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Missoula Iris Society Newsletter - September 2012



Here is the newsletter for September. Summer has been here with a vengeance and I personally am tired of all the hot weather. Summer is great, but enough is enough! Looks like we might be getting a break for September this year, but don't take it for granted. Montana weathermen can only predict about 12 hours in advance. 


Pete Addeo,  Webmaster
Missoula Iris Society



DATE & TIME: SATURDAY, September 8, 2012 AT 6:30 P.M. Usual potluck supper followed by meeting.
of Bob and Alverta Symes, 3029 River Bend Dr, Bonner. Call 258-6649 for directions. Bob and Alverta will prepare their usual delicious Bob Burgers, so our potluck contributions should include side dishes and condiments for the burgers. Anyone planning to bring the sliced tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and stuff for burgers should let Alverta know.

AGENDA: No information on a planned program, but the meeting may include discussion of upcoming 2013 elections of club officers and choosing a nominating committee.



The third annual Great Ice Cream Social was held at the Fort Gardens in late June and was another great success. Thanks again to Judy Blunt for making the ice cream and the toppings.

Welcome to the following new members. Add them to your printed membership list. We hope to meet them at the next meeting.

Linda Hightower, 3921 MountAve, Msla59804 - ph # 728-4947. e mail linhi3921@gmail.com
Pat Redler, 2408 South 4th St W, Msla 59801 Ph 549-2864 - e mail patredler@yahoo.com.

Rhizome Sale Report from sale chairperson Carol Addeo. Another year of a lot of work by a lot of members. Thank you everyone! We got the job accomplished again this year with no major problems.
I guess by now we know how to do this. The sale was a big success. The quality of the rhizomes was very good, the work load was much more manageable, and we had fewer rhizomes left over for grab bags.

A big thank you to everyone who helped with our sale, especially those many members who showed up the Sunday before the sale to clean, and trim and to those who showed up the following Monday at my home to label. Thanks to Alverta, who spent many hours answering questions and solving problems during the sale preparation Friday. What was especially nice is we were able to accomplish the sale organizing on Thursday and Friday in two half day sessions. Thanks to Bob for delivering and returning the tables on Saturday morning. Thanks to Pete and Swede for the use of their vehicles to haul the rhizomes and supplies.

The stone soup supper on Friday evening was a great success and the after sale party at Billie's patio was also really nice. Thanks Betty Ann for bringing the food.

It's Their Birthday!!....Let's Give 'Em a Cheer!!!
No birthdays to report for August. Happy birthday to Heidi Martin, September 11th; and Roger Muir, September 17th. Have a happy birthday all.

TREASURERíS REPORT:- as of August 25, 2012

June 24, 2012 reported balance $ 9651.45
Credits to the account (+)4150.53
Debits from the account (-) 1965.00
August 24, 2012 balance is $11,836.98

2nd quarter 2012 interest income 0.53
Rhizome sale income 4150.00
Total $4150.53

Transfers to checking 1365.00
Rhizomes sale cash box funds 600.00
Total $1965.00


June 24, 2012 reported balance 93.87
Credits to the account (+)1509.00
Debits from the account (-) 986.95
August 24, 2012 balance is 615.92

Transfers from Savings 1365.00
Memberships received (3) 30.00
Grab Bag Sales 35.00
PawPaw plant markers sales 79.00
Total $1509.00

First Security Banks - purchase of checks 27.45
Judy Blunt - ice cream social supplies 51.18
Judy Blunt - donuts for sale day workers 20.00
Ed Verplancke - Fort Garden expenses 139.75
Carolyn Addeo - Sale food expenses 47.00
Star Rental - Sale table rental cost 200.00
Friends of the Historical Museum - gift 100.00
Friends of the Historical Museum - membership 100.00
Valley Press - sale advertising 21.24
Missoulian - sale advertising - 2 ads 97.40
Elizabeth Gustafson - Sale Party expenses 104.96
Fort Garden expenses - 77,97
Total - $986.95


Rhizome Sale Income Report-:

            Cash box set up funds from the Savings Account                       $ 600.00

            Memberships received  (2)                                                                 20.00

            PawPaw Plant Marker sales                                                               75.00

            Grab Bag Sales  - 11 bags @ $5 each                                             55.00

            Sale receipts                                                                                    3435.00

                                                                        Total                                    $4185.00


$600 was returned to Savings to replace the cash boxes set up funds; 

$20 received in memberships was deposited to Checking;  

$75 in PawPaw plant marker sales was deposited to Checking;

$35 in grab bag sales was deposited to Checking.

Total Deductions from the sale receipts is $730


Thus $3455 was the net income of the sale and was deposited to the Savings Account


The Certificate of Deposit matured on August 9, 2012 with a value of $3699.11.  I sold this CD and replaced it with a 2yr (24 Month) CD which will mature on August 9, 2014.  I did this to get a better interest rate at .70%. 


Respectfully submitted,

Swede Gustafson,



Minutes of Meeting:

SATURDAY, July 7, 2012 Meeting called to order at 7:40 P.M. by Ed Verplancke at the home of Jim and Linda Sadler. Ed asked if the minutes were read, that would be the May Minutes, as there was not a June meeting. Ed, approved the May Minutes as printed in the news letter.

Treasurer Report: Was printed in the News letter Ron made a motion that the Treasurer's report be approved as printed and Bob seconded the motion, motion carried that minutes be approved as printed..

New Business: Jim Sadler, Swede and Betty Ann Gustafson, met on the possibility of a Scholarship for students, as it's not in the budget, it was decided not to go ahead with it at this time. Discussion followed. It would have had to be an item line in the budget for us to do it this year and it is to late now to get involved. Jim submitted the young mans info to other groups and he did not quality at this time.
Ed suggested that if we do a scholarship or donation it would be best to give to schools a $25 or $50 amount, as it would be a big amount for them. Jim said that if we do anything chose a school and give to a student for a good citizenship award. Ron thought giving to a student or school for gardening. The FFA is always looking for money to help. This could be further discussed when setting our budget for next year.

Donna stated that anyone who got a blue ribbon at the show will be getting a new rhizome at the lunch after the sale, this year.

We have a new member Jean Garrard, everyone welcome her.

Alverta nominated Ann Violet for RVP of our district. Roger seconded.

Old Business: Annual Rhizome sale is Saturday, July 28th for 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at Fort Missoula.
There will be a digging, sorting and labeling party the Sunday before the sale at the fort July 22nd from 8 or 9 am until noon or 1 pm. Bring pitch forks, shovels, chairs, clippers and water. Not sure what there is to dig there or how much, so it could be a short day.
Cashiers are needed; Cindy, Judy and Pete have agreed to be cashiers. Others are needed, show up to the sale and we will put you to work.

Judy will bring homemade donuts, Alverta will bring her large coffee pot and coffee. Cindy will bring bottled water. Judy will check with Betty Ann about anything else that might be needed. Bob will pick up the tables about 7:45. Be at the fort for setup by 7:30 am for setup. See June News letter for additional information on where to drop off you Rhizomes, labeling and sorting etc.

Linda Sadler won the June Presidential rhizome and Alverta won the July presidential rhizome, Billie Gray won the May Presidential Rhizome. Meeting adjourned. Submitted by Cindy Davis, Secretary.
It is noted that Linda had previously won a presidential rhizome in March. So a June drawing will be held after set up and prior to the rhizome sale on the 28th of July. So that gives you all a reason to be there to help.

Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Donna seconded. Meeting adjourned.