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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - June 2012



Here is the newsletter for June. The tulips and crocus are gone and  the iris are blooming and will bring us wonderful color. Summer is on its way and looking forward to the gardens being in full bloom with all the wonderful colors.


Pete Addeo,  Webmaster
Missoula Iris Society








The June 2 meeting has been cancelled; too many graduations happening.  Instead, we will see you all at the iris show on June 9th.  Be sure to read the newsletter, lots of information, including the new instructions on how and where to set up your flowers for the show.  If you need show tags or a show schedule, contact President Ed at 728-9376.  Betty Ann and Swede will be out of town this week as will Pete and Carol.

We encourage everyone to go out to our Fort Missoula Iris Gardens and admire the bloom.


I have made some changes to our home page. I have added links to our garden chats by our members as well as links to add photos of your gardens, etc. Photos need to be submitted to the webmaster at email drpc@montana.com  


NICE IRIS TOUR: PINEY WOODS IRIS FARM (Thompson Falls, MT) Charlotte Beaudry, grower. 406-827-1410 and 406-241-1410. Open Saturday, Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-4:00. All Tall Bearded Iris. Directions-- 10 miles north of Thompson Falls. Near mile marker #41 take 1st left which is Military Drive. There will be a Forest Service Road--Henry's Hideaway and Finley Flats. There are signs advertising the garden along the way. She has picnic tables if you want to relax in the garden. Call Charlotte for more information.

52nd MISSOULA IRIS SHOW, Saturday June 9, 2012 at JC Penny Court, Southgate Mall.

A. Set up Friday Night, June 8, at 8:00 PM. Please come and help! Takes about 1 hour.
B. Stage and enter Iris Saturday, June 9, from 7:00 AM--9:45 AM.
C. Judging begins at 10:00 AM.
(Clerks and runners are needed)
D. Awards Ceremony at 7:00 PM JC Penny Court.
E. Celebration Cake and Ice Cream following awards ceremony in the Southgate Mall Community Room.
F. Dismantle Show Saturday at 8:00 P.M. Many hands makes quick work.

A. ENTER and bring your Iris in on the Southside of JC Penny Court through the automatic doors between the Mustard Seed and Verizon Wireless.
B. ROLLING CARTS enter through the Northside doors at the end of the Community Room hallway. (Mall management will not allow any wheeled carts brought in through glass doors.
( We can no longer use hallways for staging at the request of mall management.)
D. STAGING MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE JUDGING. Staging tables will be used for judging and awards. We will not be using the green awards platform this year.

ENTRY TAGS AND SHOW SCHEDULES are available at the June Meeting. The show schedule is on the website

GARDEN JUDGING BY DIANNE KLINE, VISITING JUDGE FROM POCATELLO, ID Saturday, June 9, after completion of judging to be held at the Fort Missoula Iris Garden. Contact Alverta Symes, AIS RVP for particulars.

Thanks. Betty Ann

FACEBOOK: Missoula Iris Society now has a very nice Facebook page. Drop in to Facebook and add your comments and friend the Society.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give Em a Cheer!!!

Happy birthday to Betty Martin: June 11th; Christine Gresham: June 18th; Betty Ann Gustafson: June 21st; and Linda Sadler: June 22nd. Have a happy birthday all.




     It was nice to see everyone that came out to the fort garden to do spring cleanup.  I think we got things well underway for the summer. Thanks!

     Ordering iris for the garden is underway and I thought that the suggestion that we plant them the day of the sale is a good one.  That way we can have the public there to watch how iris are planted and taken care of.  I just hope that we will have a nice day in which to do it.

     I had my first iris bloom. My tulips are fantastic this year and if you get a chance come by and see them.

Your President, Edward Verplancke


Being a parent has many rewards. When you hear remarks you made to your child being repeated in front of you to others. That is one of those moments you smile inside. It always comes as a surprise when you realize that your child has listened and learned from you. I had such a moment this week when I spoke with my son Drew. When he was in high school, he would come with me to the Iris society meetings. He took some of the course work to become an iris judge. After high school he went on to college and as any parent knows, spending time with your college student is very precious. Between work, studies and his social life Linda and I saw very little of our son. Then came marriage and a career in Washington DC. I thought he had put his interest in Iris aside. To my surprise on a recent visit to his home in Washington DC I found a well groomed yard that was full of flowers. The crowning glory of Drews yard were his Iris. I know the Iris were his idea and I had very little to do with the planting and choosing of the Iris. But I had such pride that a little bit of my DNA had been transferred to him. My love for gardening and Iris had been passed along. I am passing along some pictures of Drews Iris so that members can enjoy them. Jim Sadler


Note: Pictures that are submitted will be posted on our website at www.missoulairis.com in an effort to continue collections of all photos for our growing library.

The Treasurer's report of the month of June will be the same values as report in the May issue of the newsletter.
There have been no bills to pay, no income to deposit, so the Checking Account remains at $297.23 and the Savings Account remains at $11,251.45.

Respectfully, Swede Gustafson, Treasurer 


Meeting called to order at 7:25 P.M. by Ed Verplancke at the home of Swede and Betty Ann Gustafson. Ed asked if the minutes were read. Minutes approved as printed in the newsletter.

Treasurer Report: Swede stated that there are no changes in the numbers as shown in the March and April minutes.

New Business: Jim and Linda Sadler, Swede and Betty Ann Gustafson, Ron and Donna Dowell, Alverta and Bob Symes and Gary Clark all went to the meeting in Great Falls hosted by Carol Mecham (not sure of spelling) the meeting went well. Gary talked about iris culture and all members talked bout the benefits of having an iris society and judges in there area, all there garden clubs were present. They had an Iris Group at one time.  If they start one again we might get a few new judges for our area. At present there are no men in there club, its more of a tea party club or lunch club. They have been around about 50 years, and meet every month. Jim stated most men cannot make a weekday meeting, as they are the workers and not the women. Had to explain himself on this point. Went back to the historical issue of men work and women stay home. Kept putting foot in mouth. In the local garden club it is more of a couples club, as most of them are married couples. The Great Falls garden club is trying to get more men involved as they want to start a public garden. It was suggested when they get to that point we could donate iris to them to help build there garden. Betty Ann talked with members after the meeting and all whom she talked with were glad they cam. There was about 24 to 33 people at the meeting. Gary will keep in touch with them to let us know about where and when they might be starting there public garden. As they have to be members of AIS for 3 years before they can start judges training and membership is $27.00 a year, they need to join ASAP. Most are Federated judges now. We are going to send them show schedules and invite them to our show. With cost of joining and event insurance being high and needed now, sometimes joining and starting new groups is cost prohibitive, Billings has been having issues with this and have decided not to join AIS

Linda Sadler has been traveling the state for the garden club and suggested they look at the MIS web site for information about us.

Fred has agreed to do the advertising again this year, and need to get posters out. Community advertising need to be in 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Billie has a student she has been working with and sponsoring for college, would like to have the club sponsor him for a year at Bozeman. Anita and Ed have read the info on him and they are impressed with him. With his 4H and Agri/business $2,500 is what is needed for his books. He sells wool from sheep, rescues a rare breed of rabbits, likes to study rare and endangered plants and animals native to Montana. Discussion followed, if we do sponsor him he would have to agree to work at least 3 times in the fort gardens for the summer. The club will need to look into giving grants and/or scholarships, do we have to open it up to other to apply, etc. Jim, Betty Ann, Swede and Linda will be on a committee to look into the requirements. Also discussed giving small amount each year to


Schools for community gardens for PR, further discussion to follow. Jim asked that Billie give the students info to him so he can get him information for a grant that the Garden Club has. They have not had anyone apply for there grant in a long time and have money available that is already set up.

Old Business: Betty Ann discussed show it is scheduled for Saturday, June 9, 2012, there were show schedules, tags and Basic Iris Culture booklets on the table for all to take. It was the first time that the Basic Iris Culture book was published in color. . Swede explained tags and how to fill them out Correction in the Show schedule book was noted in Sections (L) the flower of the years should be Paul Black. Set up will be Friday night at 8 pm in JC Pennys court. Entry is 7 am to 10 am, however the doors are open at 6 am. Set up cannot be done in hallway and has to be done in JC Penny court, possibly where award will be set up. Betty Ann and Donna will be meeting with the mall and following up to confirm. We will need to cleanup following set up. Also we cannot bring carts through main doors, will need to use corridor where the hall to the community room is. Judging might start late following clean up. Also after the show that evening before take down the Banquet will take place at 7 pm, Cake and Ice Cream and an awards program in the Community Room at the Mall.
In need of clerks, Scotty, volunteered Would like a door person to hold doors as people are caring things into the Mall. Will possibly need to move the information and signup table, Donna and Betty Ann will meet to decide setup.

A visiting judge is coming from Post Falls, Idaho, Diane Klein, she will also be giving a Garden Judging Class. Betty Ann offered her $100.00 and we pay for Lunch and Dinner.
Swede explained how we have a fund for bringing judges in, it is money that we as judges pay every time we take a class that is kept separate for bring in visiting judges.

Jim suggested we give Great Falls seed money to becoming AIS judges, further discussion to follow.

Swede and Betty Ann will not be here for the June meeting, neither will Carol and Pete. If there is questions regarding the show Gary will get the answer from Betty Ann.

Entry Numbers already chosen. Swede 13, Gary 4, Roger 11, Cindy 8.

Jim needs to do letter for Web site.

Betty Ann gave out Cards on Plant Swap at the Eagles on the 20th of May.

Swede.... 10 got together about ordering Iris for the fort gardens. Jeannette Graham suggested that Missoula look at the honorable mentioned Iris so the judges have them to view so we can vote on the AIS ballots. Ed and Anita looked at the garden to decide space in the garden. Gary and Swede then met to see what to get, and how much to spend. Out of 68 HM awards 34 are Paul Blacks. Paul Black is now retired and Tom Johnson is now running Mid-America gardens. They decided to order the majority from Mid-America gardens and a few other growers to get a good cross section of rhizomes. Pete made a motion to purchase and Roger 2nd, motion carried and approved.

Betty Ann received information about a new local Iris Garden: Piney Woods Iris, in 10 miles North of Thompson Falls: Owner: Charlotte Beaudry 827-1410 and 241-1410

Billie Gray won the May Presidential Rhizome. Meeting adjourned. Submitted by Cindy Davis

Winners of Presidential Rhizome: August: Laurie Kammerer September: Jim Sadler October: Gary Clark November: Elizabeth Houston December: Honk January: Carol Barbian February: Judy Blundt March: Linda Sadler April: Donna Dowell