Official Newsletter of the Missoula Iris Society

October 2017

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, October 7, 6:30 – Meeting at home of Swede and Betty Ann
Gustafson, 3128 Eldora Lane in Linda Vista.  Call 406-251-3526 for directions.

FYI: The following message was received from Sandy Williamson, AIS Region 13 JT Chair:

In the Fall 2017 AIS Newsletter, Lynda Miller was incorrectly listed as our judges trainer for the October 7 AIS Region 13 Fall Meeting hosted by PCIS.  

Instead, Terry Aitken has graciously agreed to do this 2-hour classroom Judges training on the topic "Rebloom of All Sorts".  Please pass this information on at your Sept/Oct club meetings.  

Hope to see you at the Best Western Premier Plaza Hotel in Puyallup, WA  on October 7 for the AIS Fall Region 13 Meeting.

Based on information of June 19, 2017:


Previous Balance           $ 580.43

Deposits                    1869.00

Expenses Paid               1754.35

September 20 Balance       $ 695.08

Deposits Made: Transfer from Savings $1,000.00 ; Presidential Rhizome Auction Receipts - $84.00; Grab Bag Sales Receipts - $85.00; Receipts from sale of rhizomes to Pink Grizzly Greenhouse - $200.00; Return of rhizome sale cash box set up funds - $500.00. Total – $1869.00. Expenses Paid: Ronda Leno for the garden weeding – 2 payments total of $360.00; Wendy Christman for garden weeding - $25.00; Gary Clark - for reimbursement for purchase of rhizomes on his credit card - $194.00;
Rhizome Sale cash box set up funds - $500.00; Carol Addeo – for 2 rhizome sale expenditures - $107.10; Missoula Independent – for iris show and rhizome sale advertisments - $112.84; The Missoulian for sale advertisements - $117.40; Elizabeth Gustafson for 2 rhizome sale expenditures - $118.62; Paul Ronaldo Sprinklers for repairs to the garden watering system - $75.00; Missoula Computes for theIX Web Site annual renewal fee - 119.40. Total $1754.35.


Previous Balance reported on May 25, 2017   $13,638.89

Deposits to Account from Rhizome Sale         3,994.15

Interest income                                   0.96

Transfer to Checking Account                  1,000.00

September 20 Balance                        $16,634.00


July 29, 2017 Sale Receipts Deposited on July 31, 2017 $ 3994.15

Grab Bag Sales Receipts (from Billie Gray)                 85.00

Pink Grizzly Greenhouse Rhizomes Purchase                 200.00

Gross receipts                                         $ 4279.15

Expenses Paid:

Carol Addeo - 2 expenditures                            $ 107.10

Missoula Independent – sale ad                             54.84

The Missoulian – sale ads for 2 days                      117.40

Elizabeth Gustafson – printing & sale day goodies          25.65

Elizabeth Gustafson – After Sale party items               92.97

Expenditures                                            $ 399.96

Net Receipts from Rhizome Sale of July 29, 2017       $ 3875.19


The meeting was called to order by President Donna Dowell.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer Report was given by Swede Gustafson. It was reported that the Society has $1195.45 in checking.


The Iris sale is to be July 29 at the Fort. Digging at the Fort will be Sunday morning July 23. Carol Addeo gave a report on the procedures and details of what is needed to prepare for the sale.

Swede gave a report on the Monty Dolack donation bench.

Gary Clark announced that July 18 will be judges training at 6:00 PM at his home at 2275 Sunlite in the Target range area.


It was announced that Anita will continue to do the newsletter from her new home in Wyoming.

The Rhizome winners were: Carol Addeo and Al Ledford.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00

Respectfully submitted.
Jim Sadler

Presidential Rhizome winners: September Donna Dowell, October Swede Gustafson, November Fred Frey, December Anita Cervenak, January Betty Ann Gustafson, February Ron Dowell, March Cindy Davis, April Gary Clark, May Ronda Leno, June/July Carol Addeo and Al Ledford.

Check out our websites: www.missoulairis.com and www.sites.google.com/site/irismissoula