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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - September 2006

Here is the Newsletter.  Hard to believe that summer is almost over and it’s Labor Day again. All our activities are finished and we have all had a great year and we all got a lot of things accomplished. You all need to pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. Just one more garden work party and we are done for the year.

The agenda for the meeting will be reports on the sale, reports on a grant we received from the Historical Museum and selection of a committee for nomination of officers for 2007.  Yes, it's that time again!   A budget board  meeting will be scheduled for October.  Committee is needed for annual end of year audit of our books..
Pete Addeo,
Webmaster & President
Missoula Iris Society
DATE & TIME: Saturday, September 16, 2006 at 6:30pm with potluck dinner
PLACE: Home of Bob and Alverta Symes in Bonner. Call  258-6649  for directions.
PROGRAM:  Bob will grill their famous hamburgers and veggie burgers, so everyone is encouraged to bring along side dishes to go with the burgers.  No word on a program at this time.

Welcome to five new members: Add these members to your membership list.

   Alayne E. Hilditch, 8885 LaSalle Way, Missoula, MT 59808.  Phone #829-8868; email is alayne@montana.com.
   Anta & Ed Verplancke, 517 Phillips, Missoula, MT 59802.  email is acervenak@hotmail.com
   Jan Sonsg, 23205 NineMile Rd, Huson, MT 59846 - ph 626-4757
   Paula Rasmussen, P.O. Box 156, White Sulpher Springs, MT 59645 - Ph 542-3747; email paula@smithriverrealty.com

ATTENTION NEW MEMBERS:  We have a nice informational packet to give you which includes a membership list, a discount coupon from Marchies Nursery and lots of great growing tips on iris, plus all the important events of our society.  Come to the meeting to receive your packet, but if you can't come, call or e mail Carol Addeo and we'll mail it to you.  Her e mail is carolyn@montana.com or call 251-5833.

It has been brought to my attention that we should have a name for our newsletter. Bring your thoughts and ideas to the next meeting and we can have a vote on a name. The winner of the name will receive a 2007 rhizome as a prize. WOW!!
Alverta has asked me to mention to everyone to bring an updated list of your garden iris for our card file. It’s important that we keep this list updated for use during the year and for our sale.
FORT GARDENS WORK PARTY - The last work party of the year, getting the beds ready for winter, will be held Sunday September 24 beginning at 1:00 pm.  We'll have a little eating fun, too, if everyone would like, at 5:00 we'll stop and have BBQ'd German Sausage and buns, provided by Pete and Carol; anyone who wants to bring salads, deserts or ??  contact Carol so we'll know how many can come.  Chores we need to accomplish, according to Billie Gray, are pulling out grass from arbors, dig out soil and bring in pea gravel to bare spots and finish some edging and some labeling of new additions. Carol will be bringing a load of pea gravel from JTL on Friday September 21, if anyone can come to the Fort Gardens at 3:00 to help unload it.

MID AMERICA GARDENS provided the Presidential Rhizomes again this year and donated a nice quanitity of extras for our Fort Garden and for our auction fund raising.

THE HISTORICAL BOOKLET - our society published this year is for sale for only $5.00 for any members (or interested friends) who wish to purchase them.  Titled  "Fifty Years of iris growing, 25 years of iris showing". It will be available at the next meeting.  See Secretary Carol Addeo.

Our historical booklet has been placed with the Historical Museum, the Mansfield Library, the Montana Historical Society in Helena and the Missoula County Library.  We are happy to report that the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula has approved our request for a grant of $410 to cover costs of printing.  The grant contract was returned to Dr. Robert Brown, Director, on August 28, 2006.

We donated two copies of our booklet to the Mansfield Library and received a thank you note from Donna McCrea, Archivist, who said one copy has been placed into Special Collections and one copy into the Montana Collection.  She congratulated us on the continued strength and success of the Missoula Iris Society.

We donated two copies of our historical booklet to the Montana Historical Society in Helena and received a thank you for contributing to Montana's rich history from Molly Kruckenberg, Director.

We also donated two copies to the Montana Collection of the Missoula County Library as well.

DAHLIA SHOW SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 at Orchard Homes Country Life Club
Open for exhibits at 6:00 a.m., judging starts at 10:00 am.  Come see the beautiful flowers and enjoy homemade soup and pie at the concession area.  For information call Lynn Weger at 543-8695.


   The Missoula Iris Society was saddened by the passing of long time member Ken Swanson in July.  We will sincerely miss him.  Cleo sent us a nice thank you card for the flowers.  She commented that Ken's quality of life had decreased considerably in the last months so it was difficult for him to make the meetings...but he sure missed everyone! She thanked one and all for their support.

   Several members of the society organized a work party and went to the Swanson home to help Cleo  with some of the yard work.   Those good folks who helped Cleo maintain her yard were Zona, Billie, Bob, Honk, Alverta, Swede, Lynn, Gary and Elinor.  Just reinforces what a nice group of people we hang out with.

   Kenneth N. Swanson

   Kenneth N. Swanson, 79, of Missoula, passed away at St. Patrick Hospital on Sunday, July 9, 2006 of natural causes.
   He was born to Adolph and Abby Swanson on Aug. 16, 1926 in Corvallis.  Kenneth graduated from Corvallis High  School and served in the U.S. Army Air Force. 
   On September 18, 1961, he married Cleo Ann Thode in Holt, Minn.  He farmed near Corvallis and later worked for Burlington Northern Railroad for 33 years.
   Ken was an avid woodworker and gardener.  He served in many ways at Immanuel Lutheran Church, including a custodial position he held with his wife.  He was a member of VASA Tegner Lodge No. 224 and the Missoula Iris Society.
   We will always remember Pops as someone who loved the great outdoors and we know now that he walks with God, free of aches and pains.  He was preceded in death by his parents and baby sister Phyllis.
   Survivors are his wife of 44 years, Cleo, of Missoula, son Matt and wife Monica of Spokane; daughter Laurie of Missoula, granddaughter Jessica and grandsons Jacob and Peter, and sister Lois Richards of Seattle.
It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
Happy day to Wayne Richlie – September 17th,  Sonia Dellapiazza – September 20th,  Eloie Jeter – September 15th, Hazel Richlie – September 30th, and Roger Muir – September 17th.  Have a happy birthday and all the good wishes and cheers that go along.
Meeting Locations and Activities for the rest of  2006:

      September  16th - Meeting at Bob and Alverta Symes. 
      October 7 - Hostess is Alayne E. Hilditch, Grant Creek.  Address is 8885 LaSalle Way, Missoula - Phone 829-8868
      November 4th - Meeting at Billie Gray's
      Sunday December 3 or Sat Dec 2- - Christmas party and gift exchange at Ken and Rose Mary Baier's
JULY AND AUGUST 2006 (No meeting in August so both months are reported.)
Balance reported June 30                                               $3228.77
Deposits - July
Memberships received at rhizome sale                                 27.00
August Memberships received                                             18.00
City of Missoula reimbursement                                         212.51
Expenses – July
Yearly Service charge from Bank                                         24.00
Transfer to checking account                                             600.00
Expenses - August
Transfer to checking account                                             246.50
Total                                                                                870.50
August 31 Balance……………………………...$2615.78
INTEREST INCOME                                                             7.95
JUDGES FUND                                                                375.43
MEMORIALS FUND                                                          301.92
BUILDING FUND                                                               565.47
2006 RHIZOME SALE                                                      3001.00
Total Sub- Accounts…………………..$4251.77
SAVINGS ACCOUNT BALANCE…………………….....$6867.55
Balance reported on June 30                                           $ 849.59
Deposits – July
Transfer from Savings                                                        600.00
Membership received                                                            9.00
Transfer from Savings                                                        246.50
Rhizome auction receipts                                                   167.50
Plant marker tag sales                                                      186.00
Miscellaneous income                                                        27.75
Total …………………………………....$1236.75
Expenses – July                                                            $1324.07
Expenses - August                                                            148.41
Total…………………………………  $1472.48
August 31 Balance……………… .$   613.86
EXPENSES PAID - PawPaw Plant marking tags purchase - $239.50; Western Montana Publishing Group – Tour Ad and Sale Ads - $206.41; Carol Addeo – newsletter printing/postage - $141.05; Pete Addeo – Historical booklet printing - 178.35; Comanche Acres – spuria iris purchase - $183.95; Siberian Iris Society – 2 complete checklist - $16.00; Flower Haus – Ken Swanson funeral arrangement - $40.00; Ron Dowell – Rhizome Sale expenses incurred- $207.43; Alverta Symes – reimbursement for payment on sale tables rental - $180.00; Betty Ann Gustafson – after sale party food expenses - $79.79  TOTAL - $1472.48.
INFORMATION NOTES – 1) The deposit from the City of Missoula is a portion of the Grant given by the City for the installation of four trellis’ at the Fort Missoula Gardens. This amount reimburses the Society for the materials used in the 16 concrete bases to anchor the trellises. 2) The income from the rhizome sale is kept in a savings sub-account as this amount plus whatever balances in the club operations account and the checking account are used to calculate the budget for the upcoming year,