Official Newsletter of the Missoula Iris Society

January 2017

Happy New Year to all! May your year be healthy and happy and your iris full of blooms!

MEETING TIME: Saturday, January 7, 6:30 pm at Fort Missoula Bldg T-1. Pot luck supper. Please bring your own beverage.

As of December 28, 2016

October 26, 2016 reported Balance           $ 15,107.20

Interest Income for Oct & Nov                      0.48
Transfer to Checking to pay bills                500.00
December 28, 2016 Balance                   $ 14,637.68

October 26, 2016 reported balance:          $ 276.61
Income for Calendar Sales                      40.00
Income from Membership Received               200.00
Expenditures Paid in Nov and Dec              483.58
December 28, 2016 Balance                   $ 533.03

Expenses paid :
Fred Frey – for printing of Show and Sale flyers     $ 36.00

Historical Museum at Fort Missoula – membership       100.00
Historical Museum at Fort Missoula -contribution      100.00
Paul Ronaldo Sprinklers – system winterizing           60.00
Carolyn Addeo – Website Domain name renewal            24.99
Elizabeth Gustafson – purchase of 3 folding tables     89.97
and Christmas party dinner supplies                    13.39
Erling Gustafson – purchase of 1 folding table         24.99
Billie Gray – Christmas party dinner turkeys (2)       34.24
Total                                                $483.58

Respectfully Submitted,
Swede Gustafson, Treasure

As this year comes to a close, it is again time for my records to reviewed by at least two of the general membership of the Missoula Iris Society. Due to fact no one stepped forward in 2016, the records of 2015 also need to be reviewed. Therefore, should you feel inclined to assist with the reviews, please let President Donna Dowell know so a time and place can be set to complete this task.


LINE ITEM   2017 VALUE   2016 VALUE   2016 ACTUAL

MEDIAN SHOW          300              300              0
MALL SHOW            700              700            450
RHIZOME SALE         800              800            565
 Maintainence       1000             1210            540
 Weeder             1000              600            475
RHIZOME PURCHASES    400              850            445
NEWSLETTER           350              350            100
GENERAL EXPENSES     650              630            310
SPECIAL EVENTS       300              300            190
WEB SITE             200              150            170
CONTRIBUTIONS        200              200            200
REGION 11 RVP        100              100              0

TOTALS              6000             6190           3445

Note: Part of the Rhizomes Purchases will come from the Accumulated Memorials Fund of the Savings Account. This will be a continuing action each year until the funds have been exhausted.
This budget was discussed and adopted by the Board of Officers at a 5 pm meeeting on November 5, then presented to and accepted by the general membership present at the regular meeting later that evening. Since we do not have a regular meeting in December, this budget is now being printed for knowledge by the general membership. These budgeted values for 2017 are only a guide and can be revised by either a vote of the membership or Board of Officers at any time during 2017.
Respectfully Submitted,
Swede Gustafson, Treasurer


The Missoula Iris Society board meeting was called to order by President Donna Dowell at 5:00 pm at the home of Judy Blunt. Other board members present were Betty Ann Gustafson, Vice President, Swede Gustafson, Treasurer and Carol Addeo, Secretary.
The budget for year 2017 was reviewed and tentatively approved. The final version approved by the board will be placed in the newsletter.
Fort Garden Plans: Discussion of weeders to be hired for 2017 which includes Ronda Leno, who was weeder for summer 2016, and a lady who works for Gary Clark, name unknown at this time. They will each be able to earn up to $500 each.
Median beds: Swede reported that most of the block work is done. The median bed is too steep on the north side, so it will be redone. Roger Muir suggested that the shrubbery on the east side be removed to allow more room.
New rhizomes: Gary suggested we purchase honorable mentions for the Fort Garden to see what is coming on the market. His idea would place them in one area of the garden and they would be tended by the club judges. Some moving of other iris would be necessary.
Memorial Fund: Discussion to move the $852 memorial fund into the general fund.
Meeting dates: Planning was completed on a calendar.
The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Addeo, Secretary

Missoula Iris Society meeting was called to order by President Donna Dowell at 7:07p.m. at the home of Judy Blunt. Fifteen members attended the meeting.
Treasurer report from Swede Gustafson reported that four MIS board member officers had met earlier to set the budget for year 2017. One new budget item is $1,000 for garden weeders, to be shared equally by Ronda Lena and a lady who works for Gary. Ronda Leno started working for our garden last August. The two ladies can work out their own schedule.
It was suggested that the $852 Memorial Fund be transferred to the general fund of the savings account.
Discussion of Christmas party to be held at home of Billie Gray; date to be announced. Everyone should bring a gift valued at $12. MIS will pay for the turkey.
The schedule for meetings next year will be placed at the end of the minutes.
Discussion of a basket of goodies to be donated to AIS as a fund raiser for the convention. It was decided to donate $75 to RVP Jeannett Graham toward the convention basket for 2017. Jeanette has indicated she would accept donations from the clubs and put the baskets together. Cindy Davis plans to attend the next convention.
Presidential Rhizome winner: Fred Frey won the November rhizome.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Addeo, Secretary

Presidential Rhizome winners: September Donna Dowell, October Swede Gustafson, November Fred Frey.

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