Meeting at Judy Blunt’s home, November 5, 2016, 6:30 PM, pot luck supper. The annual Board Meeting will be at Judy’s at 5:00, before the general meeting. 
All interested members are welcome to attend the board meeting.

This email was received from RVP Jean Graham:
I am looking for ideas from our region to make a regional basket for the Iowa convention [AIS convention 2017].
Could anyone please give me ideas or suggestions??
This basket will be a fund raiser for the AIS but also lets people know we do have Region.
Also my address is
1750 8th Ave east
Twin Falls, Id 83301-6901

I’ll be willing to accept donations and put a basket together and I’ll ship to the convention or if someone is going we could give that person the basket to take to the convention.  I thought this might be a good time to do some early thinking and gathering now.  The convention is in May and we will be busy going to gardens and the shows.  
RVP: Jeanette Graham   208-734-3613,
Thank you and have a great day

TREASURERS REPORT: As of October 26, 2016


$15,107.20 with $0.26 earned interest added for the past month.


  September 20, 2016 reported balance: $601.60

  Expenditures Paid                     324.99

October 26 Balance                     $276.61

Expenses paid: Ron Dowell for mowing lawn at FT Missoula Iris Gardens  $300.00

Carol Addeo for renewal of the WebSite Domain name                       24.99

 Total                                                                 $324.99

NOTE: I have 5 each of the 2017 AIS Iris calenders remaining for $5.00 each. The photos
this year are beautiful which I am sure you will enjoy displaying in your home.

While working on the Siberian Garden renovation in September and October, a number of
visitors have expressed nice comments on how wonderful our gardens looked this season.
They surely wanted to make sure our gardens will continue in the future.

The sprinkler system has been winterized by Paul Ranaldo Sprinkler company but I haven't
received the invoice for the work as yet.

If there is some issue you would like to express regarding the financial side of the Missoula Iris Society, please relay your thoughts to me or to an officer before November 5 when the annualbudget meeting will be held prior to the regular November meeting. In fact, if you have any improvements or changes regarding MIS, please bring them forward at this board meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Swede Gustafson, Treasurer


MEETING: 6:30 PM Held at Swede and Betty Ann Gustafson's. 9 people present.
Donna Dowell brought meeting to order.
Minutes from the July meeting as printed in the newsletter had one correction. Gary Clark was the presidential rhizome winner for July. Ron Dowell moved we accept the minutes with the change and Judy Blunt seconded the motion.

: $15,106.94 in savings and $601.60 in checking. The report as printed in the newsletter was accepted.

Fred Frey will check with the Missoulian regarding the bill for the advertising for the show. He thought it should be less than what was billed.
There is one bill outstanding for the IX Website. Carol Addeo will be submitting the bill. Judy Blunt has sent the report of the show twice to Susan Boyce. There was some concern that she may not have received the report. However, Susan Boyce acknowledged receiving the report. Judy did not realize that the RVP also needed a copy of the report. The show guidelines had not mentioned she needed to do so. She will send the report to the RVP, Jeanette Graham.

FORT GARDEN: Question asked if there is anything to do at the garden before winter. A discussion followed about whether the iris should be clipped and trimmed for winter. Discussion was held. It was decided not to clip Iris. There would still be strength given to the rhizomes before winter weather if the leaves are left on.
Jim Sadler said in his own garden, he pulls the outside leaves off only.
Swede Gustafson moved a water sprinkling head and extended an area of the block wall by the Siberian bed to make better access for mowing and watering.
Matt, the Fort Missoula Historical Museum director, called Swede Gustafson and asked why we don't have walkways throughout the Iris beds. A lady had called and complained. She felt the handicap access should have gone throughout the beds. Swede told him cost was the big factor and also the iris do not like asphalt beside them.


Jim Sadler, as Past RVP, needs to send the RVP books to Jeanette Graham, the current RVP. The club will reimburse Jim for the cost of postage.

The treasurer, Swede Gustafson, brought the iris calendars ordered for people who had requested a calendar. They are $5.00 a piece and there are some left over if you need one.
Median and mall shows were discussed. The date for the Median show will be Saturday, May 20, 2017. The Mall show will be Saturday, June 3, 2017. Judy Blunt has the schedule ready for the Median show. It was also suggested that it be held at a smaller venue. Judy will contact the mall in regards to the June show.
Programs for upcoming meetings were discussed. A possibility was updates for judges and/or programs for people wanting to become a judge. Those in attendance who were not presently a judge were not interested in becoming a judge. Donna Dowell is going to make some contacts to see if someone would be interested in presenting programs on iris that are beneficial to all of us.
Bob Symes donated some fertilizer and lots of metal name tags for the fort garden. A thank you card was passed around for Bob.

GENERAL FYI: Ron and Donna Dowell have a rebloomer they are enjoying.
Swede Gustafson, while working at the Fort garden, talked with one of the people from the Sentinel Class of 1967 who started the new garden by the guard shack. She takes care of that garden and iris around some of the buildings at the Fort. She was very complimentary about our garden.
PRESIDENTIAL RHIZOME WINNERS: Donna Dowell for September and Swede Gustafson for October.
NEXT MEETING: November 5, 2016, 6:30 PM, at Judy Blunt's home.

Meeting adjourned.
Submitted by Betty Ann Gustafson

Presidential Rhizome winners: September Donna Dowell, October Swede Gustafson.

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