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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - July 2005

                           JULY 2005


Hi, Gang! Here is the July Newsletter.  We will be preparing for our big event this month, our iris sale. We need to get some volunteers for cashiers and for the marker table as well. We always need lots of help for digging and cleaning the rhizomes at the fort gardens to get them ready for the sale. We will be digging and cleaning at the fort gardens on Monday and Tuesday, July 25th & 26th. Please come and do whatever you can to help out. Any kind of participation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
This months meeting is also the annual BBQ at Bob & Alvertas. Bobís special hamburgers will be served, veggie burgers are offered as well. Need everyone to bring items that will go with hamburgers, such as potato salad, mac salad, cole slaw, desserts

Pete Addeo,
Webmaster & President
Missoula Iris Society
DATE & TIME: Saturday, July 9, 2005 at 6:30pm
PLACE: Home of Bob & Alverta Symes. Call 258--6649 for directions.  Annual BBQ event. Bring food that will go with the entrťe, salads, desserts, etc.
PROGRAM:  Preparation for the iris sale. Volunteers needed for cashiers. Fort work party for digging & cleaning rhizomes at the gardens to prepare for the sale.
     Meeting Locations/Activities for 2005 -  Here's the list for the rest of the year's club activities:
     July 9th - Meeting at Bob & Alverta Symes', potluck, hosts to provide the best grilled hamburgers
     July 30th - Annual Iris Sale, Fort Gardens, 9am - 1pm. After sale party at Billie Gray's
     August - No Meeting
     September 10th - Meeting at Gary Clark's, potluck, hosted by Ronn Dunn
     October 1st - Meeting at Honk Meyer's
     November 5th - Meeting at Billie Gray's
     December 4th - Sunday - Annual Christmas Party hosted by Ken & Rose Mary Baier
It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
Happy day to Fred Frey Ė July 20th,  Billie Gray, July 12th, Cindy Davis, July 5th and Darlene Watkins, July 20th.   Have a happy birthday and all the good wishes and cheers that go along with it.
New Members: We have another new member, thanks to Alverta Symes.  Welcome to Elizabeth Friesz of Alberton. Hope to see you at the meetings.
Iris Sale: This is our most important event of the year and it is the one event that makes our group earn enough money to continue our operations for another year. If we donít have a good sale, then our group will suffer for the coming year of events. We especially need help at the Fort Gardens on Monday & Tuesday, the 25th & 26th. We have lots of iris to dig up and clean for the sale.
We will also need help at Garyís house on Thursday & Friday, the 28th & 29th for help in sorting and tagging iris for the sale. Gary will host a potluck dinner on Friday, July 29th at 6:00pm. Help is needed after the potluck to load the collected rhizomes into the truck to bring to the sale Saturday morning. Please do whatever you can to help out. Itís your group too and everyone always has a good time getting together and working to get our annual sale to make money for the group. All members are encouraged to get there early (8:30am) to help set up tables and etc. After the sale, the garden party of pizza, chicken and beverages will be at the home of Billie Gray. We always have a lot of fun at this annual event.
We will have marker tags available at the meeting for everyone who will be digging for the sale.
Alverta Symes asks that you bring a plant list to the meeting of what you are planning to dig for the sale.
There will not be an August meeting due to the sale event. The September meeting will be on the 10th at the home of Gary Clark.
The MIS Rhizome Sale is Saturday, July 30th at the Fort Missoula Gardens starting at 9am - 1pm. The Collection point will be at the home of Gary Clark. Rhizomes can be delivered to his garage beginning Tuesday of that week but no later than Wednesday by 9pm.  Please read the Pre-Sale guidelines & Clarifications carefully. These guidelines were put together to avoid confusion during the sale preparations on Thursday and Friday.
1.  Iris rhizomes shall be grown by MIS members only.
2.  ALL RHIZOMES are to be WASHED, TRIMMED & LABELED as to variety and type PRIOR to delivery to the collection site. Trim fans to about 4 inches - 6 inches depending on type and roots to about 4 inches. MIS will provide labels. These labels should be stapled to the leaves. MDB's and SDB's should be in bundles of three rhizomes. IB's and MTB's should be in bundles of two rhizomes. Beardless iris are to be in clumps.
3.  Iris varieties introduced 30 years or more before the year of the sale are to be labeled with year of introduction and separated from newer varieties.
4.  Pricing of rhizomes is at the discretion of the sale committee. Age is considered but NOT color for setting the price.
5.  All rhizomes are to be delivered to the designated collection site by 9pm WEDNESDAY preceding the sale.
6.  Sorting, etc. will be done on THURSDAY and competed on FRIDAY. Chairperson to select committee of MIS members to assist in this process.
7.  There are to be NO PRE-SALE orders.
1.  There is to be NO TRADING of rhizomes among members at the COLLECTION SITE. Members ARE encouraged to share or trade before bringing rhizomes to the collection site.
2.  The sale chairperson shall determine which varieties may be traded/purchased by the MIS members. The trading/sale hours are Thursday, 6pm - 9pm and Friday, 9am - 12pm.
3.  Members donating rhizomes may:
          A. Take ONE rhizome for each variety donated (no matter how many of any one variety are donated)
          B. Take LIKE variety donated (SDB for SDB, TB for TB, etc)
          C. Take NO MORE THAN ONE (1) RHIZOME of any one variety.
          D. May NOT choose from a variety that has fewer than SIX rhizomes in the box.
4.  Members NOT donating rhizomes may purchase rhizomes (with the above restrictions)
5.  Varieties 5 YEARS and NEWER from date of introduction will be so marked & priced accordingly. Fort Display Garden Chairperson has first choice of any varieties.
6.  GRAB BAGS of iris rhizomes may be made up of unnamed or overstocked varieties at discretion of the chairperson by Friday.
Congratulations to all the winners of our Annual Iris Show. It seems that Gary has taken the show again this year. Thatís 2 years in a row! Congrats, Gary. Here is a listing of the Iris Show winners and their entries:
Horticulture Awards
  • Best Specimen of Show was " Petite Ballet" an IB Exhibited by Roger Muir and also won Best Plicata, Best IB and Best Median                     
  • Best Seedling R-3 and R-1 TB  won 2 EC.'s by Wayne Richlie
  • Silver Medal for the Most  Ribbons: Gary Clark with 10 Blue and 9 Red
  • Bronze Medal for second Most Ribbons: Roger Muir, with 10 Blue and 3 Red
  • First Princess was Cindy Davis with "Transcribe" an SDB
  • Best Siberian: Claudia Brown with "Blue Burn"
  • Best White/ Best TB: Swede Gustafson with "Titanic Nemesis"
  • Best MTB, Roger Muir: "Reminiscence"
  • Best Space Age / Best Purple: Elloie Jeter, "To the Point"
  • Best Color Break, Lynn Weger:  with "Gnus Flash"
  • Best Novice, Ron Dowell: with "Snowed In" a Tall Bearded
  • Best Pink/Best Border Bearded: Alverta Symes with "Lenora Pearl"
Artistic Awards
  • Most Blue Ribbons in Artistic Advanced ....Jim Sadler
  • Best Design of Show   Intermediate ... Donna Dowell
  • Class #1 "Interpretation of Theme "...Jim Sadler, Advanced Judge
  • #2." Silent Screen Sirens"... Ron Dowell, Beginner Class had some great competition!! Well Won !!  KUDO's Ron
  • #3. "Diamonds are a girls Best Friend"... Ann Violette, Beginner Class had a 3 way tie for a Blue with Jim Sadler and Donna Dowell each in separate sections   
  • #4  "I want to be Alone"...Jim Sadler, Advanced Judge
  • #5  no entries
  • #6 "White Christmas" ... Jim Sadler, Advanced Judge
  • #7 "African Queen"...Donna Dowell, Intermediate Class. Donna Won Best of Show!!! Hands Down blowing away all other competition with a great winning Design.  Well Done !!
  • #8 "Some Enchanted Evening"...Jim Sadler, Advanced Judge
  • #9."Happy Trails"...Connie Plaissay, Beginner Class from Charlo, with a blow down iris from Fort Missoula. Well Done Connie for your second Blue 
TO ALL who helped, Clerks, Ernie, Honk, Ronn,  To a great Crew of Judges many thanks.  Job Well Done.  A Special Thank You To our arrangement Judge Cheryl Carroll Sincerely Ann Violette
Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting, Saturday, June 4, 2005:
The meeting was called to order by President Pete Addeo at 8:00 p.m. at the home of  Ken and RoseMary Baier.

Minutes - The minutes from the May meeting were approved as they appeared in the newsletter.

Treasurers Report  Treasurer Swede Gustafson reported no change in the balances.

   Checking Account Balance as of  April 1, 2005               $585.29

   Savings balance:                                                       $6,519.03   


Iris Show - The annual iris show is to be held Saturday, June 11th at Southgate Mall; the theme is "Hurray for Hollywood".   Gary Clark reported in the absence of Ann Violette and Jim Sadler.  The after show banquet will be held at the Cracker Barrel.  Set up of the show will be Friday at 8:00 p.m.  Gary passed out tags for entries. 
Fort Gardens - Billie Gray reported there is lots of bloom.  She encouraged us to go see the bloom and take care of our weeds.  Bob Symes and Honk Meyer planted 320 marigolds.

Median Show - Gary reported there were 70 entries.  He thanked Ron Dowell for taking pictures.  Claudia won Best of Show for her SDB; Claudia also won the most ribbons with 13.  Donna Dowell won for best design.  Honk won 7 ribbons.  Congratulations.

Rhizome Sale - President Pete asked for volunteers to chair the rhizome sale in July; no volunteers were forthcoming, so Pete volunteered to chair that event.  Sorting will take place at Gary's house.  Volunteers who offered to help sort include Ernie Lucera, Bob Symes and Cleo Swanson.  Cleo Swanson has a canopy to help provide shade.  Bob reported that 30 tables have been reserved.  The after sale party will be held at Billie Gray's as usual. 


Jim Sadler - Condolences were expressed to the Sadler family who lost a son.  Flowers were sent to Ohio.  A local memorial service will be held June 18th at First Christian Church.

Sale Work Party - Volunteers are needed to help dig, clean and trim  iris at the Fort Gardens for the sale.  Digging will be in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 25th thru July 27th.  Clipping and cleaning will take place in the evenings. 

Presidential Rhizome - The June winner is Hazel Richlie. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:30  p.m. followed by  a program by Alverta Symes on staging iris for the show.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Addeo