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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - October 2009



Here is the newsletter for October. Fall is supposed to be coming around, but you'd never know it. We just may get some extra tomatoes and zucchini out of the garden before the frost hits.


Pete Addeo, Webmaster
Missoula Iris Society



PLACE:   Home of Swede & BettyAnn Gustofson at 3128 Eldora Lane, Missoula.  Call 251-3526 for directions. 

PROGRAM:  unknown at this time.



Noticed that Ed Verplancke's name was misspelled in the newsletter minutes. Apologies to Ed.
As of SEPTEMBER 23, 2009.

CHECKING ACCOUNT;- August 24, 2009
                                    Balance                        $3968.90 
       Income                                                            12.50  
       Expenses                                                        41.25  
       September 23 Balance                                $3840.15

Expenses Paid - 
Ed VerPlanke- 3 ink cartridges for printing card file iris pictures -        $77.94
Alverta Symes - card file shelf paper -                                              $22.96
Billie Gray - fort garden - weed killer and fogger sprayer -                   $40.35
                                     Total is                                                   $141.15

SAVINGS ACCOUNT BALANCE - $5606.86  is unchanged from August report
The  CD was renewed on August 10 and the new balance is $3563.85.  The annual yeild is 1.75% for the current term.

Swede Gustafson, Treasurer  

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy day to Gary Clark - October 14th,  Ernie Lucero - October 25th,  and Bob Symes - October 31st. Belated birthday wishes to Leona as we missed her day last month. Happy Birthday to all. 

Minutes:  September 12, 2009
The meeting was called to order by President Ron Dowell.  It was moved by Ed Verancke and seconded by Alayne Hilditch that the minutes of both July meetings (one regular meeting, one special meeting) be accepted as printed in the Falls and Standards.  The motion passed.
Due to technical difficulties the complete July treasurer’s report did not make it into the August issue of the Falls and Standards.  The July report follows:
            June 30, 2009 Balance                           $2077.23
            July Receipts
                        Rhizome Sales                            3116.51
                        Plant Markers                                 86.20
            Balance                                                 $5279.94
            Expenses Paid                                        1369.04
            July 31 Balance                                     $3910.90
            June 30, 2009                                        $5454.83
            July Receipts
                        Interest Earned                                 2.03
                        Cash Box Return                           500.00
            Balance                                                $5956.86
            Expenses Paid                                         500.00
            July 31, 2009                                        $5456.86
Checking Expenses
            Boyce Lumber  - materials for shed at fort                                        97.95
            Erling Gustafson – purchases of more stain for shed                         63.98
            Pete Addeo – copy paper for newsletter                                           15.83
            Mid America Garden – rhizomes for fort gardens                             500.00
            Pete Addeo – newsletter charges for July – Dec 2009                     150.00
            Alverta Symes – card file and garden signs                                      14.16
            Erling Gustafson – purchases of weed spray and surfactant             111.98
            Alverta Symes – R & I books purchases for 2007 & 2008                  30.00
            Ron Dowell – cartridges for printing iris pictures                                36.56
            Erling Gustafson – fort shed door hardware                                      16.40
            Donna Dowell – donuts for iris sale workers                                     11.98
            Elizabeth Gustafson – food & beverages for sale party                    120.20
            Friends of the Historical Museum – membership fee                       100.00
            Friends of the Historical Museum grounds rental gift                       100.00
                                                                        Total Expenses            $1369.04
Saving Expenses
            Cash withdrawal to set up the rhizome sale cash boxes                  500.00
Following is the treasurer’s report through the 24th day of August, 2009.
            Balance reported for July 31, 2009                                             $3910.90
            August Receipts
                        Grab Bag Sales                                                               201.50
                        Iris Auction Receipts                                                        264.00
                        Iris Markers                                                                       35.00
                        Return of Check                                                                 30.00
            Balance                                                                                   $4441.40
            Expenses Paid                                                                            472.50
            Balance as of August 24, 2009                                                  $3968.90
            Balance reported for July 31, 2009                                              $5456.86
            August Receipts – Wayne Richlie Memorial                                    150.00
            August 24, 2009 Balance                                                           $5606.86
Checking Expenses
            Erling Gustafson – rhizome sale table rental reimbursement             240.00
            Erling Gustafson – Wayne Richlie memorials service food trays         50.00
            Alverta Symes – 2008 R & I book purchase for card file                     10.00
            Lee Newspapers – ads for rhizome sale                                           91.00
            First Security Bank – cost to print new checks                                 19.90
            Mutual Materials – purchase of 40 wall blocks for the siberian bed      61.60
                                                                             Total Expenses          $472.50
            July Receipts                                                                            $3116.51
            August Receipts                                                                           201.50
                                    Total                                                                 $3317.01
An additional $12.50 was turned in August 12th from grab bag sales at the market.
Alverta Symes moved the treasurer’s reports be accepted.  The motion was seconded and carried.
CanopiesThe canopies that were to be purchased this fall were not available.  They have been ordered for delivery in the spring of 2010.
Card File – Five people showed up at the last card file work session.  185 cards got covered with plastic.  There are still several hundred cards to cut, write on, and cover with plastic.  Ed Verancke has been cutting the cards. Anita Cervenak has been verifying the information to go on the cards and putting that info onto the cards.  A BIG round of thanks and appreciation was given to both of them for all the hours of work they have put in on the card file.
Fort Garden Work Party – Ron Dowell thought he had read there would be a work party at the fort on Sunday, September 27th.  After discussing what needed to be done in the gardens, it was decided by consensus that the work party should be scheduled in October.
Shed – The shed is almost finished.  A little trim still needs to be attached and painted.
Nominating Committee – President Ron Dowell called for a nominating committee.  No one volunteered so Ron said he would be calling on people to serve on the committee.
Sunshine  - Betty Ann Gustafson reported that MIS donated the meat and cheese trays for the reception following the funeral of Wayne Richlie.  Elinor Utech has been in the hospital but is now recuperating at The Village.  A card was passed around for thoughts and signatures.  Betty Ann will send it to her.  Claudia Brown had an emergency appendectomy.  She is out and about and doing well.  Rosemary Baier is very sick and now confined to a wheelchair.
Leona Wyckoff has a birthday in September.  Best birthday wishes were extended to her.
Presidential Rhizome – No drawing was done at this meeting.  Two rhizomes will be awarded at the October meeting.
Ed Verplancke moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Bob Symes.  The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Zona Lindemann, Secretary