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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - March 2007



Here is the March newsletter. A third friendly reminder to all that the Membership Dues are due now. Those who do not pay their dues will not get a newsletter or membership list until they are paid. You have until the end of March to pay your dues. Thanks

Pete Addeo,

Missoula Iris Society


DATE & TIME: Sat, March 3rd at 6:30 p.m. Potluck dinner
Home of Gary Clark, hosted by Cindy Davis. Call 728-7633 for directions.

AGENDA:  No agenda or program announced as of this date.
Dues of $9.00 per person are due now for 2007.  The new treasurer is Pete Addeo.  You can pay at the meeting, or mail your check payable to Missoula Iris Society to Pete at 5805 Helena Dr, Missoula, MT 59803.
2007 Membership List: The current membership list is updated. All members who have paid their dues for 2007 will be getting one in the mail with this newsletter. All paid members who get emails will get a separate mailing of the membership list.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
Happy day to Bob Brown, March 4th and Beth Wright, March 1st. Have a happy birthday all! 
Welcome Jan Turback: Let's all welcome our new member to our club. Hope to see you at more meetings, Jan and don't be afraid to get your hands a little dirty this summer. We need all the help we can get from all our wonderful members.
2007 Calendars: You can pick-up at the March meeting for $6.00 from Pete Addeo. We only have a few calendars left.
Meeting Locations for 2007: The following meeting locations are scheduled. We need some volunteers to host a meeting For October and November as well as our Christmas Party. Call Carol Addeo at 251-5833 if you would like to host a meeting at your home or be a host for a meeting at another member’s home: Anyone who wants to host a meeting at someone else’s house can do so by chipping in for drinks, etc or doing set up or cleanup for the host. It’s that simple. Let’s get some volunteers for hosting! It’s painless!!
March 3 - Meeting and pot luck dinner hosted by Cindy Davis at the home of Gary Clark, 6:30pm
April 14 - Meeting and pot luck dinner at home of Honk Meyer, 6:30pm
May 5 - Meeting and pot luck dinner with PLANT EXCHANGE at home of Pete & Carol Addeo, 6:30pm
June 2 - Meeting and pot luck dinner at home of Bob & Alverta Symes in Bonner, 6:30pm
July 14 - Meeting and pot luck dinner at home of Alayne Hildritch in Grant Creek, 6:30pm
August - No Meeting
September 8 - Meeting and pot luck dinner at home of Gary Clark in Target Range, 6:30pm
October - Need meeting location
November - Need meeting location
December 2 - (Sunday) Annual Christmas Party. Location needed.
Fort Gardens: Billie Gray has agreed to continue to chair the Fort Gardens project. Thank you Billie!
TOURING VISITING YARDS MEETING PROGRAMS:  Would you be willing to share your garden with other MIS members?  Generally speaking, many of us only see the yards and gardens of members who are able to host one of the monthly meetings or a club activity.  Not all of us are able to open our homes to such activities, yet certainly could share our efforts with others in the organization and build connections between the members.  Fred Frey would like to schedule such opportunities in at least the months of May, June, and July on the same day of our monthly meeting.  The chosen host garden might be on the same side of town or not far out of the way of the meeting site and open from 4pm or 5pm until 6pm.  Those interested in attending could make one trip to see your garden and then continue on to the meeting.  Locations further out of town could be scheduled earlier in the day.  There would be no expectation for any type of refreshments or entertainment, but to simply be available to show other members around, share ideas, and answer questions.  Please call Fred Frey at 549-0530 after 6:30 pm weekdays if you would be willing to open your garden to members and their guests.  According to the meeting schedule, May is in the Miller Creek area, June is east of Bonner, and July in Grant Creek.
Fred Frey, VP and Programs
Treasurer's Report from Pete Addeo:
        Club Savings Account CD                         
                Balance January 31                       $3253.45
                                        Total                    $3253.45
       Club Savings Account                             
                Balance January 31                       $6584.40

                        Account Summary:
                               Club Operations              $2024.78
                               Judges Fund                      375.43
                               Memorial Fund                   301.92
                               Building Fund                     865.47
                               2006 Rhizome Sale           3001.00
                               2006 Interest Income            15.80
                                  Total balance               $6584.40

         January 31 Balance                               $ 827.43
                     February 2007 deposits                   
                          Calendar Sales                        11.00
                          Judges Fees                            25.00
                          Membership Dues                  126.00
                          Historical Booklet                       5.00
                                   Total Deposits               167.00
          Expenses Paid – February
                          Carol Addeo - Newsletter          75.00
                          AIS dues – Elinor & Zona         50.00
                             Balance - February            $869.43
The meeting was called to order by President, Elinor Utech.  The January minutes were not brought before the group so they were neither approved nor disapproved.
Guest Jan Turback was officially welcomed by the club.
Drawings for Presidential Rhizomes were held for the months of December, January, and February.  The results of the drawings follow:
            December, 2006:           Cindy Davis
            January, 2007:               Billie Gray
            February, 2007:             Tommy Thompson
Elinor brought to our attention that she had received the next five year Fort Gardens agreement between MIS and the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula.  The general gist of the agreement is that the Missoula Iris Society has continued permission to use the grounds behind the museum for its display garden, is responsible for maintaining the gardens and the lawns within the gardens, and must return the garden area to lawn if MIS chooses to abandon the gardens.  A copy of the entire agreement is attached to the official minutes.  A motion was made and passed to accept the agreement.
It was moved by Ronn Dunn and seconded by Carol Addeo to accept the 2007 budget as presented in the newsletter.  The motion passed.
It was brought up that AIS membership is required of the club’s officers.  Some discussion ensued as to whether MIS paid the AIS dues for the officers.  The consensus was that a motion to this affect had been passed a few years ago.  Zona Lindemann is to research this.  In the meantime, a motion was made and passed with one dissention to pay the AIS dues for those officers who were not currently AIS members.
A request was made for more program ideas.  Renewing the plant exchange was suggested.  After some discussion it was moved and seconded that a plant exchange be held immediately before each May meeting.  The motion carried.
Other program ideas:  (1) Prior to the monthly meeting during the warm parts of the year, hold mini garden tours at members’ yards that are in the neighborhood of the meeting.  (2) Organize a tour to Alberton to view Elizabeth Friesz’ iris gardens.  Elizabeth says she will provide maps/directions to her place.    (3) Plant iris in beds at Hellgate H. S.  Ronn Dunn says he would coordinate this project with the school.
Reports and announcements were made.
     Iris Show:  Jim Sadler reported that we need to show proof of insurance to the Southgate Mall administration before we do the show in the mall.  This proof will be needed for the Median Show also.  We have purchased the insurance.  The hard copy needs to be found. Pete Addeo said he would look for it.
     Judges’ Training:  Those taking judges’ training were reminded that they must take the test in order to get credit for the training.  Receipts need to be presented as proof of having attended the class.  Ann Violette is to provide the receipts.
     NW Garden Show:  Fred Frey announced that the NW Garden Show in Seattle begins February 14th.  He made a strong plea for members to go as it was relatively close, there was so much to learn, so many people there with whom to exchange ideas, and so many hybridizers nearby.
     Iris Books:  A request was made to print in the newsletter the titles of the iris books that the club purchases for the public library.
     AIS Membership:  MIS members who are not members of AIS were encouraged to join if at all possible.  There are several benefits both to the club as a whole and to the individual.  In order for the club to be considered an AIS affiliated club, 51% of its membership must be AIS members.  As an affiliate, our local club is able to get discounts on the ribbons and rosettes used at our iris shows.  Affiliation also gives us access to information put out by the various sections of the AIS and the AIS website.  Individuals receive the rather well done AIS quarterly bulletin.  The AIS Storefront is available to individuals where books, pamphlets, pins, medals, etc. can be purchased.
Cindy Davis moved the meeting be adjourned; Carol Addeo seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Zona Lindemann, Secretary