MISSOULA IRIS SOCIETY NEWSLETTER

October 2014

MEETING TIME: Saturday, October 4, 6.30 pm for potluck dinner.

PLACE:   Home of Gary Clark and Steve Hesla, 2275 Sunlite Lane, Missoula.

Call 406-728-7633 for directions.

PROGRAM: None planned.


Our long-time member Alverta Symes passed away at home on September 3, surrounded by her family. Alverta was a mainstay of the Iris Society, serving in many offices, helping to found the Fort Garden, serving as master judge and maintaining the card catalogue. Her expertise will be sorely missed.

The Fort Garden needs to be put to bed. There will be a work party on Sunday, October 5,starting at 1 pm. If you can’t come then, please stop by and pull a few weeds when you have a spare hour. The fewer weeds that are allowed to go to seed, the fewer there will be to pull next year. Hopefully.


This report is based on the financial statements received as of August 24, 2014.


There has been no activity on this account during since the September newsletter,therefore the balance remains as reported then at $14,209.28


August 24, 2014

Reported Balance                              $ 663.37
Addition for 2 voided checks                     25.00
Deposit of Funds from August Grab bag Sales      55.00
Expenses Paid                                   180.75

September 25, 2014 Balance                    $ 562.62


The two voided checks had been written in January to The American Iris Society in the total amount of $25.00 for our local society's 2014 affiliation fee. Due to circumstances beyond our control the AIS requested a new check for $25.00 be written as a replacement for these two checks which I did in May 2014. These two checks in question have therefore been voided and or will be destroyed and the amount of $25.00 was added back to the checking account balance.

The sale of rhizomes was carried out by Gary Clark from rhizomes supplied by Elizabeth Friesz on August 16 but not deposited until after August 25.

Expenses Paid:- To Elizabeth Gustafson - $50.00- for a floral arrangement for Alverta Symes funeral on September 8: $24.99 – for a Brother TZ-213 cartridge for making iris identification tags at the Fort Garden: and $5.76 for printing of financial report on the July rhizome sale: Total paid $80.75

Respectfully Submitted,
Swede Gustafson, Treasurer


The meeting of September 6, 2014 was called to order by President Ed Verplancke at 7:30 p.m at the Eagles Lodge. Hosts were Anita Cervenak and Ed Verplancke.The minutes of the July meeting were approved as printed in the newsletter. The treasurer’s report was also approved as published in the newsletter.A moment of silence was held for Alverta Symes, who recently passed away.A special guest was introduced: Matt Lautzenheiser, the Executive Director of the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula.

Old Business

Fort Gardens – Discussion of condition of rhizomes ordered from Rocky Top from Tennessee. The Breezeway rhizomes are kind of small. Discussion of different iris growers to purchase from in future.

Renovations to the iris garden area include removal of a birch tree west of the big bed. The caretaker of Fort Missoula grounds wants to remove the tree; it is doing poorly perhaps due to lack of water. Also, a large burning bush is to be moved and transplanted near the front of the museum. Matt Lautzenheiser commented that his plan is to improve landscaping near the front entrance to the museum.

Swede presented a Rhizome Sales Report showing gross proceeds from the sale at $3,767, expenses at $1,455.92 for a net income of $2,311.08.
The report comments included: The sale this year was a sucessful one considering there were less rhizome varieties available for the sale. Thanks to all the members who provided the rhizomes to augment the stock provided by the fort garden. Many members took time from their busy summer schedules to work during the presale set-up, to assist in selling the rhizomes at the sale itself and to sell the remaining rhizomes at the farmer’s market. Elizabeth Friesz provided a surprise after the main sale was over by donating some of her rhizomes she had dug so Gary Clark picked these up, cleaned them and set up several grab bags to sell at the farmer’s market.

Discussion of individual expense items followed. Some suggestions on saving money next year were the table item of $160 for 20 tables. Some tables might be available from the Historical Museum and members. Carol Addeo has about 6 tables, Gary has 2 and the society owns 2.
The Missoulian ad turned out to be more expensive than expected at $365, but thanks to Fred Frey for managing the publicity and news releases so well.

Certificate of Deposit – Swede announced that he closed a two year c.d. because the interest rate was so low. The interest earned for two years was only $52. This money is to remain in the main account and to be used solely for removal of the iris beds should the society ever decide to abandon the gardens.

New Business

AIS Report – Jim Sadler reported that AIS reports were due by August 1, 2014. All judges need two hours of garden experience next year, with emphasis on classroom instruction and garden judging. Jim wants to do a garden tour next year for the judges, with training on Dykes especially and a small test to qualify everyone for their two hours of training time. A variety of gardens would work well.
Jim said that it is our turn to provide an RVP so the group voted for Jim Sadler to assume the rest of Ann Violette’s term for two more years.

Meeting locations: Matt Lautzenheiser offered a meeting location to the society at no charge. It is Building T-1 at Fort Missoula, which has a kitchen, tables and chairs and it would be made available by reservation any time we need it. Members said they still enjoy meeting at each other’s homes when available, but the Fort Missoula building could be our backup when private homes are not available. Carol Addeo offered to schedule homes whenever possible next year and reserve the Fort Missoula building for all other meetings.

The October 2014 meeting will be at Gary Clark and Steve Hesla’s home, the November meeting is scheduled at the Eagles Lodge and is already paid for. Swede will explore getting a refund.

It was mentioned that the Fort Missoula Building T-1 might also be used for our Median Show next year.

Proposed handicap pathway – Matt reported that the proposed pathway from the road to the front entrance of the iris gardens is still in the planning stages and money is being raised. The paved path would enable handicapped people to get to the garden but would not extend into the gardens.

Museum Facebook Page – some discussion of putting garden pictures on the Facebook Page for the museum.

Presidential rhizome – Betty Ann Gustafson won the drawing for September.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Addeo

Meeting locations: October 4 – Gary Clark, Steve Hesla

November 1 – Eagles – hosts Ron & Donna Dowell

December – Christmas party at home of Billy Gray…date to be announced

Presidential Rhizomes: Betty Ann Gustafson, September