OCTOBER 2016

MEETING TIME: Saturday, October 1, 2016 at Fort Missoula Bldg T-1 at 6:30 p.m.  Pot luck supper.  No hosts so bring your own beverages.

TREASURERS REPORT: As of September 20, 2016


June 23, 2016 reported balance $ 13037.79

Interest income                      1.15

Rhizome saleday receipts          3731.00

Grab Bag sale receipts             137.00

Subtotal                         16906.94

Transfers to checking             1300.00

Sale Day cash box set up           500.00

September 20 Balance           $ 15106.94


June 23, 2016 reported balance $ 512.54

Transfer from checking          1300.00

Miscellaneous deposits           219.00

Subtotal                        2031.54

Expenditures paid               1429.94

September 20 Balance           $ 601.60

Miscellaneous Deposits: $77.00 receipts from Rhizomes Auction; $27.00 from excess Show workers lunch funds; $30.00 from Swede Gustafson as reimbursement for a book he ordered from AIS Storefront; $55.00 from Swede as reimbursement for Siberian irises he ordered with the Ensata Garden order; $10.00 for 2 each 2017 calendars sold in August; $20.00 in new membership paid during the sale. Total Miscellaneous = $219.00

Expenditures: $27.75 to First Security Bank for the purchases of checks; $60.00 to Ed Verplancke for the purchase of garden wall blocks; $100.00 to Anita Cervenak for newsletter expenses; $106.00 to Ensata Gardens for the purchase of Siberian Irises for the Fort Garden and Swede Gustafson; $58.99 for Sunshine flowers to Nancy Ryan for Pat's funeral; $20.00 to Marchie's Nursery for the purchase of soil mix for the Fort Garden; $104.00 to Valley Press/Mineral Independent for the rhizome sale ads; $196.38 to The Missoulian for the rhizome sale day ads; $94.00 to AIS Storefront for purchase of 2017 calenders, 2 packets of post cards, and a book on Siberians for Swede Gustafson; $119.40 to Missoula Computes for the IX Web Site 1 year renewal fee; $474.00 to Ronda Leno for weeding of the gardens during the summer; $68.74 to Elizabeth Gustafson for rhizome sale day food/beverages/printing expenses. Total Expenditures = $1429.94

NOTE - Swede purchased 5 Siberian iris varieties along with the MIS varieties to save on shipping fees – he reimbursed the MIS for $48 plus $7 for shipping fees = $55; and also purchased the book from AIS Storefront for $30 which he reimbursed the Society. Total reimbursement is $85.00, thus net to the Society is $1344.94 for the summer expenditures.

Respectfully submitted,

Swede Gustafson, Treasurer


Missoula Iris Society meeting was called to order by President Donna Dowell at 7:07 p.m. at the Fort Missoula T-1 building.

New member Deborah Gage was introduced. Cards were passed for members to sign…a get well card for Dorothy Alcaraz and a sympathy card for Nancy Ryan. Flowers have been ordered to be delivered to Nancy in Powell, Wyoming.

Treasurer Report: Treasurer report from Swede Gustafson reported a balance of $494.79 in the checking account and $13,038.46 in savings. All bills are paid. The treasurer report was approved as reported.

Rhizome Sale plans:

Swede will dig rhizomes at Fred Frey’s garden because Fred will be out of town. Swede will need help from all of us to trim, clean, label.

Gary Clark and Steve Hesla will be out of town from July 20th thru 25th.

Edd Verplancke reported on the Fort Gardens. There are 200-250 rhizomes to be dug. He will be digging on Monday, July 25. We will hold a work party at the Fort Gardens on Tuesday, July 26, for trimming and cleaning the rhizomes. Bring chairs, clippers.

Edd also reported that the Fort Garden produced 417 different blooms this summer. And we received a very complimentary e mail message from a lady in Australia. Here it is: “Greetings from Perth, Western Australia. I am an avid iris lover and have just stumbled across your beautiful slide show and web page for the Missoula Iris Society. I was mesmerized by the beautiful blooms. I have only "found" irises I would say in the last 4 years and they fascinate me. Until then, camellias and azaleas had been my passion (along with roses, of course!) I have a question I would like to ask about the soil in the pics on the slide show (coming from another country, I am not a member of your society - however,  I did live in Montana and Utah in the 80s with my husband and children for some time). It seems to me that it is a type of what we call "blue metal" on top of the soil around the irises and I am really curious about this and why is is used.

Thank you and your society for sharing such a lovely presentation. It never ceases to amaze me just how many different blooms there are. I was tickled to see that I have one of your blooms in my garden! Kind regards Rae Dunstan Iris Lover”.

Secretary’s note: Since Edd created the web site and slideshows, he was kind enough to answer her question about “blue metal”. We believe she refers to our pea gravel. Thank you Edd for the many hours of work to create the slide show and for placing our iris pictures on the web site for everyone to enjoy. Go to missoulairis.com to view them.

More sale stuff: Ten more sale tables will be purchased by Swede. Cashier volunteers are Cindy Davis, Judy Blunt, and Gary Clark. A word of caution, do not overload trays to avoid mixing up varieties. Elizabeth Friesz garden: Still waiting for permission to dig. Judy will bring homemade donuts to the sale for our members. Yummm.

Rhizome digging by members: Jim Sadler has 3 varieties, Carol has 3 varieties, Judy has 4 varieties, Gary has 2 varieties, Roger has 1, Swede has some.

Roger Muir mentioned that he was unsure our judges have enough training hours. He offered to conduct a 2 hour class on awards; he suggested the class be held at Billie Gray’s home after the sale party.

Bibler Garden Tour in Kalispell: Gary announced the garden tour in Kalispell would be held Thursday, July 14. Car pools leave at 10:00 am from Target parking lot for the 2 hour drive. Cost is $15.

Presidential Rhizome winner: Steve Hesla

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Addeo, Secretary


The Missoula Iris Society board meeting was called to order by President Donna Dowell at 10:30 a.m. Other board members present were Betty Ann Gustafson, vice president, Swede Gustafson, Treasurer and Carol Addeo, Secretary.

Rhizome Sale Schedule: Swede will dig the rhizomes at Fred Frey’s garden on Tuesday July 26 and deliver them to the Fort Gardens so a work group can clean and trim them. Edd will dig the rhizomes at the Fort Garden on Monday. The work group should be at the fort at 9:00-9:30 on Tuesday and bring their chairs, clippers.

Carol reported that Elizabeth Friesz’s son from Austin, Texas, called her and gave full permission for our society to dig all the iris rhizomes we want. The one hour digging trip to Alberton is planned for Saturday, July 23. Carol will call the son to advise him when we are going to be at the Alberton garden. Members who can help dig should bring shovels, trays, bags, labels, marking pens.

Wednesday, July 27 will be a day of labeling at the yard of Carol Addeo. Thursday and Friday will be sorting.

Volunteer cashiers for the sale include Cindy Davis, Judy Blunt, Donna Dowell and Betty Ann Gustafson.

Promotion: Discussion of a radio promotion which would give us free publicity if we donate five rhizomes. Donna will deliver them to the radio station so they will promote our sale.

Fort Gardens Weeder hired: Carol reported that she hired Ronda Leno of Grant Creek, to weed the garden this summer at $12.00 per hour. She is starting this week. She is a mature, very experienced gardener.

Climbing roses: Discussion of the climbing roses at the Fort Garden, which are becoming invasive. Carol has tackled the two roses at the south arbor, with clippers and twine. Anyone else wanting to prune these roses back is welcome. These roses were planted as part of a city neighborhood grant several years ago when the arbors were purchased so they need to stay in the garden.

Median beds: Swede reported that he and Edd plan to redo the median bed with block work.

Fort Chair: Discussion of the Fort Garden Chairmanship now vacant. It was decided that the MIS Board comprised of officers would be the Fort Chair until a member steps up to take that position.

New rhizomes: Discussion of the purchase of new rhizomes for the Fort Garden in the future. It was discussed that perhaps the club judges could get involved with the ordering and planting of rhizomes for the Fort Gardens as part of their new rhizomes education.

Siberian digging: Swede introduced a new way to handle Siberians for the sale. Instead of bulky buckets of water, wrap the roots in damp paper towels and they keep just fine. When re-planting Siberians, do not fertilize, just water, he says.

Discussion of the shortage of members to work in the Fort Gardens. Preparing to abandon the gardens and turn the gardens over to the Historical Museum is an option. This is something to discuss with the whole society.

The meeting adjourned at Noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Addeo, Secretary

2016 Presidential Rhizome winners: September Edd Verplancke, October Judy Blunt, November Ron Dowell, December Swede Gustafson, January Linda Sadler, February Allen Ledford, March Roger Muir, April Fred Frey, May Betty Ann Gustafson, July Steve Hesla

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