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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - June 2010


Here’s the newsletter for June. Lets talk about GREEN!! Everything is and got that way very quickly! The yard transformation is amazing and it’s hard to now keep up with just mowing the lawns unless you mow twice a week. All the rain has also helped. Hope we have a nice summer as well.


Pete Addeo,

Missoula Iris Society


June 2010 MEETING (Please note one hour earlier)

DATE & TIME: SATURDAY, JUNE 5TH, (ONE HOUR EARLY) 5:30 pm. Tour Elizabeth's massive iris gardens, Usual potluck supper followed by the meeting.

PLACE: Home of Elizabeth Friesz in Alberton. SEE BELOW FOR DIRECTIONS & CARPOOL INFO


June Meeting Driving directions: Take Highway 90 West to Fish Creek exit (38 miles) Exit #66. Exit to the right & go to the right around the stop sign. Curve down toward the Clark Fork River, crossing the railroad tracks & coming to a T in the road. Turn left at the T. Cross the River bridge. You will drop off the oiled surface after crossing the bridge & there are a couple of very tall pine trees on your left as you drop off the oiled surface. Turn left here, making a right turn on the dirt road. Follow the dirt road past the first house on your left until you get to the end of the road. Elizabeth's house is a large Ivory colored house at the end of the road. THERE ARE LOTS OF IRIS IN SIGHT AROUND THE HOUSE. PLENTY OF PARKING.


AGENDA: Probably discussion and demonstrations for the show displays



New e mail address for your membership list. Apologies to Elloie Jeter. We've been misspelling her first name on the membership list for at many, many years. It's Elloie with two l's. Also, her email address was printed incorrectly in the last newsletter. It should be bejeter@cybernet.1.com. Add it to your membership list.

Add Joyce Zamelis to membership list, P O Box 88, Alberton, MT 59820, Phone 722-4918.


Welcome to new member Joyce Zamelis, sister of Elizabeth Friesz, P.O. Box 88, Alberton, MT 50820. Add her to your membership list.

IRIS SHOW: The 50th annual iris show will be held on Saturday June 12 at Southgate Mall in Penny's Court. The theme of the show is Celebration of Gold. The program booklet may be obtained from Betty Ann Gustafson, Show Chair. Call her at 251-3526. The entry name tags will be available at our Saturday meeting in Alberton.

SHOW SET UP: Set up will be Friday evening, June 11th at 8:00 p.m.

JUDGES MEETING: Roger Muir has called for an important judges meeting on Friday evening June 11, 2010 in the community room at Southgate Mall at 7:00 pm.. This will be just before set-up for the show and is being called to clarify some issues.

Report from Swede Gustufson:
Betty Ann has been working diligently on getting all the parts and pieces together regarding the show. She has met with the Southgate Mall office people three times, picked up all the tubs of information from the storage shed and gone through most of what is contained in each tub, ordered new ribbons, show entry tags, entry tag ribbon awards seals, made up a bunch of awards seals, and is now in the process of getting these placed into one tub fro the show. I have helped when necessary when I am available from yard work necessities. We both came down with the Missoula cruddy cold that has been traveling about the local citizens but are now in the latter stages of this disease. Hope you people do not come down with this.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy birthday to Jean Macaraeg, June 9th; Faye Pederson, June 22nd; Betty Ann Gustafson, June 21st; Linda Sadler, June 22nd; and Lois Asch, June 29th. Have a happy birthday all.

Treasurer’s Report for May 2010

Savings Account Balance remains at $6,505.39

Checking Account has some activity this month as follows:
April 30 reported Balance $2,143.68
Income -
2 memberships received 18.00
Judges handbook sale 15,00

Expenses –
American Iris Society - show ribbons 53.00
Doctor PC – show schedule printing 54.00
American Iris Society – Ribbon seals, 65.00
1 ea 2008 R&I booklet, 2 ea
2009 R&I booklets, 1 ea 7th ed.
Judges handbook
May 31, 2010 Checking Balance $2,004.68

Membership received are for JOYCE ZAMELIS and LYNN WEGER

MAY 1ST, 2010 Held at the home of Judy Blunt 1901!/2 South 4th Street West, 14 members were present.
The meeting was called to order by President Ed Verplancke at 7:35 P.M.
Minutes were approved as published in the Newsletter.
Treasurers Report was approved, with Billie Gray making the motion and Alverta Symes seconding, the motion. The motion passed.

Betty Ann Gustafson gave the show report. She stated that entry cards will be passed out at the June meeting. She related more workers are needed for the show . Pete Addeo was thanked for the show schedule that he printed.
Under Old Business, Leonna Wyckoff volunteered for the October meeting. Billie Gray volunteered for the November meeting.
Billie Gray stated that the work party at the Fort occurred on April 10th, and that it was a success. She thanked all for their help. She also stated that the lawn will be sprayed for weeds. Before the spraying occurs she stated she will confer with Bob Brown at the Museum.
A report was given concerning an ice cream social. Billie Gray stated she will give us a report on the social at the June Meeting.
There was no new business.
The presidential rhizome was won by Elizabeth Frieze.
The meeting adjourned at 8:07 P.M.

Respectfully submitted. Jim Sadler, secretary