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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - October 2005
                           NOVEMBER 2005


Here is the November Newsletter.  This month the meeting has been delayed one week due to various conflicts with several officers and giving Billie an extra week of recovery from surgery. Everything was reset and the meeting will be at Billie Gray’s house one week later. This will be a fun meeting as we will be having our 2nd annual Trivia Contest with the boys against the girls to see who knows their iris better. Last year we boys won, but the girls objected and of course, we boys didn’t stand a chance to be the winners. So this year, we will be keeping score….very carefully and accurately too.

Pete Addeo,

Webmaster & President
Missoula Iris Society


DATE & TIME: Saturday, November 12, 2005 at 6:30pm with potluck dinner
PLACE: Home of Billie Gray. Call 543-3480 for directions. 

AGENDA:  Form audit committee, set a board meeting for the budget meeting,  elect officers for 2006, distribute & sell calendars.

PROGRAM: Iris Trivia Game. The boys against the girls. Lots of fun and we boys will be keeping score this year.




     November 12th - Meeting at Billie Gray's

     December 3rd - Saturday – 4:00 PM. Annual Christmas Party & gift exchange hosted by Ken & Rose Mary Baier.  Mark your calendars. Pot luck and smoked turkey dinner. BYOB.


It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy day to Elinor Utech – November 21st, Kalli Rose Wurth, November 10th, Mary Ellen Davis, November 1st, Pat Ryan, November 14th, and Donna Dowell, November 3rd, Have a happy birthday and all the good wishes and cheers that go along with it.



Checking Account

            September 30 Balance                                       $  33.89

            October income                                                   342.50

                                                                        Total       376.59

            October expenses                                                147.00

            October 31 Balance                                            $229.39



            Sprinkler system winterize          $ 48.00

            2006 Iris calendar purchase           99.00

                        Total                $147.00


            Transfer from Savings                $300.00

             Excess Sod purchase                   6.00

             Plant marker sales                        6.50

             Siberian Iris sales                        30.00

                                    Total                $342.50


NOTICE!!!!!!!!   From the Treasurer: To ALL Activity chair persons and club members!!!!!!!!!!


The Treasurer will close the fiscal year books on November 30 to prepare the financial statements for the annual audit as required by our By Laws.  ALL outstanding expenses need to be in the Treasure’s hands by that date or they will not be paid.  Whatever is not paid can affect the budget process of an activity for the coming 2006 year. 


The preliminary 2006 budget will need to be determined prior to the printing of the December Newsletter. Therefore, a meeting of ALL current activity chairs and the Board of Directors will need to be scheduled during the month of November. The Treasurer will prepare a financial statement for each activity chair.


Activity Chairs for ----     The Annual Iris Show

                                    The Annual Iris Sale

                                    The Iris Tour and Celebration

                                    The Fort Garden

                                    The Region 11 RVP           

                                    General Club Operation Expenditures – The Treasurer


Swede Gustafson

MIS treasurer


Notice from Ann Violette: AIS MEMBERS who need to renew their membership before Dec 31/05  they are ......... Pete and Carol Addeo, David Durnford, Wayne and Hazel Richlie, James and Nancy Ryan, and Patrick Waverling. All are due by 12/31/05 all are from Missoula . And for new members NOW would be a great time to Join  AIS.


Correction to last month's newsletter:  Bob Symes' birthday is October 31 not October 25th as reported in the newsletter.  Sounds like a Halloween birthday to me.

President and newsletter editor would like everyone to send info on your birthday to him and email address if we don't have it.


Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting, Saturday, October 8, 2005

The meeting was called to order by President Pete Addeo at  7:50  p.m.  at the home of  the Addeo's.

Minutes - The minutes from the September meeting were approved  as they appeared in the October newsletter .

Treasurers Report  - Read  by Carol Addeo in the absence of the treasurer

   Checking balance as of August 31             $1219.08
   Deposits                                                     134.66
                                             Sub-total       $1353.74
   Expenses paid                                          1319.85

                                                 Balance        $33.89

Expenses Paid:
   Fort Garden Renovation                             $278.10
   Sprinkler system renovation & repairs           882.43
   Sunshine                                                     30.00
   Misc office expenses                                    26.35
   RVPE  Judges Training Expense                  102.97
               Total                                          $1319.85

2005 Fort Garden Expense Report as of October 4, 2005 read  by Carol Addeo in the absence of the treasurer.

A.  Renovation of Dyke's beds and #5 finger bed
     1.  Sod cutter rental                               $30.00
     2.  Marchie's soil mix w/delivery              267.90
     3.  Garden edging products                    126.43
     4.  Sod w/ delivery                                 100.00
     5.  6"x6"x12' treated timber                      34.65
     6.  Patio area concrete blocks                  69.57                      

             Total                                           $628.55
B.  Siberian Iris Purchase                          $159.00
C.  Lawn area sprinkler system

      renovation                                            670.93
     Electronic sprinkler system

     controller                                              161.50
             Total renovation costs:               $1619.98
D.  Maintenance Costs paid to Oct 4, 2005
     1.  Sign repairs                                     $12.97
     2.  Work party goodies                             9.98
     3.  Registration/introduction books         154.00
     4.  Sprinkler system repairs                    50.00
     5.  Groundskeeper expense                    00.00
             Total                                           226.95
Total expenses paid                               $1846.93
   Budgeted for 2005 Fort Garden        $1950.00
               Balance remaining:                 $103.07     


2006 Tour - Carol reported that she and Billie Gray had toured several gardens in order to select several for our 2006 tour.  Additional yard suggestions were Tony Cesare in the Rattlesnake and Joslin Syler.

2006 AIS Calendars -Ann reported the calendars will be available for order by mid-October.  Pete will order.


New members - Pete asked that new members provide their birthdays and e mail addresses for the newsletter.

Officer Nominations - Ann Violette announced the nominations for officers for 2006 are:

   Pete Addeo, President
   Jim Sadler, Vice President
   Carol Addeo, Secretary
   Swede Gustafson, Treasurer with Zona Lindemann as Treasurer Trainee
Additional  nominations were called for from the floor; none were forthcoming.

The subject of requiring officers to serve two years was discussed, possibly changing the bylaws.  The general consensus seemed to be to leave the bylaws as is and not to make a stringent requirement at this time although no vote was called for this topic.

Signs for the Fort - Bob Symes reported there are three signs ready to be used for fort directions to the gardens.  They will be painted and presented to Bob Brown of the Historical Museum for approval to place at junctions leading to the gardens.  Carol reported she had contacted Bob Brown a few weeks ago about placing direction signs and he wanted to approve the signs first.

Siberians:  Carol announced that Swede delivered  a bucket full of siberians, dug  from the fort and they were  available for $2.00 each, to benefit MIS.

November meeting - Ann ordered the trivia game slides for the November meeting to be held at Billie Gray's.

Halloween Night Party - Rosemary and Ken Baier invited everyone to join them for chili supper and party for Halloween Eve.
Presidential Rhizomes - The rhizome drawing was won by Zona Lindemann.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20  p.m. .

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Addeo