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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - February 2013


Here is the newsletter for February. I don't know about the rest of you, but this member is getting tired of the cold weather and icy conditions. I want SPRING!! Please!! I want to be able to get out and take a walk and see some green for a change. Let's all think Spring and maybe it will happen early.

Pete Addeo,

Missoula Iris Society


February Meeting:


DATE & TIME: Saturday, February 2.  Potluck supper begins at 6:30 pm.

PLACE:   Home of Gary Clark and Steve Hesla, 2275 Sunlite Lane.  Call 728-7633 for directions.

PROGRAM:  Iris Videos of the Dr. Loomis Trial Gardens in Colorado to be shown after the meeting.



MEMBERSHIP DUES - Third and last reminder:

The $10.00 annual membership dues should be paid now for the 2013 year. Please pay your dues to Treasurer Swede Gustafson before the end of the month.  The new membership list will be published in March.  Anyone not paid will not receive future newsletters.  See treasurer's report below for names of those members who have not yet renewed.


Review of financial records - Swede needs two member volunteers to review and audit the financial records for 2012.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy birthday to Misty Pepperock, February 22nd; Lynn Weger, February 24th and Jean Garrard, February 28th. Have a happy birthday all.

Meeting Locations and Activities.  We are still in need of host locations for meetings. Openings are for next month, March, also June and July as well as October and November. Please call Carol Addeo at 251-5833 and let her know.



Report is as of January 22, 2013



No activity since December 31, 2012         Balance is $11,838.12



Balance reported as of Dec 31, 2012            $ 195.01

Deposits - 7 memberships                                  70.00

Expenses Paid                                                       85.00

Ending Balance as of January 22, 2013       $  180.01


There are quite a few members who have not paid their memberships for 2013: Following is a list of those who Have not paid.  MIS would appreciate payment by the end of February so a new Membership List can be printed in time for the March meeting. 


Carol Barbian, Bob Brown, Melodee Burreson, Elizabeth Friesz, Christine Gresham, Elizabeth Houston, Laurie Kammerer, Barbara Lee, Heidi and Betty Martin, Honk Meyer,  Lorene Nordstum,  Misty Pepperock,  Barbara Riley, Thomas Robinson, Pat and Nancy Ryan, Jon Salmonson,  John Schroeder, Jeff Smith, Joyce Zamlis.


If your name is here let me know at 406-544-9544 if you are still have interest in being a member. You can mail you dues to Missoula Iris Society   3128 Eldora Lane    Missoula, MT 59803 


Respectfully Submitted,

Swede Gustafson, Treasurer                                              


Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society - Saturday, January 5, 2013


The meeting was called to order by President Ed Verplancke at 7:20 p.m. at the home of Jim and Linda Sadler.  Minutes from the November 2012 newsletter were approved as published in the Falls and Standards.


Swede Gustafson reported the treasurer's report checking balance of $195.01.  The savings account balance is $11,838.12.  Treasurer's report was approved on a motion to approve by Cindy Davis, seconded by Billie Gray and passed.


Old Business


Officer installation:  Officers for 2013 were installed.  They are Ed Verplancke, President, Donna Dowell, Vice President, Carolyn Addeo, Secretary and Swede Gustafson, Treasurer.


Budget:  The revised and final budget for 2013 of $6,025 was approved.


Mall Expense:  Discussion of the mall expense for future shows.  Discussion of where to locate the median show in May, perhaps having the smaller show in private homes.  After some discussion, the general consensus is that the exposure offered by the mall is very important and both shows should be held at Southgate Mall.


Median Show:  A motion was made by Jim Sadler, seconded by Fred Frey that the median show continue to be held at Southgate Mall.  Motion passed.  Betty Ann Gustafson will verify with the mall that we can hold the show there on May 18, 2013 under the clock.


Basket of donated items:  In the absence of Alverta Symes, Carol Addeo began a discussion of donation to AIS of gift items pertinent to our region to be used in an AIS auction.  After some discussion, a motion was made by Betty Ann Gustafson and seconded by Cindy Davis that our society budget the amount of $50 for a committee to be authorized to purchase and ship some specific items to AIS for the auction.  Motion passed.  Because of the high price for shipping, it was suggested that the items be purchased online such as Amazon where the shipping is included.  Items suggested were Rocky Mountain T shirts, Montana calendar, Montana made items, Montana mud T shirt.  It was suggested that the purchasing committee be Alverta Symes, Bob Symes, and Gary Clark. (That's what they get for leaving us in favor of a basketball game).


New Business


Judging Class:  Swede read an announcement from Ann Violette, RVP for Region 11 about a judging class being held February 9, 2013 in Portland, Oregon.  Instructor is Keith Keppel and cost is $15.  Anyone wanting additional information should contact Betty Ann Gustafson.


Rvp Region 11 Budget - After some discussion of Ann Violette's budget needs, it was decided to send Ann the total $50 budgeted for her to allow her to use it at her discretion.  Motion to do this was made by Betty Ann Gustafson, seconded by Ron Dowell, passed.  It was agreed that Ann should provide receipts to the treasurer for each expenditure.


Membership Chairperson - Carol Addeo initiated a discussion on the future informational booklets for new members.  Betty Ann Gustafson volunteered to make copies of the information to be passed out to new members.


Hard copy files of club records - Carol Addeo mentioned that somewhere there are two plastic tubs of hard copy club records and minutes for the last 30 years of the club.  She passed them on to Zona Lindeman in 2009 when Zona became secretary.  Does anyone know where the records are and have they been kept up to date by the club secretary's for the past four years?  Jim Sadler said he had copies of minutes in his computer, but had not printed a hard copy.  Cindy had not printed hard copies either.  Brief discussion on whether it was important to maintain the hard copies in a file, because all of the newsletters and minutes are on the website www.missoulairis.com


Presidential Rhizome Winners - Winner for December is Anita Cervenak, Winner for January 2013 is Betty Ann Gustafson.


Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Addeo



Addendum to the minutes:  Rhizome winners so far:  August, Carol Barbian, September, Roger Muir, October, Ed Verplanke, November, Alverta Symes, December, Anita Cervenak, January, Betty Ann Gustafson