February 2016

MEETING TIME: Meeting at Ft. Missoula, Bldg. T-1, on Saturday, February 6 at 6:30.
Potluck Supper. It’s No Host so bring your own beverages.
FYI: Dues for 2016 are now due in the amount of $10 per person. Pay dues to Swede Gustafson, Treasurer. The January newsletter listed the dues at $12 which was incorrect.



December 30, 2015 Balance     $14,035.68
2015 Interest Income -              1.42
January 27, 2016 Balance      $14,037.10

December 30, 2015 Balance    $ 463.27
Plus Memberships Received      124.00
Less Expenses    Paid           91.23
January 27, 2016 Balance     $ 496.04

American Iris Society –Affiliation Fee            $20.00
Elizabeth Gustafson – Sunshine & Misc Expenses     41.23
Erling Gustafson – MT State Corporation Filing Fee 20.00
                                   Total          $91.23

NOTE: Please pay your membership dues so the 2016 membership roster can be made and mailed out with the March newsletter. To the members who have paid I say Thank You.
I do need two volunteers who will be able to review the accuracy of the 2015 records.

Respectfully Submitted:
Erling Gustafson,

 JANUARY 9, 2016

Missoula Iris Society meeting was called to order by President Donna Dowell 7:06 p.m. at the Fort Missoula T-1 building.


The minutes of the November meeting were accepted with one correction:  Swede reported some typo corrections to the treasurer’s report in the January newsletter.  He paid for sprinkler maintenance of $60.00, not $602.24 as stated in the minutes. This left a balance of $542.24 not $602.24 as reported in the minutes.  The revised minutes were accepted.

Treasurer report and end of fiscal year report was approved as it appeared in the January newsletter. End of year fiscal report showed net worth of $14,784.04 with a net loss of $67.58.

2016 Dues:
Swede reminded everyone to pay their dues of $10 per member. The January newsletter was in error at $12.

The 2016 budget proposed in the January newsletter was for $6,190.

Certain items were amended as shown below, although the total remained unchanged at $6,190. The following budget was approved:

Public Events        $ 1,800
Display Gardens        1,810
General Expenses         730
Printing Expenses        350
Web Site                 150
Special Events/Purchases 300
Rhizomes                 850
Contributions/Donations  200
 TOTAL               $ 6,190

Sunshine Reports: A card to Elizabeth Friesz was passed around. It was reported that Cindy Davis is due to have shoulder surgery in January. Scott Burns-Drake has joined the Navy, Submarine Division, and is leaving for training duty soon. Linda suggested we try to stay in touch with him.


Show Report – Betty Ann noted that Judy Blunt has agreed to be show chairperson this year. She passed out a guideline and schedule for the iris show. The date of June 4 has been reserved with the mall.

Rhizome Sale – Carol Addeo has agreed to chair the sale again this year.

Scheduled meetings – Carol reported all dates are reserved for our meetings to be held at Ft Missoula. The date of July 2 listed in the newsletter was in error. It should be July 9. The date for the ice cream social was not available, so Carol will check with Judy Blunt to coordinate a date.

Tentative date for a median show is reserved for Saturday May 21 from 9 to 5 pm if we decide to hold one.

Edd reported that beds have been re-planted.  Dykes bed may need new soil, probably should be changed every four years.
Discussion of hiring a contractor to redo soil in beds. Jim Sadler commented that the Rose Society paid $25 an hour for three workers; total cost about $3,000 hired through Bev Guzman at Marchie’s Nursery. Caras Nursery might also give a bid. Subject should be discussed further at the next meeting.

Elizabeth’s garden – Someone should check Elizabeth’s garden during bloom time to label, identify and determine if varieties are correctly named for the sale.

Presidential Rhizome winner:
December winner is Swede Gustafson, January is Linda Sadler.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Addeo, Secretary

Presidential Rhizome winners: September Edd Verplancke, October Judy Blunt, November Ron Dowell, December Swede Gustafson, January Linda Sadler

Check out our websites:
www.missoulairis.com and www.sites.google.com/site/irismissoula