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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - June 2007



Here is the June newsletter. The show is nearing and the Median show was a success again. Let’s not forget about the Fort Gardens and get in there and get your fingernails dirty for a few hours and help out with the weeding. Hopefully we will be getting our nice weather again and the blooms will tell the rest of the story.

Pete Addeo,

Missoula Iris Society


DATE & TIME: Sat, June 2nd, Potluck supper begins at 6:30 pm.  Meeting begins around 7:30 pm
Home of Bob and Alverta Symes at 3029 River Bend Dr in Bonner.  Call 258-6649 for directions.  Potluck supper begins at 6:30 p.m.  Meeting begins around 7:30 p.m.  This year Bob regretfully must break with the tradition of bar-b-qued burgers due to time constraints; they're getting ready for a trip.  So it's the standard pot luck that we always do, with lots of great food!.

PROGRAM:  Fred may have a program planned, but the only thing we know should be happening will be plans for the upcoming June show. 




Don't forget, short work parties at  our Fort Gardens will be held each Sunday afternoon, or you are welcome to just pop over there anytime with your spade and do a little weeding or clean-up.  Don't forget to sign up your time on the signup sheet behind the Siberian bed.

Our sale digging/cleaning session prior to the sale will be from July 23-25 Mon-Wed. 
Storage Shed Progress - We are happy to report that Bob Brown notified us that Friends of the Fort have voted to donate $3,000 toward our shed building. 

Median Show - The median show under the able guidance of Gary Clark happened on May 19th at Southgate Mall. There were sure some nice arrangements displayed. 


2007 Median Show Results:  A total of 84 entries, mostly IB’s were submitted by 16 people. Judging results are:


Best of Show – Horticulture: Swede Gustafson for MTB “Bangles”

Best MTB – Swede Gustafson for “Bangles”

Best IB – Roger Muir for “Blue Flirt”

Best SDB – Roger Muir for “Clash”

Best BB – Gary Clark for “Headline Banner”

Best Other – Lynn Weger for TB “Raspberries & Cream”

Best Design – Gary Clark – Class 5 for “Quintet”

Sweepstakes Award – Most Blues – Roger Muir - Silver Medal (14 Blues, 3 Reds)

                                                          Gary Clark – Bronze Medal (10 Blues, 2 Reds)


Gary wishes to thank everyone for their help in making this show a success. Maybe next year we can get more entries.

Water plants for sale - Pete and Carol have a bunch of extra water lilies and miscellaneous water plants for sale for 3 for $5.00 for MIS members only.   Sorry, no identify of colors available, but they are all extremely hardy.  We did our five year pond division.  All sales proceeds will be donated to the Missoula Iris Society.  Call 251-5833 to get some

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy day to Faye Pedersen, June 22nd; Lois Asch, June 29th; and Betty Ann Gustafson, June 21st and Linda Sadler, June 22nd.  Have a happy birthday all!


2007 Iris Show Schedule: For those of you with a computer and email, the Iris Show schedule is listed on our website for you to read or print out. I cannot print these or send them any other way as my version of Word is the latest version and none of our members would be able to open the document. Jim Sadler will also be passing out the schedules at our June meeting. Be sure and come and pick one up. Jim Sadler is also working on getting a place arranged for the Banquet Dinner after the show. We will let you all know at the meeting.


Meeting Locations for 2007: The following meeting locations are scheduled. We need some volunteers to host a meeting For October and November as well as our Christmas Party. Call Carol Addeo at 251-5833 if you would like to host a meeting at your home or be a host for a meeting at another member’s home: Anyone who wants to host a meeting at someone else’s house can do so by chipping in for drinks, etc or doing set up or cleanup for the host. It’s that simple. Let’s get some volunteers for hosting! It’s painless!!


June 2 - Meeting and pot luck dinner at home of Bob & Alverta Symes in Bonner, 6:30pm

July 14 - Meeting and pot luck dinner at home of Alayne Hildritch in Grant Creek, 6:30pm

August - No Meeting

September 8 - Meeting and pot luck dinner at home of Gary Clark in Target Range, 6:30pm

October - Need meeting location

November - Need meeting location

December 2 - (Sunday) Annual Christmas Party. Location needed.


Treasurer's Report from Pete Addeo:



        Club Savings Account CD                         
                Balance April 30                                    $3253.45

                                        Total                             $3253.45

       Club Savings Account                             
                Balance April 30                                    $6584.40

                        Account Summary:
                               Club Operations                     $2024.78
                               Judges Fund                             375.43
                               Memorial Fund                          301.92
                               Building Fund                            865.47
                               2006 Rhizome Sale                 3001.00
                               2006 Interest Income                  15.80
                                  Total balance                     $6584.40

         April 30 Balance                                          $ 869.43
                     May 2007 deposits:

                           Membership Dues                          91.00

                                   Total Deposits                       91.00


          Expenses Paid – May

                           Fred Frey – Spuria Slides               54.13

                           Paul Renaldo – Sprinklers             250.00

                           Thomas Plumbing – sprinklers      151.50

                           Ann Violette – Median postage         4.69

                           Zona Lindemann – Mower Tune       55.50

                           Pete Addeo – News letter 3 mos     75.00

                           Balance – May                           $359.61


Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting:  May 5, 2007


The meeting was called to order by President, Elinor Utech.  The minutes and treasurer’s reports were accepted as printed in the April Falls and Standards.



     Median Show

            The show is Saturday, May 19, 2007, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Judging will begin at    11:30 a.m.  Staging flowers will begin at 7 a.m.  Elinor Utech will handle registrations.  Judges serving are as follows:

                        Alverta Symes, Head                                          Jim Sadler

                        Gary Clark                                                         Ann Violette

                        Cindy Davis                                                       Lynn Weger

                        Swede Gustafson                                               Diane Klein, Apprentice

                        Roger Muir

            The clerks are

                        Donna Dowell                                                    Ronn Dunn

                        Ron Dowell                                                        Betty Ann Gustafson

            Honk Meyer is making containers for the show, and Elinor Utech is making the ribbons.  The “lost” silver has been found so will be available for the show.

     Card File

            There will be a card file work session Tuesday, May 22, 2007, at Claudia Brown’s home, 216 Woodworth.  The session will include making cards for new iris and updating cards.

     MIS Show

            Show:  June 16, 2007.  It was announced that three AIS judges are coming from Boise, Idaho, to judge the show.  An intense discussion followed as to whether MIS judges should also be allowed to judge the show.  Because the Society delegates the running of the June Show to the Show Chair, the judging, in the end, was left as announced.  This is a subject the Society must come back to and decide how judging with outside judges will be handled during future shows.

     Fort Gardens

            The weeding is a little over half done.  The Spuria Bed and some TB beds still need to be done.  Work days will continue on Sunday afternoons through May until the weeding is done.  Billie Gray, Fort Chair, will be at the garden Sunday afternoons except for Sunday, May 20.  Everyone was reminded that members can work on the beds anytime except, probably, Saturday afternoons, which are usually taken up by weddings.


            This is the year the Spuria Bed is scheduled to be revamped.  The revamping of the whole garden will be completed when this bed is done.


            Wednesday, May 31, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Carson Vehrs has a group of high school students available to work at the fort.  They will be available to the Society.


            Bob Symes and Honk Meyer will be planting marigolds again.  They suggested that other members might like to contribute more flats so there would be color throughout    all of the beds for the entire summer.  A flat of 4-packs costs $14.00.


Other Reports and Announcements

     Fort Storage Building

            This building will be made to happen.  Bob Brown says MIS will be credited with work-in-kind in addition to the money the Society will put into the project.

     Plant Markers

            Swede Gustafson has found some 10-gauge stainless steel markers.  They come with 10, 15, 20-inch stakes.  The cost per thousand, respectively, is $0.66, $0.72, and $0.92 each.  Shipping is extra.  An example was handed around for members to look at.  It was moved by Ron Dowell and seconded by Zona Lindemann that Pete Addeo find out if there is a club discount.  Other markers are available but none are as durable as these.

     Pest Management Calendars

            These calendars from the Missoula County Extension Service were handed out.

     Presidential Rhizome

            The May presidential rhizome went to Dorothy Alcaraz.


            Guests Joanne Grant, Pete Addeo’s sister, and Leona Wyckoff were introduced.  Leona is a past member.  It is good to have her back among us again.


Respectfully Submitted,


Zona Lindemann, Secretary