November 2015


MIS Board and Budget Meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.Saturday, November 7, 2015 at the home of Judy Blunt, 1901 1/2  S. 4th St W.

Pot luck supper will be at 6:30
following the board meeting. Regular meeting will begin after the pot luck supper. All members are welcome to attend the board and budget meeting and input is welcome on any issues. Call Judy at 728-0741 if you need directions to the meeting location.

Members who wish to attend the board meeting should bring a calendar for 2016 for planning and scheduling purposes.


Correction to the minutes of September 12, 2015: Edd Verplancke discussed our November meeting location with the Fort Missoula grounds director, not with the museum director as reported in the minutes.

Christmas Party: Our annual Christmas party will be Sunday December 6 at 4:30 p.m. at the home of Billie Gray. Turkey dinner will be prepared by Billie, with the potluck side dishes and desserts provided by us. Don’t forget to bring a gift of $10-$12 value for the gift exchange.

Elizabeth Friesz has decided not to sell her property in Alberton right away, but she still wants to donate her iris to MIS for next years’ sale and for members’ gardens.


There was no activity during the month of October, therefore the balance remains at $14,035.68


September 24, 2105 reported balance $1,152.24
Expenses paid                          550.00
October 28, 2015 balance            $  602.24

Expenses paid: Arthur Befumo - $300.00 – weeding at the Fort Missoula Iris Garden
Ron Dowell - $250.00 – lawn care at the Fort Missoula Iris Garden
Note: The watering system was winterized by Paul Ronaldo earlier this month but the cost for doing the work has not been received.

Respectfully submitted,

Erling Gustafson, Treasurer


Missoula Iris Society meeting was called to order by President Donna Dowell at 7:10 p.m. at the Fort Missoula meeting location.

The minutes of the September meeting were accepted as printed in the newsletter. Treasurer’s report was also accepted.


November meeting location:
Cindy reported that she contacted Carolyn Thompson of the Fort Missoula Museum regarding using our regular building location for our November 7th meeting, however we cannot as there is a conflict with the book sale.

Judy Blunt volunteered to host the November meeting at her home. The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. for the annual board planning and budget meeting.

Work Party:
Ed reported that the weeds are not bad at the Fort Missoula Iris Garden and no trimming is needed, therefore a work party may not be needed.

Fort Garden Path:
Discussion and comments on the new paved path.

Elizabeth Friesz garden:
Elizabeth plans to sell her property in Alberton next year and wants to donate her iris to MIS. Some discussion on how to manage the transfer of the iris. It is too late this year, but two members Fred Frey and Charlotte of Trout Creek may be able to fit some of the iris into their gardens. It is estimated that Elizabeth has 500 iris or more.

Donna Dowell said she tried to telephone Elizabeth but no answer and no recorder. Carol Addeo will attempt to contact Elizabeth by phone and send her a card. Elizabeth initially contacted us shortly after our July sale, too late for us to dig for that sale. Perhaps we can dig for the 2016 sale if Elizabeth has not sold her property.

Christmas Party date:
Carol Addeo will contact Billie Gray to firm up the date and time for the annual Chrismas party.


Officer nominating committee:
No volunteers

2016 Show:
Judy Blunt volunteered to work on the show.

Open discussion followed on caring for iris:
One suggestion was quit watering after first frost.

Fertilizing: Gary uses rose fertilizer on his iris. Judy purchases iris food from Shreiner’s Iris and fertilizes in the spring.
Fred says he hasn’t fertilized for years because he overdid it one spring causing a lot of rot.
Suggestions of fertilizers used included bone meal, Osmocote and rose fertilizer. A comment about horse manure was that it tended to cause rot.
Swede does two applications of Osmocote, once in the spring and again after they bloom.

Fall trimming: Jim does not cut his iris back in the fall, instead he pulls off the browned leaves from the base, and after bloom he pulls the finished stalk off, rather than cutting it.
Judy prefers to cut her iris in the fall because they hold too much snow on the north side.

Rot prevention: Edd shared how he plants to prevent rot. He digs way down, puts some sand in hole, plants a tulip and then backfills with soil and plants an iris on top, at ground level.
Discussion of remedies for rot included cinnamon and comet cleanser, bleach and aspirin.

Weeds: Discussion of how to get rid of quack grass in a bed. Preen was recommended but not directly on the rhizomes.

Presidential Rhizome winner:
October winner is Judy Blunt.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Addeo, Secretary

Meeting locations 2015 and dates are as follows:
Saturday, November 7, 2015, Board meeting at 5.00 at the home of Judy Blunt, 1901 1/2  S. 4th St W, followed by pot luck supper at 6:30 p.m.

Sunday, December 6, 4:30 pm for Christmas party and turkey dinner and potluck at home of Billie Gray

Presidential Rhizomes:

September – Edd Verplancke, October – Judy Blunt

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