May 2014

MEETING TIME: Saturday May 3, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. for potluck supper. Host is Fred Frey.
PLACE:   Meeting location at 1760 Frey Lane. Call 406-529-6683 or 549-0530 for directions.
PROGRAM: Jim Sadler will give a demonstration on the elements of floral arrangements. Plans for the iris show at the mall will be finalized.

MEETING LOCATIONS: Judy Blunt hosts the May 31st meeting. No meeting in June. Bob and Alverta Symes host the July 12th meeting. A host is still needed for the November 1 meeting at Eagles Lodge.
Iris Show will be Saturday, June 7th at Southgate Mall in Penny’s Court. Show chair persons are Cindy Davis 544-8745 and Gary Clark 728-7633.
Annual Rhizome Sale will be Saturday, July 26, 2014 at Ft Missoula Iris Gardens. Chairperson is Carol Addeo, 251-5833.
Ann is in good spirits and very happy to be home. There are many adjustments and new challenges for her. It will all take time, but she is facing every new challenge well. She gives her best to all of us as
we do her.


Figures are as of April 24, 2014

There was no activity in the account during the month so the values remain the same as reported in the April Newsletter.
Ending Balance  $9,771.19

Beginning Balance $624.21
Deposit             10.00
Expenses Paid      221.55
Ending Balance    $312.66

The deposit was a membership for Scott Burns-Drake for 2014.
Expenses paid:
Rocky Top Gardens - Presidential Rhizomes - $198.6
Judy Blunt - PREEN weed chemical - 22.95


The Missoula Iris Society meeting of April 5, 2014 was called to order at 7:20 p.m. by President Ed at the home of Betty Ann and Swede Gustafson. The minutes and the treasurer’s report which appeared in the March newsletter were approved as printed.

Old Business

Iris Show Report: Cindy Davis reported that our iris show for June 7, 2014 with the theme European Experiences has been approved by the American Iris Society. The historic iris are now dated prior to 1985.

The show banquet will be held at Paradise Falls just after 5:30 p.m. on June 7th. Meals can be ordered from the regular menu with many good choices under $10. The guest judge Brad Kasperek from Zebra Gardens in Elwood, Utah raises a lot of spurias and broken colors.

AIS Affiliation: Swede reported that our affiliation fee cost $25 this year, an extra $10. This now allows us to have an affiliated show.

Sunshine Report: Ann Violette is recovering and undergoing physical therapy and will continue as the Regional Vice President.

New Business

Historical Museum at Fort Missoula: Bob Brown announced his retirement as of Saturday, April 12 and thanked everyone for 23 years of cooperation. He commented that the iris gardens at Fort Missoula is a gem to the grounds and has provided a lot of wedding income over the years. He invited everyone to a reception on his final day on the job at the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula on Saturday April 12 in conjunction with the exhibit opening of “Growing the Garden City, Missoula’s First 50 years”. The reception is set for 1 to 4 p.m. Everyone is also invited to a formal going away party which will be held on Tuesday May 13, 2014 in the trolley barn from 5:30 – 9:00 p.m.

His successor, Matt Lautzenheiser from Dayton, Ohio, will arrive on July 1, 2013. In the meantime Carolyn Thompson, Assistant Director, will become acting director in the interim. The new position will be re-defined with emphasis on fund raising. Carolyn Thompson will include management of the grounds and the wedding reservations in her duties.

History Book: Donna Dowell reported that she has been working on a historical book for the year, but Memory Makers, the publisher of the previous books, has gone out of business. Keeping a physical scrapbook was discussed vs more modern electronic methods such as our website or FaceBook accounts. Comments included “scrapbook is only seen by one person”… “people nowadays go to the internet for information on a group” and “we need to learn the modern methods and get our heads out of the sand”... “an effort should be made to get pictures on our website or our FaceBook page”…and suggestion of using a power point presentation…and suggestion that “whoever handles website should also do the info and pictures on the website.” Pete Addeo had started a FaceBook account for MIS but passwords are unknown to access the FaceBook account. Carol offered to try to find the password. Donna requested information on Pete Addeo for her history files.

Domain Name: Swede mentioned that the domain name missoulairis.com for our website will expire in October and a $12 fee will be due. He has the phone number for the contact company. Discussion followed of who owns the domain name.

Ice Cream Social: Judy Blunt mentioned that we need to set a date for the ice cream social. She was told to just set an evening date convenient for her and let us know at the next meeting. She will be out of town June 18, 2014.

Fort Garden Spring Work Report: Judy has been working many hours and hauled 22 bags of garbage, leaves, and grass. She said grass is easy to pull but beds are now in fairly good condition. Any remaining weeds are pretty visible for anyone who can donate a little pulling labor at the garden.

The kiosk plexi glass needs to be replaced as it has hard water deposits on it. Bob Symes will replace plexi glass.

Hazel Richlie funeral: Betty Ann reported that our society spent $55 toward a memorial donation for Hazel Richlie, a former long-time member. The society provided fruit for the reception.

May meeting will be at home of Fred Frey. Jim Sadler will do a 15 minute arrangement presentation.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Addeo

A Tribute to Bob Brown

With sincere thanks the Missoula Iris Society extends our sincere gratitude to Dr. Bob Brown for all the assistance, guidance, and courtesies extended to our Society during his 23 years of tenure as the

Fort Missoula Historical Museum Director. He certainly made the Museum and the surrounding grounds a wonderful venue to visit and our Gardens a place of beauty. We want to wish him all the best upon his retirement and also to his wife Claudia as they prepare for a new chapter in their lives.

Presidential Rhizome Winner Tally: August Betty Ann Gustafson, September Bob Symes, October Ed Verplancke, November Donna Dowell, December Carol Barbian, January Cindy Davis, February Jim Sadler, March Linda Sadler, April Roger Muir

2014 Meeting locations:

Jan 11 Carol Addeo,
Feb 1 Eagles Lodge, Donna and Ron Dowell
March 8 Gary Clark, Steve Hesla (Meeting skipped due to bad weather)
April 5 Swede and Betty Ann Gustafson
May 3 Fred Frey
May 31 (June) Judy Blunt
July 12 - Bob and Alverta Symes
August no meeting
September at Eagles Lodge, hosts Ed and Anita (reserved)
October 4 – Gary Clark & Steve Hesla
November 1 – Eagles Lodge – host needed (reserved)