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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - March 2009



Here is the newsletter for March. The time is passing fast and it’s time to start thinking about gardening again?? Maybe??? Let’s all hope so and “Think Spring!”.  Maybe if we all sent a combined thought, Old Man Winter will get the point and just go away.


Pete Addeo, Webmaster
Missoula Iris Society



PLACE:   Montana Club on North Reserve, dinner at 6:30pm. Call Ron Dowell, 542-1945 for further information.

PROGRAM:  Gardening tips by Karen Brakefield beginning at 7:30pm



2009 MEMBERSHIP DUES: The year has started and it’s time to start collecting for the new year memberships. Dues are $9.00/person. Those who have not paid by March 31will not be receiving an updated membership list or newsletter. Please see Swede at the meeting to pay your dues.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy day to Bob Brown, March 4th and Teri Kirschenheiter, March 21st.   Have a happy birthday all!


Treasurer’s Report: Yea.  Following about six weeks of trying to become the legal signee for the society, I finally became your treasurer on February 17th an paid the bills listed below. . The Montana Corporation Annual Report -2009 has been mailed in on February 18th. The payment to Donna Dowell was for the beautiful pictorial book of iris activities for 2008. Great job Donna.  Swede Gustafson, Treasurer


        Club Savings Account CD                 
                Balance February, 2009


        Club Savings Account    

                Balance February, 2009 


         January 31, 2009 Balance 

         Deposits -  


         Expenses Paid –

             Secretary of State

             Donna Dowell


         Balance –  February , 2008 


















Minutes:  February 7, 200

The meeting was called to order by President Ron Dowell.  It was noted that the full slate of newly elected officers was not included in the January minutes.  The January minutes were approved with the following amendment made by Jim Sadler and seconded by Alverta Symes.  The slate of officers, President Ron Dowell, Vice President Gary Clark, Treasurer Swede Gustafson, and Secretary Zona Lindemann, was approved as a whole, and the gavel was passed to Ron Dowell, our new president.


The financial report was given by Swede Gustafson and approved by the attending membership.


Old Business


Budget: Several questions were raised.

            Fred Frey asked if the $650.00 assigned to Fort Gardens Maintenance and Repairs was enough to cover the cost of a new lawn mower if a new mower was required.  It was determined that there was enough money in the total Fort Gardens budget to make such a purchase if necessary.


            Honk Meyer wanted to know why the society needed $700.00 in Fort Gardens Renovations.  The Fort Gardens Chair, Billie Gray, explained that the soil needed to be replaced where iris are dug out before any iris are planted back.  Also, the total renovation of the Siberian bed was not completed last year.  Money will be needed to finish that work.  Swede Gustafson added that these line item figures are estimates of what will be needed.  If the entire sum is not used, the money assigned to renovations would be rolled over into the following year’s budget or would be available for some other part of the Fort Gardens budget that might run over its allotment.


            The $50.00 line item for Programs was questioned.  It was explained that some of the slides we had obtained from AIS in the past at no cost now had a nominal rental fee, and there was always postage and handling to pay.


            It was asked if $200.00 to finish the shed was enough.  Pete Addeo, who is in charge of work on the shed, said he felt it was enough. The only work left is to make a door, install the soffits, and to paint.


            It was moved by Jim Sadler and seconded that the budget be accepted as presented. See attached budget.  The motion passed.


Historical Book:  Donna Dowell is our historian.  She has put together a book of photographs of Iris Society events for the year 2008. The book was passed around and won acclaim from everyone. Thank you, Donna, for a job well done. 


            It had been decided that in each future year we would continue to produce a “published” photographic record of our activities.  Donna will continue during this. The cost of this first book was approximately $200.00, most of which was donated by the Dowells.  The cost to the society was $67.00.  $100.00 has been allotted for 2009.


Shed Keys:  Gary Clark asked who was assigned keys to the shed.  It was determined that seven (7) keys were needed.  Currently there are only six keys.  Each officer is to have a key, the Fort Garden Chair, the Median Show Chair, and the Show Chair.  Pete Addeo has the Vice President’s key because he is still working on the shed.  Donna Dowell has the Secretary’s key.  Donna is moving the iris things that she has had stored at her place to the shed.  These keys are to be returned to the persons from whom they were borrowed when each of the projects is completed.


New Business


            Swede Gustafson informed us that Missoula Iris Society must provide the State of Montana with the names of the members of our Board of Directors and of our Registered Agent.  Billie Gray, Alverta Symes, and Bob Symes have agreed to again serve as our Board of Directors.  Swede Gustafson will act as our Registered Agent.


March Meeting:  The next meeting is March 7, 2009, at the Montana Club on North Reserve with dinner beginning at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting/program beginning at 7:30 p.m.


Presidential Rhizome:  Zona Lindemann


Bob Symes moved the meeting be adjourned.  Ron Dowell seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

            Zona Lindemann, Secretary


Announcement: Steve Hesla has a piano recital in the Music Recital Hall at the University, Tuesday, March 10th at 7:30 p.m.