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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - September 2010


Here’s the newsletter for September. Personally speaking, It’s hard to believe that summer has come and gone so quickly. In fact the entire year is almost gone and it won’t be long before Thanksgiving and Christmas are also here and gone in an elderly minute as well.


Pete Addeo,

Missoula Iris Society


September 2010 MEETING

DATE & TIME: September 11, 2010 at 6:30 p.m.. Usual potluck supper followed by the meeting.
PLACE: Home of Bob and Alverta Symes in Bonner at 3029 River Bend Dr. Call 258-6649 for directions. Bob and Alverta will prepare their usual delicious grilled hamburgers, so our potluck contributions should include side dishes and condiments for the burgers.

PROGRAM: No information on a planned program, but the meeting may include discussion of upcoming 2011 elections of club officers and chosing an audit committee might be on the agenda.



Rhizome Sale Report from sale chairperson Carol Addeo. Another year of a lot of work by a lot of members. Thank you everyone! We got the job accomplished again this year with no major problems.

I guess by now we know how to do this. The sale was a big success. Although we had a lot fewer rhizomes this year, partly due to poor winter weather, partly due to members cutting down on their large gardens and fewer rhizomes available in our display bed at Fort Missoula. But the quality of the rhizomes was very good, the work load was much more manageable, and we had fewer rhizomes left over for grab bags, which is good.

The net sale proceeds were $2,889.50, which was slightly less than last year, but the rewards were much less work for members. A total of 801 rhizomes were available for the sale,(in the past we've had as many as 1700), including those from the display garden and those from members gardens. These included 339 Dykes, 100 Space Age, 36 IB's, 3 BB's, 6 MTB's, 3 MDB's, 4 Iris Pallida, 11 AB's, 121 SDB's, 326 TB's and 5 different varieties of Siberians, including I San Guinea (Kamayama), Sugi, Uri, Iris Setosa (variety Interior), Lady Vanessa and Pink Haze. All of the Siberians sold out at the sale. In fact, practically everything sold out; we had very few grab bags left.

A big thank you to everyone who helped with our sale, especially those many members who showed up the Sunday before the sale to dig, clean, trim at the display gardens. And again to those who showed up Wednesday at the Addeo house for a couple hours of marking labels. Thanks to Alverta, who spent many hours answering questions and solving problems during the sale preparation Friday. What was especially nice is we were able to accomplish the sale organizing on Friday in one day. Thanks to Bob for delivering and returning the tables on Saturday morning. Thanks to Swede for the use of his pickup truck to haul the rhizomes and thanks to Pete for hauling the sale supplies.

The stone soup supper on Friday evening was a great success and the after sale party at Billie's patio was also really nice. Thanks Betty Ann for bringing the food.


It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!

Happy birthday to Eloie Jetter, September 15th; and Roger Muir, July 17th. Have a happy birthday all.


Even though the rhizome count was down this year in comparisons to records from previous years, I felt it was a nice sale with good quality of product and the number of buyers. Our price for the rhizomes did not seem to interfere with the sale of rhizomes due to the quality of product as it has in the past. There were not a lot of grab bags left which is good. Good quality gives good clients. Anyway here are the financial results from the sale.

7/31 CASH DEPOSITED $2525.00
Sub-total $3489.50

Net Receipts $2889.50
RECEIPTS have been deposited to the Savings Account

Sale Flyers paper $ 21.57
Star Rental – Tables 150.00
Signs for Tables 14.76
Pre-sale work party food/drinks 33.37
Missoulain Ads 94.60
Total Expenses $ 314.30

Food – chicken and pizza $77.48

the expenses came from the SALE LINE ITEM of the budget which ended up with a positive number. Star Rental gave the Iris Club a $50.00 donation deduction for the tables this year as we have been such great customers.

Following the sale party, the auction began to auction off the extra rhizomes received from the PREZIDENTIAL Rhizomes purchase but thunder came and its was bidding louder than the people at the auction so we all went inside to Billie’s living room where much joy and merriment was passed around to those who remained in attendance. A large number of rhizomes went to the auction from which $230.00 was collected which will assist in purchasing rhizomes for next season.


A Note from Swede Gustafson

My surgery on August 20 went very well.  So well in fact I was out of surgery in 3 hours instead of about 5.  The tumor near the pituitary gland was easily removed  and I now have much better periferal eyesight in my left eye.  I thank all of the club members who called Betty Ann with concern about the surgery.  I am in transtion now awaiting visiting an endrochrinolosist about medicines to control the adreanal and kidney functions.  Can't get in until November but am on stanby for cancelations.  Its been a long haul this summer to get to the surgery point but I now happpy it is over.  See you all at the September meeting.

Minutes of the Missoula Iris Society Meeting, Saturday, July 10, 2010

Minutes of Missoula Iris Society, July 10, 2010 held at the home of Carol and Pete Addeo

The meeting was called to order after a potluck supper hosted at the home of Carol and Pete Addeo,
President Ed Verplancke presiding.

The minutes of the previous meeting were presented and were amended by a motion from Carol Addeo who asked that the June minutes be amended to include her name as the temporary secretary. The minutes and the motion passed.

Some dates were corrected from the newsletter: The sorting work party on Thurs and Fri is July 29-30. The Saturday sales is July 31st, not July 25th as the newsletter stated in one place.

The treasures report was given by Swede Gustafson. President Ed Verplancke accepted the report subject to review.


Treasurer’s Report for June 2010

Savings Account Activity
Balance May 31, 2010 $6,505.39
Interest income 2.17
Judging Class deposit 40.00

June 30, 2010 balance $6,547.56


Checking Account Activity May 31
Balance May 31, 2010 $2,004.68
Income -
2 memberships received 18.00
2009 R&I book sale 10,00

Excess show lunch funds 50.00

Total 78.00

Balance $2,082.68
Expenses –
MidAmerica Gardens –Rhizomes 250.00
Carolyn Addeo – newsletter exp. 75.00
Cash – show workers lunch money 125.00

Betty Ann Gustafson – show exp. 126.26

Zona Lindemann – mower repairs 109.44

Judy Blunt – ice cream social exp. 67.27

Total 752.97

May 31, 2010 Checking Balance $1,329.71

A show report was given by Betty Ann Gustafson, She stated that he best Specimen of he show went to “Oyez” by Fred Frey, Best youth “Habit” by Scott Drake, Best Artistic Design by Donna Dowell. A full list of all the winners is in the July newsletter.

An ice cream social was held as planned June 15, at the Fort. It was reported that the social was a success and well attended. Special  thanks was given to Judy Blunt and Billie Gray and all others who helped with event.

Carol Addeo gave a report of the upcoming events for the Iris Sale
Sunday July 25th the sale preparation begins. Digging, cleaning, trimming at the display garden at Fort Missoula; Tuesday July 27, members can begin to drop off cleaned and trimmed rhizomes to sell at the home of the Addeo’s 5805 HELENA Dr in Linda Vista. On Wednesday, July 28 a work party is scheduled at the Addeo’s, Thursday, July 29th sorting begins, all members are welcome to help, Friday, July 30 followed by our usual stone soup party Friday evening. Loading will occur Saturday July 31st the Sale set up will begin at 8 a.m. A party for participating members to be held at Billie Gray's home to begin at 1:00 P.M. after the sale.

There will be no meeting for August. Next meeting will be on September 11th at the home of Bob and Alverta Symes, 3029 River Bend Drive Bonner Phone 258-6649 at 6:30 P.m.
Person winning the Presidential Rhizome name was not recorded however it was awarded.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Jim Sadler, Secretary