July 2015

MEETING TIME: Saturday, July 11, 2015 at Fort Missoula Bldg T-1 at 6:30 p.m.  Pot luck supper.  Hosts Edd and Anita.

Iris labels will be available at the meeting for those digging for the sale.

Agenda:  Discussion and plans for upcoming sale, pricing, cashiers.


We sadly note that our long-time member Carol Barbian passed away on May 24 after a two-year battle with cancer.

Ronn Dunn has a new mailing address: 2704 Brooks St. Suite C, Missoula, MT 59802.



May 11, 2015 reported balance    $12,859.27

Deposits – for Iris Judging Class     25.00

June 22, 2015 Balance            $12,884.27


May 11, 2015 reported balance $ 1,016.90

Deposits – 2 memberships paid      30.00

Expenses paid                     375.00

June 22, 2015 Balance           $ 671.90

Memberships Paid by - Joyce Zamelis for 2 years = $20.00

Charlotte Beaudry for 1 year =                    $10.00

Total                                             $30.00

Expenses Paid to - Southgate Mall for show space reservation $250.00

Show expenses – workers lunch money                            50.00

Judy Blunt – Ice Cream Social expenses                         50.00

Miscellaneous Expense Cash                                     25.00

Total                                                        $375.00

Charlotte Beaudry is a new member of our Society having joined shortly following our Southgate Mall show. She has grown irises for many years in Washington and Montana. She established a new garden several years ago near Trout Creek, MT and decided she would like to enter our show. She brought down a nice selection of irises and was awarded blue ribbons on most of her exhibits plus some higher awards which are listed in the show report in this newsletter.

Charlotte's address is:

PH: 827-1410 home
291-9320 cell

Welcome to Charlotte to our Society and we wish you GREAT joy in growing irises.

JOYCE ZAMELIS has a new address also:

POLSON, MT 59860
PH: 883-0062

Respectfully Submitted – Swede Gustafson, Treasurer

There are no MINUTES to report because there was no regular meeting in June. 

The IRIS SHOW on June 8 was a success. How fortunate that it was earlier than usual, or there would have been no iris to show due to our early spring! Here are the results:

Missoula Iris Show report local 2015

Best of Show : Jim Sadler, Mary Frances, Best of Show and Best Lavender
Best Space Age : Judy Blunt Hook, Best Tall Bearded
Best Novice : Charlotte Beaudry: Fame & Glory
SDB Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris : Roger Muir, Golden Child
IB Intermediate Bearded Iris : Roger Muir Capitan Indigo, BEST IB and Best Neglecta
MTB Miniature Tall Bearded Iris : Roger Muir, Look Here, Best MTB, Best other than, Best Median, Best Variegata
Best Design : Jim Sadler with Black Suited, design title Smoky Sky
Best Siberian Iris : Lynn Weger, Maranatha
Best Browntone : Charlotte Beaudry, Supreme Sultan
Best Amoena : Fred Frey, Tour de France
Best Orange : Gary Clark, Tanzanay Tangerine
Best Yellow: Jim Sadler, Kiwi Cheesecake
Best Blue : Joyce Zamelis, Common Thread, Best Blue and Best Plicata
Best Lavender : Jim Sadler, Mary Frances, Best of Show and Best Lavender
Best Purple : Gary Clark, Melena Rosa
Silver Medal : Charlotte Beaudry
Bronze Medal : Gary Clark

Next event: Our annual IRIS SALE at the Fort on Saturday, July 25.

The MIS Rhizome Sale is at the Fort Missoula Gardens starting at 9am - 1pm. Members should be there at 8 am to help set up tables.  The collection point will be at the home of Carolyn Addeo in Linda Vista. Rhizomes can be delivered to their garage beginning Tuesday of that week but no later than Wednesday by 9pm.  Please read the Pre-Sale guidelines & Clarifications carefully. These guidelines were put together to avoid confusion during the sale preparations on Thursday and Friday.


1.  Iris rhizomes shall be grown by MIS members only.

2.  ALL RHIZOMES are to be WASHED, TRIMMED & LABELED as to variety and type PRIOR to delivery to the collection site. Trim fans to about 4 inches - 6 inches depending on type and roots to about 4 inches. MIS will provide labels. These labels should be attached to the rhizomes. MDB's and SDB's should be in bundles of three rhizomes. IB's and MTB's should be in bundles of two rhizomes. Beardless iris are to be in clumps.

3.  Iris varieties introduced 30 years or more before the year of the sale are to be labeled with year of introduction and separated from newer varieties. (Historical dated 1985 and older)

4.  Pricing of rhizomes is at the discretion of the sale committee. Age is considered but NOT color for setting the price.

5.  All rhizomes are to be delivered to the designated collection site by 9pm WEDNESDAY preceding the sale.

6.  Sorting, etc. will be done on THURSDAY and competed on FRIDAY. Chairperson to select committee of MIS members to assist in this process.

7.  There are to be NO PRE-SALE orders.


1.  There is to be NO TRADING of rhizomes among members at the COLLECTION SITE. Members ARE encouraged to share or trade before bringing rhizomes to the collection site.

2.  The sale chairperson shall determine which varieties may be traded/purchased by the MIS members. The trading/sale hours are Thursday, 6pm - 9pm and Friday, 9am - 12pm.

 3.  Members donating rhizomes may:

          A. Take ONE rhizome for each variety donated (no matter how many of any one variety are donated)

          B. Take LIKE variety donated (SDB for SDB, TB for TB, etc)

          C. Take NO MORE THAN ONE (1) RHIZOME of any one variety.

          D. May NOT choose from a variety that has fewer than SIX rhizomes in the box.

4.  Members NOT donating rhizomes may purchase rhizomes (with the above restrictions)

5.  Varieties FIVE YEARS and NEWER from date of introduction will be so marked & priced accordingly. Fort Display Garden Chairperson has first choice of any varieties.

6.  GRAB BAGS of iris rhizomes may be made up of unnamed or overstocked varieties at discretion of the chairperson by Friday.