February 2014
MEETING TIME:  Saturday February 1, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. for potluck supper followed by meeting.  Hosts are Donna and Ron Dowell.
PLACE:   Meeting location at Eagles Lodge, 2420 South Avenue W.   Meeting room is on the east end of the building.
PROGRAM:  Meeting following potluck supper
MEMBERSHIP DUES –Should all be paid.  New membership lists will be printed soon.
Officers Installed for 2014 –President Ed Verplancke, Vice Presidents Cindy Davis and Gary Clark, Secretary Carol Addeo, Treasurer Swede Gustafson. (Treasurer trainee is needed)
Meeting Locations for 2014 – Anyone who is able to host a meeting this year at their home please contact Carol Addeo at 251-5833.  If you can host a meeting this year, we appreciate it.  If you are unable to host at your home, please volunteer to host a meeting at the Eagles Lodge.
Host Meetings so far:  Changes in the plan include May 3 will be hosted at the home of Fred Frey,  We still need  hosts for April 5, September 6 and October 4.

The Auditors Committee of  Bob and Alverta Symes and Cindy Davis met on January 15, 2014 and reviewed the 2013 financial records as kept by the Treasurer.  The records were found to be in good order by the Auditors.  

The following is the YEAR END STATEMENT FOR 2013

CLUB SAVINGS ACCOUNT           $    9218.27
 JUDGES FUND                         515.40
 MEMORIALS FUND                      682.00
 CHECKING ACCOUNT                    244.78
 CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT -(2 Year)   3699.11
 ACCRUED INTEREST ON CD               25.89
 PLANT MARKER SETS                   316.75
 PLANT MARKER TAGS ONLY              114.60
  2013 NET WORTH                $  14816.70

The 2014 paid up membership list for our Society was forwarded to Ed and Anita for publishing.


  Dec 22 reported balance                   $10,385.67
  Income – memberships & interest                30.52
  Transfer to checking                          700.00  
  January 22 balance                        $ 9,716.19
  Dec 22 reported balance                    $  287.51
  Transfer from Savings deposit                 700.00
  Membership deposit                             10.00
  Expenses paid                                -322.73
  Jan 22 balance                             $  674.78

Expenses paid as follows:  Elizabeth Gustafson -$ 24.99 for Sunshine Flowers to Linda Sadler, Erling Gustafson - $17.74  for 2013 office expenses; American Iris Society - $15.00 for 2014 Affiliation fee; Ann Violette - $50.00 for 2014 RVP expenses; State of Montana- $15.00 for annual Corporation Filing Fee;  Anita Cervenak $150.00 for Newsletter publishing expenses; Eagles Lodge $50.00 for meeting room rental for February MIS meeting;  Total expenses  $322.73.

Respectfully Submitted,

Swede Gustafson


Minutes of Missoula Iris Society for January 11, 2014

The meeting of the Missoula Iris Society was called to order a 7:15 p.m. by President Ed Verplancke at the home of Carol Addeo.

New member Marilyn Wolfe was introduced and welcomed.  She joined last summer and this was the first meeting she was able to attend.

Old Business

The officers for 2014 were installed into office.  They are President Ed Verplancke, Vice Presidents Cindy Davis and Gary Clark, Secretary Carol Addeo and Treasurer Swede Gustafson.

A correction to the November minutes was mentioned by Betty Ann Gustafson:  ‘Swede did not receive flowers, just a hug.  Flowers did go to Linda Sadler’.

Treasurer’s Report:  Swede Gustafson reported that he paid two additional bills since the treasurer’s report was posted in the newsletter.  He paid two bills and then closed the account for audit.  He paid $24.95 for get well flowers to Linda Sadler and reimbursed himself $7.34 for mailing out payments.  Balance in checking account is now $244.78.  

Public Activities

     Median Show                 0
     General Show            1,000

     Ice Cream Social          100

     Card File Maintenance     100

     Rhizome Sale              400

Fort Missoula Display Garden
    Maintenance & Repairs      300
    Summer Annuals              40
    Renovations                100
    New Rhizomes & plants      200
    Contract Labor             200
    Lawn Care                  300
    Garden Walls               100
General Expenses
    Fees                        15
    Sunshine                   200
    Program                     50
    Membership information      50
    AIS dues for MIS officers   50
    Historian                  100
    PREZ rhizomes              200
    Contributions & donations  100
    Region 11 RVP               50
    Miscellaneous               50
    Banners                      0
    Meeting Space Rental       150
Newsletter and Internet
     Printing and postage      300
     Website & Maintenance     200
     Document printing         200
    TOTAL                    $4555

Last year we spent $4,059 from a budget of $6,025

The budget for 2014 in the amount of $4,555 has been printed in the newsletter for the past two months.  It was discussed and passed on a motion from Cindy Davis, seconded by Donna Dowell.

New Business

Betty Ann announced the National Iris Society convention will be held in Dallas, Texas on April 5 – 10, 2014. Early registration cost is $299 until February 1.  After March 15 the cost is $399.  Garden tours only are $200. The 2015 convention will be held in Portland, Oregon.

The audit committee was selected:  Cindy Davis, Alverta Symes and Bob Symes.

Tentative membership list for 2014 was passed around by Swede for everyone to check and update.

A thank you card from Linda Sadler was also passed around.

Swede reported that the affiliation fee of $15 to American Iris Society is due.  Ed will be on the signature card.

Swede mailed a $50 RVP check to Ann Violette.

Sunshine Report on Ann Violette:  Ann had surgery for sores on her legs.  A sunshine card will be sent.

Program for Show:  Cindy Davis introduced the theme for the June 7, 2014 show which will
Be European Experiences.  She read the list of themes to the group.

Program Chair Carol Barbian is working on subjects for programs and speakers.  Discussion followed on electronic methods to present programs.  Discussion of projectors, computers, online equipment.  Alverta, Ed, and Bob will search for online equipment.

Meeting locations were discussed.  Donna and Ron Dowell volunteered to host the February meeting at the Eagles Lodge.  Carol Addeo noted that meeting homes were needed.  

Former website ‘missoulairis.com’ has been reinstated and updated by President Ed and he wants everyone to check it out.  The new website which Ed created is ‘//sites.google.com/site/irismissoula/’.  Put “Missoula iris” into Google and it comes up on the first or second page. Check them out because in the future we will have to decide which one to keep.  The old one ‘missoulairis.com’ costs the club $60 per year and is pretty easy for anyone to find it through a search; the new one ‘irismissoula.com’ is free.  

Presidential rhizome winners were:  Cindy Davis for January, Carol Barbian for December.

The meeting adjourned at 8 p.m. by a motion from Bob Symes.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Addeo

Presidential Rhizome Winner Tally:  August Betty Ann Gustafson, September Bob Symes, October Ed Verplancke  November Donna Dowell, December Cindy Davis, January Carol Barbian.

2014 Meeting locations:

Jan 11 Carol Addeo,
Feb 1 Eagles Lodge, Donna and Ron Dowell
March 8 Gary Clark, Steve Hesla
April 5 host needed
May 3 Fred Frey
May 31 Judy Blunt 
July Bob and Alverta Symes
August no meeting
September host needed