides available for free rental; she will get information.  Ann suggested we have a program every other moth.  Ann will order slides.

2004 Audit - Not done yet,  Committee is Zona, Bob and Alverta Symes.

Membership Dues are due now at $8.00 per person.

2005 Budget - Some discussion of transferring funds from the 25th Anniversarty celebration $300 back to the Fort Gardens This was passed by a motion from Ann Violette, seconded by Ronn Dunn and passed.

A motion to pass the budget of $5,516 for 2005 was made by Alverta Symes, seconded by Ann and passed.


Judges Training - Alverta plans a training session on Wednesday, January 26 at the home of Gary Clark.  Subjects to be covered are how to become a judge, ethics, awards and ballots.

Active Master Judge - Ann reported that Alverta Symes has moved from Open Judge to Active Master Judge.

AIS Affiliate - Discussion on number of MIS members who are AIS affiliate members.  Sixteen members at the meeting are AIS members.

Meeting locations - Bob and Alverta Symes volunteered to have the July meeting at their home.  Plan for grilled hamburgers.

New Members Campaign - Pete suggested we offer a prize for anyone who brings new prospective members or guests to our meetings.  Whoever  brings the most guests to the meeting will receive a rhizome award in the Fall.  When you bring guests, check them in with the secretary so they can be introduced.

Home Hosting - Elinor Utech suggested that members who are unable to host a meeting in their home might contribute  something toward the host to purchase the beverages.

Presidential 'Rhizome - A drawing was held for December and January.  Carol Addeo won for December, Alverta Symes won for January.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m. by a motion from Bob Symes; seconded by Honk Meyer.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Addeo

Addendum to the minutes:  Honk Meyer has declined to be co-chair of the Fort Gardens.  Another rhizome drawing needs to be done for December because Carol Addeo won in November so she was not eligible to win again.