Official Newsletter of the Missoula Iris Society

November 2017

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, November 4, at the home of Judy Blunt, 1901 1/2 S. 4th St W.

Call 728-0741 for directions. Board and budget meeting at 5 pm, followed by pot luck supper and regular meeting at 6.30.


Treasurer paid these expenses in October:

1. Paul Ronaldo Sprinklers to winterize the fort garden water system - $60.00
2. American Iris Society Storefront to purchase 10 2018 calendars.

Calendars will be available at the November meeting for $5.00 each.

2018 membership dues of $10.00 a person will begin being accepted at the November meeting.

Officers of MIS will discuss the 2018 budget values at a 5:00 pm meeting prior to the regular meeting on November  4. Everyone is welcome at the budget meeting.


ATTENDANCE: 7 - Pres. Donna Dowell, Vice Pres. Betty Ann Gustafson, Treasurer Swede Gustafson, Ron Dowell, Fred Frey, Cindy Davis, Judy Blunt

Meeting called to order by president Donna Dowell.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Approved as printed in newsletter. NOTE: PROCEEDS $3875.19. Fred Frey submitted a bill for $43.50 for printing. All bills for the sale have now been presented.

MINUTES: Approved as read.

OLD BUSINESS: Swede Gustafson reported that Monte Dolack had contacted the society in about placing a bench in the garden to remember his late wife, Beth Percival, a well known artist. The board was contacted and agreed to have the project go forward. The bench was put in around two weeks ago. The marble harp bench, made of red marble from India, was unable to go under the tree in the garden due to the uneven ground. It has been placed near the SW corner of the Siberian bed, sitting on a stone of Canadian marble. Monte Dolack gave us greeting cards featuring iris painted by Mary Beth Percival. Also a generous donation by Monte Dolack to the garden for $250.00 was placed in the rhizome fund.

NEW BUSINESS: New member Lotte Bowen fell and broke her hip right after our sale. She was such a hard worker at our sale and enjoyed all the sale events so much. Due to complications she now has to have a total hip replacement. Earlier this summer, I took her a bouquet and now at this meeting, we signed a get well card for her and we hope everything goes well.

Billie Gray sold the left over iris from the sale at the Farmer's Market. She collected $85.00 from the sales of the bags of iris. Many thanks to Billie.

The Fort Iris Garden has been winterized. New members Morris and Marie Nyquist have been spending a lot of time weeding at the garden. We thank them for their time and willingness to keep the garden looking good.

Swede talked with Matt, the director, about the renovations for next year. Matt is in favor of anything we want to do. They get many compliments from visitors about the garden. They are so pleased to have our garden at the fort.

Iris calendars (10) have been ordered once again.

Paint the shed. It was moved by Ron Dowell to hire a painter to paint the shed next year. Cindy Davis seconded the motion. All were in favor.

IRIS SHOW: June 2 will be the date for the Iris Show at the Mall. Judy Blunt is willing to be chair person. Possible theme will be State Fair or County Fair.

Cindy Davis offered to have the March meeting at her home.

RHIZOME WINNERS: Ron Dowell, September, and Betty Ann Gustafson, October

NOVEMBER MEETING: November 4 at 6:30 PM at the home of Judy Blunt. A budget meeting will be held at 5:00 PM. All members are welcome at the budget meeting.

Minutes submitted by Betty Ann Gustafson

Presidential Rhizome winners: Ron Dowell, September, and Betty Ann Gustafson, October

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