May 2016

MEETING TIME: Meeting at Ft. Missoula, Bldg. T-1, on Saturday, May 7, at 6:30.
Pot luck supper. It’s No Host so bring your own beverages.

FYI News:

Judy Blunt has graciously offered to host the November 5th meeting for budget, board and regular meeting starting at 5:00 pm. at her home.

Please note on your Membership List the new address and phone number for Elizabeth Friesz, 406-622-4287.  Address is Sunrise Bluff Retirement #113, 711 21st St, Ft Benton, MT 59442.

APRIL 2016:


 March 31 Balance:   $14,037.10
 March 31 Interest Income  0.69
April 27 Balance     $14,037.79


 March 31, Balance     $ 588.04
 Deposit – 1 membership   10.00

Correction for Feb Deposit 2.00
 Expense Paid            300.00
April 27 Balance       $ 300.04

Correction for Feb Deposit was for a membership paid of $12.00 and I had
written $10.00 in the register. Expense is for the PRESIDENTIAL rhizomes
purchase made to Mid-America Gardens.

Respectfully Submitted

Swede Gustafson, Treasurer


Missoula Iris Society meeting was called to order by President Donna Dowell at 7:00 p.m. at the Fort Missoula T-1 building.


The minutes from the March 5, 2016 meeting were read by Donna. The minutes were taken by Jim Sadler in the absence of secretary Carol Addeo. The minutes were approved with one correction. Donna Dowell did not win the Presidential Rhizome for March. It is believed that Roger Muir was the winner.

Treasurer report from Swede Gustafson reported no changes since March. No activity in March or April except for a check of $300 sent to Mid America Iris Gardens. The treasurer report was approved as reported.

Donna Dowell ordered the Presidential Rhizomes from Mid America in the amount of $300.

Show Reports: The median show planned for May has been cancelled.

Cheryl Carrol cannot be a judge due to a conflict. Therefore, JoAnn Gibbons of Stevensville will be a judge. Lynn Weger will also be one of the judges.

Swede reported that he talked with Lynn at her work, Bernina Sewing. She has had serious hip problems and needed six months to recover following surgery.

Fort Missoula Garden Report: Edd Verplancke reported that he (and Anita too) have completed about 40 plus hours working on the big bed. A brick tier has been completed and filled in with soil. He found some rot in iris, and moved them. Many daffodils blooming; some were moved. Beds 4, 5 and 6 were weeded by Anita. Beds 1,2 and 3 need attention.

It was noted that Preen is in a box in the shed for anyone to use, but Edd cautioned that he is allergic to it, so let him know where it is.
Edd reported there are some nice large clumps which can be dug for the sale.

Garden Weeder: Fred Frey reported that the prospective weeder we planned to hire, Barb Sauer, will not be available. She was involved in an auto accident and now has limited mobility.

AIS Calendars: Calendars for 2017 are for sale. They cost $7 for 1-10; or $5.00 each over 10. No one volunteered to coordinate that sale.

Fort Missoula Road: Carol reported that the current road leading from South Avenue to the museum is being permanently closed during the construction. Swede has talked with the contractors Jackson Group and the plans call for a new road and roundabout at 33rd. The current road will be closed by June so we will have to put up signs directing our Iris rhizome sale customers in July. Our advertising should also mention directions. The parking will be the same; the contractors agreed to remove the blockade ribbons from the trees to allow our customers to park where they normally do.

Sale Tables: Swede reported sale tables stored in the shed were blocking access to the show supplies. Carol will remove her personal tables from the shed which have been used in the sales the last couple years, but are larger and heavier than the newer ones. It was decided MIS should purchase more tables that are lightweight and foldable to be used in the sale.

Storage Shed: Swede mentioned that the storage shed, which was built in 2008 is in need of maintenance. The paint of white with green trim is fading and the facade needs repairs. Swede wants to hire a painter who can spray paint the building after the maintenance work is done. A motion was made and passed for him to get bid costs for the painter.

Soil Testing: Ron Dowell reported on the ease of getting soil testing through the county extension office and low cost of only $13. He noted that for his roses, iris and glads, all it took was some ammonia sulfate to bring his soil ph down to more acceptable levels.

Elizabeth Friesz Garden: Carol Addeo reported that Elizabeth Friesz has a new address. It is Sunrise Bluff Retirement #113, 711 21st St, Ft Benton, Mt 59442. She now lives near one of her sons. Her new phone number is 406-622-4287. Her property in Alberton is being sold and will be handled by her older son Marvin Friesz of Austin, Texas. Carol will contact him to coordinate permission to dig and divide.

Presidential Rhizome winner: Fred Frey won for April.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carol Addeo, Secretary

Presidential Rhizome winners: September-Edd Verplancke, October-Judy Blunt, November-Ron Dowell, December- Swede Gustafson, January-Linda Sadler, February-Allen Ledford, March-Roger Muir, April-Fred Frey

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