MISSOULA IRIS SOCIETY NEWSLETTER

July 2014

MEETING TIME: Saturday, July 12, 6.30 pm for potluck dinner.
PLACE:   Home of Gary Clark and Steve Hesla, 2275 Sunlite Lane, Missoula.
Call 406-728-7633 for directions.
PROGRAM: Plans for the iris sale.
Annual Rhizome Sale will be Saturday, July 26, 2014 at Fort Missoula Iris Gardens.
Chairperson is Carol Addeo, 251-5833. Find the detailed schedule below.
Ann Violette lost her struggle and passed away on July 1. No service is planned and no flowers are requested. We will miss her.

ATTENDANCE: 11 President Ed Verplancke called the meeting to order.
PROGRAM: Demonstration on arrangements by Jim Sadler

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: Correction. Set up time for the Mall Show should have been June 6, not June 7. Minutes approved with correction. Motion made by Cindy Davis, second by Ron Dowell.

: Accepted as read. Motion made by Cindy Davis, second by Judy Blunt.

: Annual Iris Show at Southgate Mall, June 7. Set up will be Friday, June 6 at 8:30 PM. Saturday, June 7, Staging begins at 6:00AM, Judging begins at 10:00AM. Class on Spurias by guest judge Brad Kasperek at 2:00PM in the Community Room of the Southgate Mall. Banquet at Paradise Falls at 5:30 PM. Take down at 8:30PM. Cindy asked for the use of a truck to transport supplies from the iris shed. Swede Gustafson volunteered.

, Wednesday, June 11 at 5:30 PM. Judy Blunt will once again make her wonderful homemade ice cream. Judy suggested that 25 weeds from the gardens be presented for a scoop of ice cream! Anita and Betty Ann will notify everyone by either email or a post card.

Ed Verplancke has worked hard building a block wall around the big iris bed. He also made a walkway to the kiosk from the big bed so people are able to read the information in the kiosk. Anita put current information about the society and pictures of iris in the kiosk. The block work and the kiosk look great. We thank Ed and Anita.

: Dr. Bob Brown, newly retired Fort Missoula director, sent a thank you for the $50.00 gift certificate from Marchies Nursery given for all his work and support of the Iris Gardens.

: Alverta Symes is still in Portland, OR. They are trying to narrow down the cause of her infection. She will be there for a while. We passed around a getwell card for everyone to sign. Ann Violette is not doing well. Hospice has been called in to aid in her care. We will keep Ann in our thoughts.

: Jim Sadler is the interim RVP. Ann Violette had asked Jim earlier in the year if he would aid her in her duties if she were unable to fulfill her duties. He and Linda went to see her. She gave Jim all her records. He will be interim RVP until November.

Per Jim Sadler, interim RVP, we have to resubmit our application and dues for membership. The application had been sent unsigned earlier. New papers and checks were signed at the meeting. Jim will send them to AIS by mail immediately.

: Jim gave a great demonstration on arrangements before our meeting. It was very informative. We thank Jim for his expertise and time.

: Ron Dowell.

: Motion by Ron Dowell, second by Judy Blunt.


June 25, 2014


May 22, 2014 Balance   $ 8771.67

Deposit to Judges Fund     25.00

Transfer to Checking      600.00

June 25, 2014 Balance  $ 8196.67


May 22, 2014 Balance    $ 939.16

Transfer from Savings     600.00

Other Deposits            105.30

Expenses Paid             928.71

June 25, 2014 Balance   $ 715.75

Savings Account: Five MIS judges attended and paid for the Brad Kasperek Spuria Iris Judges class on the afternoon of June 7, 2014. receipts $25.00

Checking Account: Other Income came from: Joyce Zamelis membership - $10.00; Pawpaw Plant marker sales- $22.00; excess cash remaining from show workers lunch money- $35.00; reimbursement from Swede and Betty Ann Gustafson for their share of the welcome dinner meal ticket - $38.30: Total of $105.30 received.
Expenses Paid were: Southgate Mall – space rental for the Iris Show - $250.00; American Iris Society for the 2014 Affiliation fee - $25.00; Cash for show workers lunch money for working at the show on June 6 and 7 - $100.00; Montana Club – Brad and Kathy Kasperek welcome dinner - $91.37; Cindy Davis – show day breakfast goodies - $21.99; Judy Blunt – Ice Cream Social expenditures on June 11- $80.00; Erling Gustafson – reimbursement for 4 meals on June 7 and lodging for Brad and Kathy Kathy Kasperek on June 6 and 7 - $303.01; Marchies Nursery – for plastic lawn edging and parts for the Dykes bed renovation at Fort Garden - $40.48; Carol Addeo – for annual plants for the Ft Garden - $16.86: Total expenses - $928.71.

Joyce Zamelis is a former member who renewed her membership at the June 7 iris show. We welcome her back into our Society. She is paid up through December 2014.

I used my credit card to pay for the lodging and meals during the Kasperek's stay here in Missoula on June 6 and 7, 2014. A handicap room was required for Kathy as she is recovering from treatment for cancer thus they stayed at the Courtyard by Maryott facility on North Reserve. Lodging fee was $238.66. Their 4 meals on June 7 cost $64.35. Total cost $303.01. MIS paid for the the welcoming dinner at the Montana Club on June 6 at a cost of $91.37 with tip. Betty and I reimbursed MIS for our portion of the meals and total tip charge of $37.90. Therefore the cost to MIS for the Kaspereks to attend the dinner was $53.47. The total for the Kasperek's to attend our show was $356.48. We agreed to pay for fuel on the trip but have not received a reply from Brad as of this date.

Respectfully submitted,

Swede Gustafson, Treasurer

ANNUAL RHIZOME SALE is to be held Saturday, July 26th from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Fort Missoula. Sorting and drop off location is Carol Addeo's back yard in Linda Vista. Address is 5805 Helena Dr. Call 251-5833 for directions. Sale Chairperson is Carol. Please donate your paper grocery bags to the sale

Drop off your cleaned and labeled rhizomes to her house between Tuesday, July 22 thru Wednesday, July 23 by 9:00 p.m. prior to the sale.  Place your rhizomes under the carport beside the garage on the south side of the house.  PLEASE TRY TO COME AND HELP SORT ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY!!

Sunday, July 20 - Digging rhizomes and cleaning, trimming at Fort Missoula gardens. Bring chair, scissors, clippers, hats, etc.
Thursday, July 24 & Fri, July 25, 2012- Sorting at the Addeo back yard all day.  Lunch at Paradise Falls on Thursday.
Friday, July 26 - Stone soup & potluck supper- 6 p.m. at Addeo's. Bring a soup ingredient, or dessert, bread or salad. The soup stock will be poultry.   We've been doing this supper event for several years, maybe someone has a new and unique idea for a change of pace.
Saturday, July 26 Annual Rhizome Sale at Fort Missoula, 9am - 1pm. Set up begins at 7:30 a.m. Bring pitchforks and chairs.
Saturday - 1:15 p.m. - PARTY TIME! After-sale party after clean up is completed. We meet in the back patio of Billie Gray's home at 1558 S. 6th St West. Pizza, chicken, soft drinks and beer provided. This is usually where we all receive the Presidential Rhizomes we won during the year. We also have a fun auction on any extras we receive.
The rhizome labels will be available at the meeting Saturday July 12th or call Carol at 251-5833 to pick some up.

Please read the Pre-Sale guidelines & Clarifications carefully. These guidelines were put together to avoid confusion during the sale preparations on Thursday and Friday.

1. Iris rhizomes shall be grown by MIS members only.
2. ALL RHIZOMES are to be WASHED, TRIMMED & LABELED as to variety and type PRIOR to delivery to the collection site. Trim fans to about 4 inches - 6 inches depending on type and roots to about 4 inches. MIS will provide labels. These labels should be fastened to the rhizomes. MDB's and SDB's should be in bundles of three rhizomes. IB's and MTB's should be in bundles of two rhizomes. Beardless iris are to be in clumps.
3. Iris varieties introduced 30 years (1984) or more before the year of the sale are to be labeled with year of introduction and separated from newer varieties.
4. Pricing of rhizomes is at the discretion of the sale committee. Age is considered but NOT color for setting the price.
5. All rhizomes are to be delivered to the designated collection site by 9pm WEDNESDAY preceding the sale.
6. Sorting, etc. will be done on THURSDAY and competed on FRIDAY. Chairperson to select committee of MIS members to assist in this process.
7. There are to be NO PRE-SALE orders.

1. There is to be NO TRADING of rhizomes among members at the COLLECTION SITE. Members ARE encouraged to share or trade before bringing rhizomes to the collection site.
2. The sale chairperson shall determine which varieties may be traded / purchased by the MIS members. The trading / sale hours are Thursday, 6pm - 9pm and Friday, 9am - 12pm.
3. Members donating rhizomes may:
A. Take ONE rhizome for each variety donated (no matter how many of any one variety are donated)
B. Take LIKE variety donated (SDB for SDB, TB for TB, etc)
C. Take NO MORE THAN ONE (1) RHIZOME of any one variety.
D. May NOT choose from a variety that has fewer than SIX rhizomes in the box.
4. Members NOT donating rhizomes may purchase rhizomes (with the above restrictions)
5. Varieties 5 years and newer from date of introduction will be so marked and priced accordingly. Fort Display Garden Chairperson has first choice of any varieties.
6. GRAB BAGS of iris rhizomes may be made up of unnamed or overstocked varieties at discretion of the chairperson by Friday.