March 2015

MEETING TIME: Saturday, March 7, 6.30 pm for potluck supper, hosts Ed and Anita

PLACE: Building T-1 at Ft. Missoula, next to Heritage Hall

PROGRAM: None planned

FYI” NEWS: Billie Gray is recovering successfully from heart valve surgery.


Received 3 memberships which were not reported for the February meeting.
Submitted the annual Montana Corporation filing document during this month.
The annual audit of the financial records was completed on February 14 by Cindy Davis and Gary Clark. They will have a report at the March meeting on their findings.



There was no activity in the account during this month

thus the balance remains at $13,858.59


January 27, 2015 Balance     $765.63

Auditing error correction     + 0.02

Memberships received           30.00

Expenses paid                 160.00

February 26,2015 Balance $ 625.65

The correction was found during the audit on Feb 14. The expenses paid were

as follows: $30.00 to AIS for the annual Affiliation Fee; $100.00 to Anita Cervenak

as an advance for the printing and mailing of the monthly news- letters to members;

$30.00 in expenses for the Corporation filing fee to the Montana Secretary of State

Corrected membership lists will hopefully be available at the March meeting.

Swede Gustafson, Treasurer


The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by President Donna Dowell at our meeting location at Building T-1 at Fort Missoula.
The meeting was hosted by Ron and Donna Dowell.

The minutes of the January meeting were approved as they appeared in the January newsletter with the following correction: “Our budget item for a garden weeder allows for 56 hours at $10 per hour, for a total of $560, not to exceed $600 for the season.” This item was reported in error in the January minutes.

Swede reported there are no changes in the treasurer’s report from the last meeting.

Swede reported we have 25 paid members for 2015; 15 are AIS members. It was decided to keep Elizabeth Friesz and her sister Joyce on the membership roster because she always pays her dues at the June show.

Show report: Donna reported that the June iris show is scheduled for June 20, 2015. Jim Sadler and Gary Clark will co-chair the iris show.
The theme will be “Climate Change”. Jim will send the schedule to AIS and post it online. The show booklet may be reduced to a single sheet format. Discussion of bringing in judges from out of the area, it was decided to skip this year. Jim will get some other garden club people involved.

Vice President:
Donna noted that the office of vice president is still vacant. Betty Ann Gustafson volunteered with the stipulation she will not chair the iris show. A motion was made by Carol Addeo to nominate Betty Ann Gustafson for vice president of MIS for 2015, the motion was seconded by Jim Sadler and passed.

Bob Symes:
Carol read an e-mail message from Bob Symes in Portland, Oregon, living with his daughter Tanya. He hopes to be back in Missoula this summer and will help with some iris events.

Scheduled meetings:
Carol read a list of meeting dates where hosts are needed. Ed and Anita volunteered to host the Saturday, March 7th meeting at Building T-1. Hosts still needed for Saturday, July 11th at Building T-1, Saturday September 12th and Saturday October 3. A home location is needed for Saturday, November 7th for the board meeting and pot luck supper meeting.

Sunshine Report:
Ken Baier, former long time society member in East Missoula would like visitors.

Presidential rhizome:
The presidential rhizome winner for February is Linda Sadler.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Addeo, Secretary

Presidential Rhizomes:

Betty Ann Gustafson, September
Ed Verplancke, October
Gary Clark, November
Swede Gustafson, December
Donna Dowell, January
Linda Sadler, February

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