July 2016

MEETING TIME: Saturday, July 9, 2016 at Fort Missoula Bldg T-1 at 6:30 p.m.  Pot luck supper.  No hosts so bring your own beverages.

Agenda:  Discussion and plans for upcoming sale, pricing of rhizomes, cashiers.

Next event: Our annual IRIS SALE at the Fort Garden on Saturday, July 30, 2016

For sale guidelines, please see SALE PAGE

A note to members from Carol Addeo, Sale Chairperson: Please contact me by Phone 406-251-5833 or at the next meeting on approximate number of named iris clumps you are likely to dig for our sale. Also check approximate number of unnamed (UNKS) you will have for our sale. Label tags will be available at the next meeting.

There are no MINUTES to report because there was no regular meeting in June. 


SAVINGS ACCOUNT: There was no activity in this fund since the last report so the

Balance remains at $13,037.79


May 25 Reported Balance: $ 763.99

Income – 2 memberships      20.00

Expenses paid              271.45

June 23 Balance          $ 512.54

Income was for the memberships of Elizabeth Friesz and Joyce Zamelis who paid

during their visit to the Iris show on June 4.

Expenses paid were to: Cash – for show workers lunch during the show -$125.00;

Joanne Gibbons – Design Judge Gratuity - $25.00; Ellen Darling – Design Judge

Gratuity - $25.00; Judy Blunt – Ice Cream Social Expenses reimbursement - $96.45.

Total - $271.45. I paid each show worker $7.00 as lunch money for their assistance

during the show – a total of 12 workers @ $7.00 each = $84.00. The remaining $41

will be used to pay other small expenses via cash as they occur during the summer.

GARDEN NOTES: Ed Verplancke and I renovated the astilbe garden by building a two block high garden wall about the west and north side of this garden. The sprinkler head on the garden was also moved toward the south almost 12 inches to eliminate the sprinkler spraying on the main sign for the Iris Garden. It still sprays on the sign so need some more work by the sprinkler man to correct the problem.

Ed has build a one high concrete block wall about the Spuria Bed located to the north of the Big Bed rock wall. This new edging wall really defines the garden area now. We figure on purchasing some more spurias to place in the space created.

I spent almost 24 hours over 4 days harvesting approximately 5 gallons of Siberian Elm Tree seedlings from the Siberian Garden. These little buggers were really hiding inside the plants as well as between the plants. Will have to come back through again in a few days and pick up the stragglers. Sure would be nice if the Mommy supply tree would disappear.

Ed and Anita have been been working on the weeding the Big Bed as well as some of the finger beds. If you have a free couple of hours it would be great if you could weed some also to make the gardens look wonderful for the Fourth of July. Flower stalks can also be harvested also. There are lots of these this year. They just break off at the ground level if you push carefully. Also clean up any dead leaves or debris in the plants. There was an article on the internet last week regarding rot which will result from not have a clean plant and garden area.


Swede Gustafson,



Overall Results: Despite the early bloom season, we had 77 entries in the show.

Best of Show: Ron/Donna Dowell with Sharp Dressed Man

First Princess: Gary Clark’s Iris “Ensata”

Second Princess: Fred Frey’s Poodle Parade

Best Design, Jim Sadler’s “Winter in the Blood”

Design Sweepstakes, Jim Sadler with 4 blue ribbons

Best Novice, Jennifer Engstrom with Swing Town

Silver Medal to Gary Clark with 17 blue ribbon entries

Bronze Medal to Fred Frey with 10 blue ribbon entries

Horticultural Awards:

Best purple, best bi-tone, best tall bearded: Ron/Donna Dowell, Sharp Dressed Man

Best pink: Fred Frey, Poodle Parade

Best space age and best white: Gary Clark, Classy Chassie

Best median and best IB: Judy Blunt, Ask Alma

Best species, best ‘other’: Gary Clark, Iris “Setosa”

Best Siberian: Swede Gustafson, Pleasures of May

Best Amoena and best yellow: Gary Clark, Soft Return

Best blue: Gary Clark, Breakers

Best plicata and best red: Gary Clark, Tennison Ridge

Best lavender: Gary Clark, Song of Norway

Best blend, best banded and best brown: Gary Clark, Ginger Swirl

Best neglecta: Swede Gustafson, Twilight Cloud

Best historic: Gary Clark, Toll Gate

The sale information is on the sale web page just click on the Annual Sale link on the home page.

2016 Presidential Rhizome winners: September Edd Verplancke, October Judy Blunt, November Ron Dowell, December Swede Gustafson, January Linda Sadler, February Allen Ledford, March Roger Muir, April Fred Frey, May Betty Ann Gustafson

Submitted by Carol Addeo 

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http://www.missoulairis.com  and www.sites.google.com/site/irismissoula.