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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - September 2004


Here is the September Newsletter.  Members, be thinking about which committees/positions you might be interested in for 2005. Contributing in this way to our organization keeps you involved, active and knowledgeable about what is going on.

Pete Addeo, Webmaster
Missoula Iris Society

DATE & TIME: September 11th, 6:30 pm
PLACE: Pot Luck dinner at the home of  Sandy Greene, 4916 Rattlesnake Drive, call 542-9853 for directions
PROGRAM: Program after meeting:  Favorite garden tools. Members bring along your favorite garden tools and give a brief presentation on why you like it so much.  You might also bring along information on cost and where to purchase it, since it's a sure thing if you like the tool so much, other members will want one too.   If you don't have a favorite, bring along your worst tool.
BUSINESS: Selection of a nominating committee for the 2005 officers, report on the sale, selection of a 25th Anniversary Committee for 2005, Fort Gardens report.



Positions include officers of President (Jim Sadler in second term), Vice President (Ann Violette in second term), Secretary (Carol Addeo in 5th term)  and Treasurer (Swede Gustafson).  Talk to the current chairperson to see what is involved.

Committees are Show (Ann Violette and Roger Muir), Tour
Sale (Cindy Davis) and Fort Gardens (Billie Gray and Honk Meyer) , and a special 25th Anniversary committee for 2005.  Other positions include Historian, Publicity (includes kiosk at Fort Gardens), Sunshine person (Elinor Utech), Membership (Zona Lindemann), Newsletter Editor (Pete Addeo) , Programs, Judges Training Chair (Alverta Symes), Auditing Committee

Call Billie at 543-3480  to see how you can help. The Committee of Past and Present Fort Chairmen in 2003 determined that a four year rotation of the beds would keep the beds vitalized and in good repair. This process was begun in 2002 with the Siberian Bed, continued in 2003 with the reconstruction of the Big Bed and the Median Bed. It was decided at the same meeting to expand the Siberian Bed so the iris in the back could be moved more into the sun.

This year beds 1-4 were designated for augmenting the soils and renovating the beds and grassy areas between the beds. Therefore, the following needed to be done:
1. Remove all plants from the beds (done)
2. Lift out edging and save (done)
3. Remove spent soil (done)
4. Remove sod (done)
5. Realign beds and grass areas (done)
6. Add new soil and rototill (done)
7. Level grass areas between the beds to eliminate the "valleys
8. Replace edging
9. Raise the sprinkler heads
10. Replant the iris and perennials
11. Re-sod
12. Expand Siberian Bed
13. Mulch (with gravel)

Items number 7 thru 13 still need to be done. Please come and help. Call Billie at 543-3480 for work times.
Alverta wants to remind everyone to get a list to her of any new iris you purchased this year.  This helps her keep the sale files updated with pictures.
The following news is continued from the August newsletter. I want to leave this in as it is important that each of us help out as much as possible. Please volunteer to help when you can to keep out Fort Gardens looking beautiful.
1. Everybody to choose bed and section numbers.
2. Monitor and keep track of information pertinent to these beds/sections that will make us more knowledgeable of the characteristics of the iris in each section.
1. Iris type - (tall bearded, Siberian, etc)
2. Name of iris and place in the bed
3. Hybridizer and year of introduction
4. Supplier - (MIS member, Sutton, Schreiner's, etc) and year planted at the Fort Gardens.
5. Some history - Parentage, country, etc.
6. A photo of the iris in bloom, single blossom and the clump with the info written on the back of the photo
     I would further suggest that the duties of making sure of the label on the bed and deadheading after bloom would be assumed by the member. I think it would be interesting to have a short report about the iris from each section keeper throughout the year at the meetings, showing the photo and some comments about extra good performance, color, etc.
     While we do not expect weeding from the membership in general, keep in mind that whatever weeding we do, we don't have to pay to have it done. Also we are only paying for weeding and all the other housekeeping chores are still the responsibility of the members.
     I think it might be fun to make a contest of the most complete information collected over the season. Prize to be an iris of course.
     Try and schedule one session a month to clean off dead foliage and during the bloom season 1 day a week that you could keep them in good looking condition.
     When we get to the end of the season and are cutting back, please let's make them look as consistent as possible. I am arbitrarily setting 3" - 4" high for cutting back Tall Beardeds; 2" - 3" for Siberians and Spurias, and 2" - 3" for the babies (MDB's, SDB's, IB's and MTB's)
     When digging out the iris clumps for the sale, it is terribly important that soil not be left bridging over the edging. We have found that it lets grass find it's way into the beds and creates a bad maintenance problem. Be careful and aware! (Watch this when you are doing any weeding too.)
     We also need to keep the other perennials and annuals deadheaded in order for these gardens to keep their beauty. That is our job! I hope we can make this be a banner year and have a great time doing it!!
     The Fort Chairman will be responsible for feeding, pesticide application, and choosing which iris will be dug for the sale. Please give us input if you notice a problem in your section.
     Please have a good time with this and let's aim for a fabulous year. Our most grateful thanks for being involved with this really remarkable project. We can't do it without you!!

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
Happy day to Leona Wyckoff - September 21st, Roger Muir - September 17th, Hazel Richlie - September 30th, Eloie Jeter - September 15th, Sonia Dellapiazza - September 20th, and Wayne Richlie - September 17th.  Have a happy birthday and all the good wishes and cheers that go along with it.

Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting

Minutes -
There were no minutes from August as a meeting was not held.  The July minutes were in the August Newsletter.

Treasurers Report - Treasurers report by Swede Gustafson.
          Checking Account  (July 31, 2004)

       Beginning balance:              $         553.53
       Deposits                                        134.00
           Sub-Total                       687.53
       Less Expenses                   516.24
       Ending Balance               $  171.29

      Checking Account Deposits:
       Presidential Rhizome Auction                  36.00
       Sale of plant markers                               98.00
                      Total                                    $134.00

   Checking Account Expenses:
       Claudia Brown - Sale setup crew beverages                                   17.98
       Alverta Symes - Sharpie Marking pens                                            3.88
       Sale and Fort Garden                                                                   21.98
       Ace Hardware - Siberian bed concrete blocks                                 89.40
       Betty Ann Gustafson - After sale party food & bev                           69.78 
       Swede Gustafson - Fort Garden Renovation                                    68.44
       Zona Lindemann - Weeding Labor                                                  46.50
       Sprinkler System Repairs                                                             18.28
                        Total Expenses                                                     $  516.24

The final tally for the rhizome sale will be reported when the funds received from the grab bag sales have been turned in to the Treasurer. The sale day receipts were tallied on August 4 by Lynn Weger and myself and $2,847.00 was deposited to the savings account that day. This amount included $350.00 in cash box set-up funds withdrawn from the savings account on July 30th.

Respectfully, Swede Gustafson, Treasurer