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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - October 2012


Here is the newsletter for October. Montana is known for it's blue skies and billowy clouds, but it has not been keeping up to our standards this year at all. The skies are orange-grey and the clouds are invisible to the naked eye. We might be getting a break for next week, but don't take it for granted. Our Montana weathermen can only predict about 12 hours in advance. 


Pete Addeo,  Webmaster
Missoula Iris Society



DATE & TIME: SATURDAY, October 6, 2012 AT 6:30 P.M. Usual potluck supper followed by meeting.
PLACE: Home of Gary Clark and Steve Hesla at 2275 Sunlite Lane, Missoula. Call 728-7633 for directions.

AGENDA: No information on a planned program, but the meeting may include discussion of upcoming 2013 elections of club officers and choosing an audit committee.



Dues for 2013 can be paid anytime to MIS c/o Treasurer Swede Gustafson in the amount of $10 per person for the year. Any new member who joined MIS in July or later is fully paid for the year 2013 as well.

Ann Violette has received the nomination for Regional Vice President of Region 11. Her appointment will be finalized at the next AIS board meeting in November and she will assume duties January 1, 2013. Congratulations Ann!

Region 13 is having a get-together in Spokane on Saturday, October 6 with judges training. Contact Ann Violette for additional information.

November 3 meeting will be at the home of Judy Blunt, 1901 1/2 S 4th St W., Missoula.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
Happy birthday to Jon Salmonson, October 8th; Judy Blunt, October 10th; Gary Clark, October 14th; Ernie Lucero, October 25th and Bob Symes, October 31st. Have a happy birthday all.


GARDEN CHAT ARTICLES: Be sure to read the fun article by member Anita Cervenak at the end of this newsletter and on our website. This is the last of our series of articles written by members and posted in the newsletter and on our website. Following is the list of the volunteers who wrote articles for the newsletter. We do need volunteers to write articles for November and December. Any volunteers??

April: Carol Barbian
June: Jim Sadler
October: Anita Cervenak
November: ___________
December: ___________


Minutes: SATURDAY, September 8, 2012 Meeting called to order at 7:48 P.M. by Ed Verplancke at the home of Bob and Alverta Symes.  Ed asked if the minutes were read, the July Minutes and Treasurer's Report were printed in the new letter. Ed approved the July Minutes as printed in the news letter.


Treasurer Report:  Was printed in the News - Swede reported $3,200.00 as profit from the sale, however then at the bank he noted a piece of paper with check amounts of $914.00 so the amount went to up then the teller counting came up with an additional $20.00 as there was 2 twenty dollar bills stuck together.  So the Total deposited was $4,150.00.  $600.00 was seed money and $75.00 was markers, plus there were 2 memberships.  Treasurer's report was approved as amended.


Old Business:  Carol Barbian took Lori the Presidential rhizome she won and toured her garden, she recommends that if anyone is up in here area to stop and visit. 


Pete and Carol deserve a thank you for running the sale and donating the use of their yard.  There were 11 grab bags left after the sale all of which were sold without having to take them to the market.


There were 39 new irises added to the iris bed.  Ed has maps of the finger beds and what is planted in each bed.  He also took pictures of the gardens when they were in bloom and the pictures are posted on the web site, so if you have not visited the website recently you need to.


Swede and Judy moved some of the Siberians in the bed.  They have put all the Morgan-Wood winners together.  They are all in the south bed, they still have 2 more to find and add.  Also, there is a lot of new iris in the baby bed.  We are the only iris garden the USA with almost a complete Siberian and Dykes winner's bed.  We still need a Brides Halo, so if you know who might have one let Swede know.


New Business:  Need a committee to find new officers.  Gary Clark was elected by default, Bob Symes has agreed to work with him.  Congrats Gary.


Betty Ann will send cards to new members and members who don't attend the meetings inviting them to come and join in .  Discussion followed about doing more programs. Suggestions were the quiz programs and slide shows from the AIS.  It was also suggested to put the meetings on the Missoula Event Calendar.


The October meeting will be at Gary Clarks on October 6th.  November meeting is at Judy's. 


Also, it is noted that Ernie just had surgery, and flowers were taken to him from Gary's Garden.  Thanks Gary.


Carol Barbian won the August Presidential rhizome and Ed won the September presidential rhizome.  Meeting adjourned by Bob and Swede seconded it..  Submitted by Cindy Davis, Secretary

TREASURER'S REPORT- as of September 25, 2012

No debits and no credits to the accounts since last month report
September 24, 2012 balance is $11,836.98

September 24, 2012 balance is 615.92

The Certificate of Deposit matured on August 9, 2012 with a value of $3699.11. I sold this CD and replaced it with a 2yr (24 Month) CD which will mature on August 9, 2014. I did this to get a better interest rate at .70%.

Respectfully submitted,

Swede Gustafson, Treasurer 


Garden Chat by Anita Cervenak

When I was little my mother and her friend used to walk around each others' yards, oh-ing and ah-ing and discussing how to fertilize the roses and what kind of bushes to plant along the back fence. Sometimes they walked to the nearby nursery to pick out new plants and the nice nursery-man took time to find just the right thing and tell them how to care for it. I liked to look at the flowers and smell the rich damp earth. Otherwise I thought the whole subject was boooooring. Now I listen to myself and our friends walking around each other's yards and admiring the flowers and discussing how to deal with bindweed and campanula and I think, How fascinating! Times change.

There were  iris in our yard when I was growing up - purple ones in a semi-circle behind the clothesline. Once in a while my mother did mysterious things with them, digging them out and putting them back in. It seemed like a lot of wasted effort. I preferred the brilliant azaleas and hibiscus and the fragrant honeysuckle that hung from the fence. One summer I took care of the roses, located right behind the iris, for a Camp Fire Honor. I religiously weeded, watered, fertilized and sprayed them for aphids and mildew, and the roses were splendid that summer. (I shudder to think about all that poison now, but it did keep off the aphids and mildew.) The iris didn't seem to mind one way or another.

We joined the Iris Society because - well, I don't really know. It seemed like fun. Little did we know how addicting these flowers could become.  At first it was confusing - all these SDBs and MTBs and BBs, whatever that meant. Were the groups of three supposed to face toward each other or away from each other? What did it matter what year they were introduced?

So now we listen to ourselves walking around among the iris, talking more or less knowledgeably about what kinds they are and how they behave and when they bloom, and it's not boring at all.