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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - June 2005

Hi, Gang! Here is the June Newsletter.  We will be striving to make our meetings more fun and interesting for everyone. So let's all get into a group spirit and invite some one you know to our meetings. Thanks.

Pete Addeo,
Webmaster & President
Missoula Iris Society

DATE & TIME: Saturday, June 4, 2005 at 6:30pm
PLACE: Home of Ken & Rose Mary Baier. Call 542-2503 for directions. 

     Meeting Locations/Activities for 2005 -  Here's the list for the rest of the year's club activities:
     June 4th - Meeting at Ken & Rose Mary Baier's, pot luck
     June 11th - Annual Iris Show, Southgate Mall
     June 11th - Judges Training with John Ludi on Awards & Ballots, 2pm - 4pm
     June 12th - Judges Training with John Ludi on Garden Judging
     July 9th - Meeting at Bob & Alverta Symes', potluck, hosts to provide the best grilled hamburgers
     July 30th - Annual Iris Sale, Fort Gardens, 9am - 1pm. After sale party at Billie Gray's
     August - No Meeting
     September 10th - Meeting at Gary Clark's, potluck, hosted by Ronn Dunn
     October 1st - Meeting at Honk Meyer's
     November 5th - Meeting at Billie Gray's
     December 4th - Sunday - Annual Christmas Party hosted by Ken & Rose Mary Baier
It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
Happy day to Faye Pederson – June 22nd,  Betty Ann Gustafson, June 21st, and Linda Sadler, June 22nd.   Have a happy birthday and all the good wishes and cheers that go along with it
New Members: We have 2 new members that have joined our group; Harry Smith, 2105 S. 27th Ave, Missoula, MT 59804, Phone: 549-5940. Also welcome Miss Kalli Rose Wurth, our youngest member, 3235 Keck St, Missoula, MT 59804, Phone: 327-7965.  Welcome to both of you and hope to see you at the meetings.
Judges Training – The judges training set for May 24 on Siberians has be postponed until Tuesday, June 7th. Time will be from 7 – 9 pm at Gary Clarks house. All members are welcome, not just judges.
Iris Sale: Since there have been no volunteers for chairman of the annual Iris Sale for our group, I will be taking over the chair for the sale.  I would like to get a committee together at this next meeting and would like to hear from some volunteers for a little assistance to get our sale rolling along. One of the things we always need help with is to help sort and clean the iris in preparation for the sale. There will be 4 days of help needed for this task and we need anyone to volunteer any amount of hours on any days for some help. In the past, we have always had to rely on a select few of our members for a lot of help and I want to change that attitude and would like to see some new faces to help sort and clean our Iris. This is our most important event of the year and it is the one event that makes our group earn enough money to continue our operations for another year. If we don’t have a good sale, then our group will suffer for the coming year of events.
First Annual Median Show: Gary Clark did a wonderful job hosting a very successful show on Sunday, May 22nd.  There were over 70 entries for the show and a great showing. Congrats, Gary for a great day. The winners of the show are as follows:
     Best Of Show – Claudia Brown for “Blue Line” SDB
     Artistic Best Design – Donna Dowell, Class 6 – “Traveler’s Rest”
     Our other winners are:
     Most Blue Ribbons – Claudia Brown with 13 (nice!)
     2nd Most Blue Ribbons – Honk Meyer with 7 (good job!)
Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting, Saturday, May 7, 2005:
The meeting was called to order by  President Pete Addeo at  7:50  p.m.  at the home of  the Addeo's following an Italian theme pot luck supper.  Ann Violette and Elinor Utech hosted.

Minutes - The minutes from the April meeting were approved as they appeared in the newsletter.

Treasurers Report:  Treasurer Swede Gustafson reported.

   Checking Account Balance as of  April 1, 2005               $598.26

   Expenses paid:
       Alverta Symes for Fort Garden Signs                             -12.97
   Checking Account Balance as of April 30. 2005              $585.29

   Savings balance as of  5/1/05                                        $6519.03 

Median Show - The median show is Sunday, May 22nd  from 1:00 - 5:00.  Judging is at 1:30 p.m.   Gary Clark said the show theme is "Journey with Lewis and Clark"; Mary Ellen Davis donated a Lewis & Clark theme medal.      Ron Dunn and Donna Dowell volunteered to clerk. Gary thanked Honk Meyer and Ann Violette for putting together 60 median containers.  Gary needs help setting up 4-5 tables on Sunday.  He passed out entry cards.

Swede commented that the mall requires skirting on the tables be from table to floor; taping should be avoided on the tables.  Discussion followed on materials to be used with velcro.  We already have a supply of plastic cover, which Gary can use.  Gary also will borrow some burlap for runners.

Fort Gardens - Co-Chair Claudia Brown reported on the work party of  April 30th where edging was started and weeding was accomplished.  Beds are looking good.  Beds 5, 6 and Dykes are to be renovated this summer.  Yaquina Blue was planted in the Dykes bed, making the bed complete.  A few medians have started to bloom.  Claudia gave an "Atta Boy and Atta Girl" for those people who worked.

Iris Show - The annual iris show is to be held Saturday, June 11th at Southgate Mall; the theme is "Hurray for Hollywood". 

Judges Training -  June Judges Training will be from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. on Saturday June 11th and garden judging training will be available on Sunday, June 12th at the Fort Gardens; all members are welcome, not just judges. Ann discussed the possibility of a catered lunch where all attendees paid their share on Sunday. 

Rhizome Sale - President Pete asked for volunteers to chair the rhizome sale in July; no volunteers were forthcoming.  A board meeting may need to be held to discuss this.

Memorial Bench - Jim Sadler will work on this project and report back at the next meeting.  He thought we were going to wait until next year to do this.  A budget of $380 is available from memorial funds of Bob Gray and Jesse Utech.


May Judges Training - Gary Clark is hosting a judges training on Siberian Iris at his home on Tuesday, May 24 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.  All members are welcome, not just judges in training.

New Member -  Kalli Rose Wurth,  has joined as a new youth member.

Joyce Walters - Swede reported that he and Betty Ann stopped in Stevensville  last week and visited Joyce Walters new bead store.   It's across the street from the bank.

Presidential Rhizomes - Zona Lindemann  won the rhizome for May.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30  p.m. followed by  a program viewing of two garden videos.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Addeo