April 2015

MEETING TIME: Saturday, April 11, 6:60 pm for potluck dinner,

        Hosts Swede and Betty Ann Gustafson

MEETING PLACE: 3128 Eldora Lane in Linda Vista. For directions call 251-3526

PROGRAM: None planned.


The SAVINGS Account had no activity during the month, thus the balance
remains at $13,858.59.


     February 26, 2015 Balance  $625.65
     March newsletter typo error  10.00
          3 memberships received  30.00
                   Expenses paid  74.99
        March 31, 2015 Balance  $590.66

Typo error for Feb 26 reported balance of $625.65 which should have been $635.65.

Expenses paid were as follows:

American Iris Society for Carol Addeo 1 year membership dues - $25.00; to BettyAnn Gustafson – Billie Gray Sunshine flowers - $14.99; Garden City Floral or Sunshine flowers and delivery to Donna Dowell - $35.00.

2015 Membership lists will be mailed out soon.


The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Vice President Betty Ann Gustafson at our meeting location at Building T-1 at Fort Missoula. The meeting was hosted by Ed Verplancke and Anita Cervenak. The minutes of the February meeting and the treasurer’s report were approved as they appeared in the newsletter by a motion from Jim Sadler, seconded by Linda Sadler and carried.

Swede reported that the Montana corporate filing fee was mailed February 26, 2015 because it had to be re-mailed, the first submission was not signed. He also reported that President Donna Dowell is now signatory to financial and bank documents. Swede explored the history of our society claiming as a non profit corporation. It was started in 1983 as a document of incorporation with a fee of $15 per year. We are listed with the state as 501-3 which requires a Board of Directors. We have three members listed as the board: Ron Dowell, Roger Muir and Bob Symes. The purpose was to provide security from liability for individual members. Our corporate number tax number is AIN#81-04-7201.

Swede reported Elizabeth Friesz and Judy Blunt paid their dues. The membership lists will be handed out at the next meeting.

Show schedule:
Jim Sadler reported the schedule for the show is set up with a climate change theme. The show will be held June 20, 2015, later than usual because of a date conflict.

Linda Sadler will be installed as president of the Montana Federation of Garden Clubs at their convention on June 12 and 13 in Great Falls.
Betty Ann reminded members that any cancellation of our show date would cost a $250 cancellation if not cancelled more than 30 days prior.

Fred Frey needs fliers printed for the show. He will talk to Cindy Davis.

Memorial article for Alverta Symes:
Carol reported Bob Symes called and e mailed the article for Alverta, which will be submitted to AIS for the bulletin. Some discussion of finding a close up picture from our photo albums. Scrap books are in the storage shed. Perhaps her church in Bonner has one. Ed will research.

Ice Cream Social:
Firm date now set for second Wednesday of June, June 10 at 5:00 p.m.

Discussion of vacation plans for members:
Carol Addeo and Al Ledford will be in Las Vegas from March 9 thru March 13, Swede and Betty Ann are driving to Florida March 13, returning by plane on March 25, Ed and Anita are leaving for Germany on May 19 and returning on June 15, Judy Blunt will be gone from June 18 thru June 28, Linda and Jim Sadler will be in Great Falls June 12 and 13.

Sunshine Reports:
Carol Barbian is on new medications. Billie Gray thanked everyone for the flowers.

Presidential rhizome:
The presidential rhizome winner for March is Judy Blunt.

Reminder, since the first Saturday of April is Easter weekend, the next meeting will be on Saturday, April 11 at the home of Gustafson’s.
The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Addeo, Secretary

This article about Alverta and the photo were sent by Bob Symes

A different photo may be used for the AIS Bulletin.

Alverta joined the Missoula Iris Society in the summer of 1971 shortly after she and her family moved up the Blackfoot River. While raising her family, she enthusiastically started an Iris garden raising the new introductions of the times.

During her long membership in the society. She served in various positions within the society from membership chairperson to president of the local chapter.She also spent many hours working with the club to improve the fort Iris display garden. She also served as Regional Vice President for Region 11 During her later years, Alverta spent a lot of time developing a card file for the society annual rhizome sale. This file made the sale more successful in helping the customer look for rhizomes. She also helped in many Iris shows and became a judge and served in many Iris shows.

During her years in the Blackfoot, Alverta was very proud to have her garden open as a display garden for the general public; specializing in shade tolerant plants with one special bed for displaying iris.
Not only was she an active member of the Missoula Iris Society but she was also a very active member of the Ladies VFW Auxiliary. She served in many leadership positions in that organization also. She was also a busy member of a miniature group and volunteered at her church every week.

Alverta was a devoted member of the Missoula Iris society for over 40 years. She is missed by her family and we will miss her enthusiasm and smiles at the Missoula Iris Society.


Presidential Rhizomes:

Betty Ann Gustafson, September

Ed Verplancke – October

Gary Clark - November

Swede Gustafson - December

Donna Dowell – January Carolyn Addeo

Linda Sadler - February

Judy Blunt - March

Carol Addeo has reserved the meetings at Building T-1 next to Heritage Hall at Fort Missoula with Matt Lautzenheiser, Director of the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. One date November 7, 2015 was not available so we need a host home for that date. Meeting locations and dates are as follows:

Meeting locations 2015:

Saturday, April 11, 6:30 Home of Swede & Betty Ann Gustafson- Pot luck supper
Sunday, April 19, 10 am Work Party at fort gardens (tentative date)
Saturday, May 2, 6:30 Home of Gary Clark & Steve Hesla-Pot luck
Sunday May 17, 10 am Work Party at Fort Gardens (tentative date)
Monday May 18-Sunday May 24 – AIS Convention
Saturday, June 6 6:30 Home of Fred Frey- Pot luck supper
Sunday June 7 – 10:00 am Work Party at fort gardens (tentative date)
Wednesday, June 10 – 5:00 pm – Ice Cream Social at Fort Missoula (new firm date)
Saturday June 20th – Iris show at Southgate Mall (firm date)
Saturday, July 11 –6:30 Meeting at Fort Missoula Bldg T-1-Pot luck, host needed
Sunday July 19 – 8 am Work Party at Fort Missoula digging, trimming
Monday July 20 – Work Party labeling iris at home of Carol Addeo
Thursday July 23 – Work Party sorting iris at Carol Addeo’s
Friday, July 24 – Work Party sorting, loading iris, then supper at 5:00 pm at home of Carol Addeo
Saturday July 25 – 8 am – 1:00 pm – Iris Rhizome Sale at Fort Missoula
Saturday July 25 – 1:00 pm. – After sale party at home of Billy Gray
August No Meeting
Sunday August 2 – Work party at Fort Missoula to replant rhizomes or
Sunday, August 9 – (tentative dates)
Saturday September 12 – 6:30 meeting at Fort Missoula Bldg T-1, host needed
Saturday October 3 – 6:30 Meeting at Fort Missoula Bldg T-1, host needed
Sunday October 4 – 10 am Work Party at fort gardens “putting the beds to bed”
Saturday November 7 4:30 pm –Location needed for board meeting, regular meeting & potluck supper
Saturday or Sunday, December 5 or 6 4:30 pm for Christmas party and turkey dinner and potluck at home of Billie Gray (tentative date)

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