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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - October 2005
                           OCTOBER 2005
Here is the October Newsletter.  This month the meeting has been delayed one week due to Carol and I being out of town for the weekend. Everything was reset and the meeting will be at Honks house one week later.

Pete Addeo,
Webmaster & President
Missoula Iris Society
DATE & TIME: Saturday, October 8, 2005 at 6:30pm with potluck dinner
PLACE: Home of Honk Meyer. Call 251-5800 for directions. 
AGENDA:  Preparation for the Club’s 25th Anniversary Bash, MIS Garden Tour, Fort Gardens report
     Meeting Locations/Activities for 2005 -  Here's the list for the rest of the year's club activities:
     October 8th - Meeting at Honk Meyer's
     November 5th - Meeting at Billie Gray's
     December 4th - Sunday - Annual Christmas Party hosted by Ken & Rose Mary Baier
It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
Happy day to Ernie Lucero – October 25th, Bob Symes, October 14th, Gary Clark, October 14th, and Harry Smith, October 29th.   Have a happy birthday and all the good wishes and cheers that go along with it.
New Members:  We forgot to mention a new member last month. We are having a great year for getting our membership increased. It is worth keeping the list one more month here to show our new members. Here they are:
Forgotten new member from Gary Clark: Margie Goodburn.
From Billie Gray: Carol Barbian, 777-3542,  Arnie & Terri Kirchenheiter, 549-3080, Charles Hilgel
From the Iris Sale: Rod & Jean Schull, 273-2248, Leona Wyckoff (back again)
From Gary Clark: John & Judy Hoar, 251-3515
From Anne Violette: Charles & Margy Watkins, 273-0092, Jack & Ellen Schubarth, 467-2910
Great job guys, and a very special “Welcome” to all the new members!! We hope you will enjoy our meetings and our events throughout the year. We hope that you will all become active in our efforts and events as well.
Special Thanks and ATTA-BOYS -
Another special Atta Boy this month goes to Ernie Lucero and Alverta Symes who helped Wayne & Hazel Richlie dig iris prior to the rhizome sale. Another forgotten Atta Boy goes to Swede for helping to dig at the Fort Gardens on Sunday Morning. Both Swede and Billie Gray deserve a BIG ATTA BOY for all their hard work at the Fort Gardens. Not very many members showed up to help them with the fall renovations this year. Thank You!!
Swede has planted the new Siberians in the Fort gardens and will bring several varieties in 2 buckets to the meeting for members to purchase for $2/clump. He says to pot them now to plant in the Spring.
2006 Calendars: I have tried to order the new 2006 Calendars but the AIS web site has not been showing the 2006 calendars yet. They have had a death of the person who was in charge of them and they are scrambling to get a replacement to order them as they are printed in China. As soon as they are available, they will notify me and we will order them for our members.
Treasurers Report – Here is the amended treasurer’s report for August 31, 2005 that appeared in the September newsletter. The expense breakdown for July & August was listed incorrectly. Here is the corrected breakdown:
       July thru Nov newletter              $100.00
       Plant Markers                            265.15
       Sunshine                                    35.00
       Rhizome Sale                            694.01
       Fort Garden                               582.05
       Iris Show                                   259.92
           Total                                 $1,942.67
Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting, Saturday, September 10, 2005: The meeting was called to order by President Pete Addeo at  8:55  p.m. at the home of  Gary Clark.

Minutes - The minutes from the July meeting were approved  as they appeared in the September  newsletter with a corrected treasurer report and a typographical error:  Ernie Lucero's name was misspelled.  RoseMary and Ken Baier did not receive a newsletter.

Treasurers Report  - The Amended June 30th report and the August  treasurer's report appeared in the September newsletter and are posted here as part of the September minutes:

   Checking Account Balance as of May 31                     $585.29
       June deposits:                                                             745.50
           Sub-total:                                                             1,330.79
   Expenses paid in June:                                                 1,083.54
       June 30 balance:                                                      $ 247.25
       Sunshine                                                                    $80.00
       Show Expenses                                                            89.52
       John Ludi, Show Judge                                                500.00
       AIS Storefront, registration book                                   154.00
       Fort Garden                                                                259.98
               Total expenses                                                $1083.54          
   Savings balance:                         
       May 31 closing balance                                           $6,519.03
   June Deposits                                                                 102.69
       Sub-total                                                                $6,621.72
   Transfer to checking                                                        650.00
   Cash draw for meals at show                                           150.00
   Interest income                                                                  3.18
       Balance                                                                 $5,824.90

   Checking Account Balance as of June 30th                $247.25
       July/Aug deposits                                                   $2,914.50
           Sub-total                                                             3,161.75
       July/Aug Expenses                                                  1,942.67
       August 31 Closing Balance:                                    $1,219.08
       July thru Nov newsletter                                             $100.00
       Plant Markers                                                             265.15
       Sunshine                                                                     35.00
       Rhizome Sale                                                            683.71
       Fort Garden                                                               598.89
       Iris Show                                                                   259.92
           Total                                                                 $1,242.67
   Iris Rhizome Sale Income:
       Total Sales as of August 31                                    $4,024.00
       Cash box set-up funds expense                                   360.00
       Net sales as of August 31, 2005                              $3,664.00


Fort Gardens report: Billie Gray reported that two beds have been re-configured and now the irrigation system needs to be re-aligned to correctly water all areas.  The connections and heads have been dug up and exposed.  Two bids were received from sprinkler contractors.  A board meeting should be held to discuss the options further.

New iris  were ordered from Mid America and should arrive next week for planting.  They include some new STB's and IB's. Two Dykes are missing:  Ruffled Ballet and Allegiance.  Ann will find 3 of each.  Billie explained the Dykes Bed for the benefit of new members. 

JTL donated $500 worth of pea gravel, which Sheri Wurth ordered for us and delivered.  Secretary will send a thank you note to JTL.

The Friends of the Fort Committee will donate two benches to the Fort Gardens in a memorial remembrance of Bob Gray, Carryl Meyer and Jesse Utech.  The ground under the trees has been prepared for these benches.  Secretary Carol will send a thank you note when these are received.  A thank you note should also be sent  to Carson Vehrs, who is on the Friends of Fort  board and not only promoted the bench donation by the Friends, but helped bring community service workers to the garden at no cost to us.

Siberians for the garden:  Swede reported on an order he placed for 2001 or newer Siberian iris for the Fort Gardens.  He paid $66 in his own personal funds toward the order of $225 from Ensata Nursery of Michigan, which gave us nine new Siberians for the Fort Gardens, three were 2005 varieties.  Swede mentioned that in their planting advice, they recommend planting Siberians in the spring, 2" below the surface with plenty of mulch.  It takes about 6 weeks for them to develop strong roots.  These Siberians will be held over the winter in an unheated greenhouse until time for spring planting.

Rhizome Sale:  Pete thanked the following people for help at the sale:  Bob Symes, Honk Meyer, Swede Gustafson, Ron Dunn, Alverta Symes, Carol Addeo, Elinor Utech, Billie Gray, Betty Ann Gustafson, Deena Rising Song and Ernie Lucero.

2006 AIS Calendars - Pete will order 30 calendars, which is what we purchased and sold last year.  He will have them sent to his home and pass them on to Elinor for distribution.


Board Meeting - A Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 13 at 7:00 p.m. at Addeo's to discuss the sprinkler system re-alignment.  Any interested members are welcome to attend.  

New Members:  New members John and Judy Hoar were introduced by Gary Clark.

Siberian Judges Training - Ann reported on a 1 1/2 hour long Siberian judges training to take place in Salem, Oregon on October 8, 2005.

Nominating Committee: The nominating committee for next years officers is Ann Violette and Elinor Utech.

25th Anniversary Committee:  The committee to plan the 25th anniversary of the Fort Gardens will set a meeting. They are Jim Sadler, Ann Violette, Billie Gray, Carol Addeo and Elinor Utech.

Presidential Rhizome - The September winner is John Hoar.

Meetings - Pete will order the newest version of the AIS  iris slide quiz  for the November meeting at Billie Grays.  The October meeting will be held at Honk Meyer's home.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Addeo
Missoula Iris Society Board Meeting
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Missoula Iris Society Board Meeting was called to order by President Pete Addeo on Wednesday, September 14th at Billie Gray's home at 12:00 Noon.  In attendance were board members Pete Addeo, Jim Sadler, Carol Addeo and Swede Gustafson.  Also in attendance were Billie Gray, Elinor Utech, Ann Violette and Zona Lindemann.

Sprinkler system at the Fort Gardens:  Swede explained that due to the re-alignment of the beds, the pop-ups and rotaries now need to be re-aligned.  Lines have been dug up and exposed.  Bids were from Paul Ronaldo for an estimated  $1,000; Scott Owen bid $500 to $800 estimate, but does not really want to do the job.

We have $970 left in our Fort Gardens renovation fund, which could be used up first.  Then we could dip into the as yet unused storage building fund of $865.  The only other expenses we will still have this Fall is weeding cost to Zona and a sprinkler blowout of about $60.  The new budget for 2006 could be increased to allow for this sprinkler cost, and the funds could then be replaced in the storage shed fund.  Or, we could do a budget amendment.  Carol Addeo made a motion that we authorize Zona Lindemann and/or Swede Gustafson to negotiate a price of approximately $1,000 + or - to re-align and upgrade the sprinkler system as needed to efficiently water the gardens and lawn area. The funds would be taken first from the balance of the Fort Renovation budget and secondly borrowed from the storage shed building fund.   Motion seconded by Jim Sadler and passed with all in favor.

Benches - The plan for two benches under the tree was discussed.  Friends of the Fort will donate the concrete and wood benches. The ground under the tree has been prepared with landscape cloth.  The benches have been ordered and will be delivered in October.

Pavers in the bench area:  Discussion of using pavers,  purchased from our memorial funds,  for the name designations to Bob Gray, Carryl Meyer and Jesse Utech.

Arbors:  Discussion of two or three rustic arbors to be placed at entrances to iris gardens.  No decision made, however Jim Sadler would like to pay for one of the arbors to honor the memory of his son.

Signs:  Carol Addeo will get bids from sign companies and permission from Bob Brown to place 3-4 signs along the various routes directing people to the Missoula Iris Gardens.

Dykes Bed:  All Dykes plantings are now current, from 1927 on.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Addeo, Secretary