MEETING TIME:  Saturday January 11, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. for potluck supper followed by meeting
PLACE:   Home of  Carolyn Addeo, 5805 Helena Dr in Linda Vista.  For directions call 251-5833. 
PROGRAM:  Installation of officers, budget vote


MEMBERSHIP DUES –The $10.00 annual membership dues for 2014 are due now.   Please pay your dues to Treasurer Swede Gustafson if you have not already paid.  Any new members who joined in July of this year or later are considered paid for 2014.  The new membership list will be issued soon.  Anyone not paid will not be listed.

Officers Elected for 2014

President Ed Verplancke, Vice Presidents Cindy Davis and Gary Clark, Secretary Carol Addeo, Treasurer Swede Gustafson. (Treasurer trainee is needed)

Meeting dates for 2014

Mark your calendar, as some dates may have changed from our usual:  Potluck supper begins at 6:30 p.m. on
Saturday,January 11,
Saturday February 1,
Saturday, March 8,
Saturday April 5,
Saturday May 3,
Saturday May 31 (Iris Show is Saturday June 7)
Saturday July 12,
August no meeting,
Saturday September 6,
Saturday October 4,
Saturday November 1. 
December is the Christmas party usually on the first Saturday or Sunday in December at the home
of Billie Gray.  Exact date to be announced later in the year.
Meeting Locations for 2014 – Anyone who is able to host a meeting this year at their home please contact Carol Addeo at 251-5833.  She will be contacting members by phone to set the host schedules for meetings.  If you can host a meeting this year, we appreciate it.  If you do not wish to host at your home, please volunteer to host a meeting at the Eagles Lodge.
Host Meetings so far:  January 11 Addeo, February 1 Eagles Lodge (host needed),  March 8 Clark and Hesla, April 5 (host needed) May 3 Gustafsons,  May 31 Blunt, July 12 Symes, August no meeting, September 6 host needed, October 4 host needed and November 1 host needed.

 January 2014
TREASURER'S REPORT as of Dec 22, 2014

 Nov 28 reported balance   $10,305.67
 Deposits in December           80.00
 December Balance          $10,385.67

Deposits from 8 memberships

 November 28 reported balance $187.51
 Transfer from Savings         100.00
 December Balance             $287.51

Deposit was incorrectly reported in November as $100 when the transfer was really $200.

Public Activities
     Median Show                   0
     General Show              1,000
     Ice Cream Social            100
Card File Maintenance            100
Rhizome Sale                     400
Fort Missoula Display Garden
    Maintenance & Repairs        300
    Summer Annuals                40
    Renovations                  100
    New Rhizomes & plants        200
    Contract Labor               200
    Lawn Care                    300
    Garden Walls                 100
General Expenses
    Fees                          15
    Sunshine                     200
    Programs                      50
    Membership information        50
    AIS dues for MIS officers     50
    Historian                    100
    PREZ rhizomes                200
    Contributions & donations    100
    Region 11 RVP                 50
    Miscellaneous                 50
    Banners                        0
    Meeting Space Rental         150
Newsletter and Internet
     Printing and postage        300
     Website & Maintenance       200
     Document printing           200
    TOTAL                      $4555

Last year we spent $4,059 from a budget of $6,025
Funds available are $9,343

Linda Sadler is home recovering after a six day hospital bout over the holidays. 

Presidential Rhizome Winner Tally: August Betty Ann Gustafson, September Bob Symes., October Ed Verplancke  November Donna Dowell

2014 Meeting locations:  Jan.11 Carol Addeo, Feb 1 Eagles Lodge, (host needed) March 8 Clark, May 3 Gustafson, May 31 Judy Blunt,  July 12 Symes