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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - September 2007



Here is the September newsletter. The summer is almost over and there have been lots of things happening. Hope you all are surviving the smoke and junk in the air. It hasn’t been the best summer for most of us, but we’re all here. Time to get it all back together and get ready for another change in seasons and hopefully better weather and breathable air.

Pete Addeo,

Missoula Iris Society


DATE & TIME: Sat, September 8th, Potluck supper begins at 6:30 pm.  Meeting begins around 8:00 pm
PLACE:   Home of Gary Clark, 2275 Sunlite Lane in the Target Range area. Call 728-7633 for directions. 

PROGRAM:  Our guest speaker will be Helen Atthowe, Horticulturist from the Missoula County Extension Office. She will present a 30-45 minute PowerPoint program on Xeroscaping with Native Plants including some discussion on native iris.  The program will follow dinner.  I would like to encourage everyone to attend and support our guest speaker. Thanks to Fred Frye for the program.




From Alverta Symes: It is that time of year that you need to send list of irises in the yard so at the last minute we do not have to make cards If you have sent me a list once all you have to do is send me a list of your new irises.


Grateful “Thanks” from Lynn Weger:  

Lynn Weger, her brother Bob and the entire Weger family would like to thank the Missoula Iris Society for the wonderful book that was donated to the Missoula Public Library in the name of our late mother, Hertha Weger.  Our mom was a frequent visitor to Missoula and came to many iris meetings in the past. She always enjoyed those potlucks and warm friendships and often asked about members when she was in Ohio.  She was a strong believer in education so a book to help plant enthusiasts learn about irises is a fitting memorial for her.  This book, Magic of Irises, by Barbara Perry Lawton, has great information about each type of iris including history, characteristics and culture.  Good photos accompany the text.  It would be a refreshing read during the winter months.  Library of Congress #635.9343. A special thanks to Swede and Betty Anne Gustafson for their time researching and purchasing this book.



Society members were saddened to hear that Donna Irene Bowers, 80, of Lolo, passed away Sunday Aug 5, 2007.  Donna had been ill for several years and had been unable to actively participate in iris society events.    Donna and her husband Jerrry were active members of the Missoula Iris Society for many, many years.  In fact, they were among the small group of members who worked so hard to create that first public display garden at Fort Missoula in the early 1980's.

Donna was born July 22, 1927 in Oelwein, Iowa.  Donna taught school in Kalispell, Florence and Missoula.  She loved flowers and was very active in the Missoula Iris society.  The family suggests friends donate to the Montana cancer Center or a favorite charity in remembrance of her..


It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy day to Eloie Jeter, September 15th; Roger Muir, September 17th; Wayne Richlie, September 17th; Sonia Dallapiazza, September 20th; and Hazel Richlie, September 30th.


Added Meeting Locations:

Our October meeting will be hosted by Alayne Hildritch in Grant Creek

Our November meeting will be hosted by Honk Meyer.


Treasurer's Report from Pete Addeo: Months of July and August 2007


        Club Savings Account CD                         
                Balance June 30                                   $3253.45

                Interest earned – renewed 8/9/07                 105.73

                                        Balance – Aug 31          $3359.18


       Club Savings Account                             
                Balance June 30                                   $6374.40

                           Xfer to Checking Acct                    -1000.00

                           Interest Earned thru 8/30                      8.18

                Balance August 30                                  5382.58  

         June 30 Balance                                             ($ 7.63)
                     July/Aug 2007 deposits:

                            Transfer from Savings                  $1,000.00

                            Annual Rhizome Sale                    2,143.50

                            Rhizome Auction                             157.00
                                   Total Deposits                    $3,300.50


          Expenses Paid – July/August 2007

                          Jim Sadler – Show Fees                   -110.56

                           Anne Violette – Fees                        -40.98

                           Swede Gustafson                             -58.73

                           Sale Seed Money                           -300.00

                           OBC Northwest – Tags                   -185.28

                           OBC Northwest – Shipping               -36.30

                           Star Rentals – Tables                     -140.00

                           Swede Gustafson                            -69.12

                           Paul Renaldo – Garden Repairs       -188.50

                           Pizza Hut – Digging Crew                 -60.19


                          Balance – August 31                  $2,163.40



Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting:  July 14, 2007


The meeting was called to order by President Elinor Utech.  The minutes and treasurer’s report were accepted as printed in the June, 2007, Falls and Standards.


A brief summary of the doings and results of the Iris Show was given.  The ‘No Name” category proved popular.  A big thank you was extended to Jim Sadler and all of the volunteers for the hard work they did from the early organizing of the show all the way through to taking it down and storing the staging paraphernalia.


Many thanks were extended to Ron and Donna Dowell for the engraving done on the plates for the Median Show.


A suggestion was made that the society should hold at least one meeting each year in the Fort Garden.


Old Business

            Shed:   We are still waiting for the report from the architect.  It is expected to be done and in our hands by late August.  After we have the report, we will be able to obtain the necessary permits from the city and begin building      our new shed.


            Sale:    Digging will be done Sunday, July 22nd and Monday, July 23rd if necessary. Digging will begin at 6:00 a.m.  Clumps to be dug have been tied off with flagging.  All rhizomes (those from both the Fort Gardens and members’ gardens) are to be dropped off at Pete and Carol Addeo’s. Sorting and labeling will be done during the week beginning Monday, July 23rd.  Friday’s session will end with a Stone Soup supper.  Pete Addeo and Swede Gustavson will be in charge of the cash.  The following have signed up to be cashiers:  Donna Dowell, Cindy Davis, Alayne Hilditch and Ernie Lucero.  Claudia Brown said she would bring donuts. People are needed to distribute posters.  These can be gotten from Pete Addeo at Dr. PC or at his house.



            Fort Gardens:  Billie Gray, the Fort Chair, reported that quite a few iris died over the winter.  The loss was especially heavy in those beds that did not have       much pea gravel on them or had been planted late.  The iris that survived put on a spectacular show starting in March with the little ones all the way through to the tall bearded.  The only downside to the great bloom was it was almost all gone by the time of the iris show.


            Billie noted that there were quite a few mislabeled clumps throughout the garden including three in the Dyke’s bed.  Those known to be mislabeled have their labels turned around backwards.  Billie cautioned that we had to be very vigilant about getting the names correct when digging.  She suggested that if two clumps had grown together that the overlapped area be dug and labeled as unknown while the opposite sides be labeled with the appropriate name.  Mislabeled iris cost us money at the sale and, more importantly, hurt our credibility with the public.


            Plant backs for the fort will be chosen from among all the iris brought to Carol and Pete’s.  Iris older than five years will be planted where there is space in the finger beds.  The newest TB iris will go in the Big Bed.


            The Siberian Bed is scheduled for renovation this year.  We have   completed the four year rotation.  The garden is now totally revamped.            Therefore, this year’s renovating will not to be as extensive.  Carson Vehrs again has people available to help with the heavy work.  He just needs to be contacted.


            Irrigation has been extended to the birch west of the Big Bed.  Roses need to be tied up to the arbors.  We started to keep bloom records this year to help us really know how the different iris actually grow in our area.



            It was announced that Wayne and Hazel Richlie were both ill.  It was also reported that Donna Bowers has been moved to The Village.  She is not doing well.


            Presidential rhizomes have been ordered and are expected in next week.  Claudia Brown will hand them out.


            The July 2007 presidential rhizome went to Elinor Utech.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Zona Lindemann, Secretary


Following the meeting Gordon Skaggs from Habiscapes presented a program on garden water features.  He showed us the parts needed to install a water feature, how it all works, and some idea of what a few different installations would cost.