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                                          MISSOULA IRIS SOCIETY NEWSLETTER

                                      November 2014

MEETING TIME:  Saturday, November 1, 6.30 pm for potluck dinner.
PLACE: Eagles Lodge, 2420 South Avenue W. Meeting room is on the east end of the building. Hosts Ron & Donna Dowell
PROGRAM: None planned.
However, the Annual Board Budget meeting begins at 4:30 p.m prior to the meeting.

Swede will start collecting dues now, starting at the November meeting. He would appreciate having all the dues paid by the end of January so the membership list can be printed before the February meeting. Dues are $10 per person per year.
And start looking for the perfect Christmas present for the party at Billie's on December 7!


This report is based on the financial statements received as of October 23, 2014.

  September 25, 2014 Balance             $14,324.89
  Transfer to Checking to pay bills          500.00
  October 23, 2014 Balance               $13,824.89
  Sept 25, 2014 Reported Balance           $  562.62
  Deposit from Savings                       500.00
  Expenses Paid                              482.40
  October 22, 2014 Balance                $  580.22


Expenses were paid for the following actions:
Reimbursement for: Carolyn Addeo - for the Web site domain name  $  25.00
Missoula Computes- IX Web Site Hosting fee                         107.40
MIS Activities: Paid Ron Dowell for 2014 Fort Garden Lawn Care     350.00
Total Expenditures                                               $ 482.40

Respectfully Submitted,
Swede Gustafson, Treasurer


The meeting of October 4, 2014 was called to order by President Ed Verplancke at 7:22 p.m at the home of Gary Clark.

The minutes of the September meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter. The treasurer's report was also approved as published in the newsletter.

Old Business

Treasurer's report: Swede reported that memorial funds were received for Alverta Symes and Ann Violette and have been deposited in the savings account. They included $55.00 from the Symes family for Alverta, $15 from Gary Clark and $25 from Swede and Betty Ann. In addition, Swede and Betty Ann and Gary Clark donated $20 total in memory of Ann Violette.
Also, the Missoulian has agreed to reimburse $122 for an advertising overcharge during the sale promotions.

Meeting locations: Swede met with Matt Lautzenheiser, Director of the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, to view Building T-1, a white building on the southwest corner next to the Heritage Hall building. The meeting room is on the first floor, a large room rectangular in shape with three tables and plenty of chairs. The kitchen has a counter, microwave, range and sink. Swede commented there is plenty of parking beside and across the street by the trolley barn.
Because we have already paid the Eagles for November, we will still hold our last meeting at the Eagles.

Carol Addeo will reserve as many meetings at private homes as possible and reserve the balance of meetings at Fort Missoula Building T-1, which has been offered to us at no charge. Carol will coordinate reservations with the office of the historical museum.

Some discussion of holding median shows at Building T-1 at Fort Missoula and possibly an after show party there.

Visitor to our website: A grower from Yakima Valley sent an e mail to Carol, which was forwarded to Ed and Swede. He complimented the society on both our display garden and our informative website.

Domain Name: Carol Addeo paid the $25 fee for our annual reservation of the domain name "" and the society will reimburse her. Our hosts do keep track of the number of views our website gets, and Ed says it is a lot.

New Business

Flower Arranging Classes: Jim Sadler will be sponsoring a flower show class on floral arrangement with instructor Joanne Gibbons, a master gardener. The classes will be $10 each, held once a month for five months, starting January 12th and February 9th at the Raven's Gallery downtown.

Fair flower show: The fair flower show will be moving from the floriculture building to the fine arts building next to the gate.

Christmas Party: Billie Gray will host the Christmas party in December again this year. She will notify us whether it will be the first Saturday or the first Sunday in December. (Addendum to the minutes: Billie will host the party on the first Sunday of December, December 7th at 4:00 p.m.)

Work Party: Ed called for a work party at the display garden at Fort Missoula for Sunday, October 5. Ed will be there by 1:00 p.m. Al Ledford worked in the Dykes bed and other finger bed this morning for 3-4 hours. Ed commented that weeding was the priority, especially elm seedlings and thistle. Trimming iris is secondary, as far as Ed is concerned.

Budget Meeting: The annual board budget meeting has been set for Saturday, November 1 at 4:30 p.m. at the Eagles Lodge prior to the regular meeting. All members are welcome to attend. Only officers can vote as board members.

Sunshine Report: Betty Ann reported that Bob Symes will stay in Portland, Ore with daughter Tanya through the winter. A card from Bob was read to the group thanking us for our support.

Audit Committee: Cindy Davis volunteered to be on the audit committee.

Nominating Committee: Not much interest by members to run for office next year and not much interest to be part of the nominating committee. I think Gary Clark finally agreed to be the nominating committee.

2015 Dues: Swede reminded everyone that he will start collecting dues now. Dues are $10 per person per year.

Presidential rhizome: Ed Verplancke won the drawing for October.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Addeo, Secretary

Meeting locations:

November 1-Eagles-hosts Ron & Donna Dowell.
Annual Board Budget meeting begins at 4:30 p.m. prior to the meeting.

December 7-Christmas party at home of Billy Gray on Sunday 12/7 at 4:00 pm.

January 10-Home of Carol Addeo and Al Ledford

Presidential Rhizomes: Betty Ann Gustafson- September, Ed Verplancke- October