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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - May 2004


Here is the May Newsletter. The updated membership lists were sent out last month. Please let me know if you did not receive one and I will be sure to get one to you. Spring has sprung! The trees are greening up and the dafs and tulips are up and in full color. The lawn is growing like a weed and nature is at its best!

Pete Addeo, Webmaster
Missoula Iris Society

DATE & TIME: May 2004 meeting is Saturday, May 8th at 6:30PM, potluck dinner followed by meeting.
PLACE: Home of Gary Clark, Target Range. Hosts are Ann Violette and Eleanor Utech. Call 728-7633 for directions.
PROGRAM: No scheduled program information available
BUSINESS: No scheduled business information available


I want to thank the Missoula Iris Society for the beautiful flowers and Get Well card that I received after my surgery. It helped to cheer me up when I was sore and recovering. I appreciate and thank everyone for their kind thoughts and well wishes. Thanks again - Lynn Weger
Everyone is welcome to help update sale cards at a work party to be held May 8th at the home of Gary Clark, beginning at 1:00 p.m. All member's are welcome to come and help
Mark your calendars for a memorial service for Bob Grey to be held at the Fort Gardens on Friday, June 11th. No word on the time.
The MDS dahlia sale will be held Saturday, May 8 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Located at the Triangle Garden Center by Ace Hardware in Tremper Shopping Center.  Tubers are $2 each or 6 for $5.  Call Lynn Weger at 543-8695 if you have any questions.  If there are tubers left from the sale, she will bnring them to the MIS meeting if people are interested
Our annual Missoula Iris Society's Iris show will be June 12th this year at the Southgate Mall. The theme for this year will be "Springtime in the Rockies".
Any information for the newsletter should be e-mailed or mailed to Pete Addeo by the 3rd week of the month. It can also be faxed to (406) 251-4683.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy day to Honk Meyer - May 24th,  Cleo Swanson - May 26th and Pete Addeo - May 9th.  Have a happy birthday and all the good wishes and cheers that go along with it as well..

The meeting was called to order by President James Sadler at the home of Ken & Cleo Swanson.

The minutes from the March meeting had one correction.  The music played for entertainment on gardening was named "Talking the Harvest Time Blues.  The song everyone enjoyed so much was called Crocus in the Snow.  Otherwise, the minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurers Report
Treasurers report was read by Treasurer Swede Gustafson.

   Checking Account:                                  
       Beginning balance:                  $311.22
       Deposits                                    24.00
           Sub-Total                             $335.22
       Less Expenses                      277.03
       Ending Balance                      $58.19

   Savings Account                                      
       Beginning Balance:               $5,688.96
       Deposits                               613.00
       Ending Balance:                   $6,301.96

   Savings Account Breakdown                 
       Club's Operation                   $4,602.53
       Judge's Special                         216.40
       Memorials                                241.92
       Building                                    888.47
       Fort Garden Grant                    350.00 
       Accrued Interest                            2.64
       Account Balance                   $6,301.96

     Checking Account Expenses:
       AIS Storefront - 2003 Registrations booklet         $7.00
       Big Sky Publications - March newsletter            25.00
       Erling Gustafson-Membership letters postage     20.00
       Secretary of State - Mt corporation fee               15.00
       Eagle Storage - Unit rental for March                 23.00
       Big Sky Publications - April newsletter                25.00
           Postage 2004 Membership list                      20.00
       Boyce Lumber - Fort Garden step supplies        95.90
       Erling Gustafson - Fort Garden step supplies      46.13
               Total Expenses                                      $277.03


Fort Garden Report
Billie Gray reported on a wonderful turnout for Sunday clean-up at the fort.  Jobs accomplished were weeding, gravel shoveled, new steps put in and weed barrier installed and general clean-up.  Lots of fun and laughter.

Show Report
We have permission to do two shows.  The first will be a small tour of three gardens, ending with a judges training on medians for students and judges.  Dates to be decided on at the next meeting include Saturday, May 29th or Sunday, May 30th for this event.  This is a training show on medians.  The regular annual  Iris Show will be held June 12th at Southgate Mall, J. C. Penney court.  The theme is Springtime in the Rockies.  Signups are needed for signup tables and displays.

Storage Shed
Honk Meyer presented general ideas on the storage.  All stuff is at his home and will be there for the next twelve months.  Disucssion on building storage unit is on hold until we see how the support of the Fort Garden continues.  A motion to wait on building a storage unit was made by Cindi Davis; seconded by Ann Violette

Sale work party
Work on the sale file cards will be held again on May 8th at Gary Clark's home at 1:00 p.m.  Everyone welcome.

May Meeting
The May meeting was changed from May 1st to May 8th, to be held at the home of Gary Clark.  Hosts will be Ann Violette and Eleanor Utech.

Friendship Report
Card and flowers to Lynn Weger.  Her wrist may require a second surgery.  Ken Swanson is in St. Pat's hospital because he fell and broke his ribs.

Memorial Service
Mark your calendars for June 11 for the memorial service at Fort Missoula for Bob Gray.

April  Presidential Rhizome - Won by Bob Brown. Congratulations.
The meeting was adjourned and was followed by a short explanation by Ann on Sex in the Garden, which covered what to save, what to replant and how to hybridize.
Respectfully submitted,
Carol Addeo, Secretary
Thanks to Ann Violette for taking notes at the meeting